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Thursday, April 18, 2013
If you own a hotel or restaurant owner, or specialize in providing catering services, owning the right tablecloths is a necessity. Round tables ought to be well covered, not just to protect the table top, but to also make them more beautiful and welcoming to those dining. If you have round tables, then shopping for wholesale round tablecloths is ultimately the solution towards creating that “wow” effect to your customers or clients. However, a couple of things have to be looked into when shopping or buying tablecloths.

Size of the Tablecloth

The size of the tablecloth is usually influenced by the size of the table. Since not all tables are of the same size, you should ensure that you get the right size before making a wholesale purchase, especially if you are buying from far away. The standard sizes of tablecloths are 72, 90, 120 and the 132 inches in diameter.  Assuming that you would want the tablecloth to have at least an 8 inch drop off the edge of the table, the largest  tables that would fit these standard sizes of tablecloths would be, respectively, 56, 74, 104 and 116 inches in diameter.  As a precautionary action, it’s always wise to take the measurements of your tables before making a purchase of any form.  If more than an 8 inch drop is desired, take into consideration that the standard height of a dining table is 30 inches.

Color and Type of Fabric

Although cotton is the most common fabric for use on commercial tablecloths, the inclusion of polyester into the fabric blend will provide a smoother, more wrinkle-free product. Cotton and polyester are commonly used in dining room areas, whereas vinyl is more suitable for outdoor venues. Silk tablecloths are usually used only for luxurious events and venues. Similarly, different people and occasions call for different colors of tablecloths.

One solution to dressing up white table cloths to go with a particular color scheme is to purchase smaller, square toppers, runners or place mats whose colors would coordinate with a particular event; for example, at a wedding, to match the colors worn by the bridal party, or in school colors for a banquet or prom.  Colored napkins can also be used for a similar effect.

Terms of sale

Wherever you purchase your wholesale round tablecloths,be sure to check on what after-sale services they offer. If you shop online, shipping charges can impact the price, how long shipping and processing will take, whether they accept returns and if they offer refunds.

by: Palmetto Linen