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Saturday, April 13, 2013
There are numerous benefits for buying microfiber sheets instead of cotton, poly-cotton blend or silk sheets. Microfiber plush sheets are durable and very soft and can cost less than cotton  poly-cotton or silk sheets. Microfiber may cost a little more than low quality cotton sheets but are still far more affordable than Egyptian cotton sheets. These sheets come in king, queen, full, and twin sizes and are more wrinkle resistant than nearly any other type of sheets. The king and queen fitted sheets have a 14” drop while the twin and full sheets have a 12” drop.

If like most commercial users, you dry these sheets in a dryer, with the use of fabric softener sheets, they will come out of the dryer almost completely wrinkle-free and the use of fabric softener sheets will also help eliminate static cling. Microfiber sheets dry fast; in fact, they can dry up to 30% faster than cotton or cotton blend sheets. Anyone can relate to the extra care one has to take when washing and drying traditional cotton sheets, where wrinkles can be a genuine problem. Microfiber sheets can be washed over and over without shrinking. Who doesn't want to save money on bills with microfiber sheets - not only do they take less time to dry, but with their lighter weight, they cut down on wear and tear to your washers and dryers. These lightweight, breathable sheets are a plus if allergies are an issue because they are made of a synthetically manufactured fiber. In fact, microfiber sheets are one of the best ways to avoid allergies, because dust mites cannot become embedded inside the sheets' tightly woven fibers, as they are able to in much less closely woven cotton or poly-cotton blend sheets.

Microfiber sheets are not graded by thread count; they are graded by gram weight. The greater the gram weight, the more plush the sheets will feel.  A good weight to look for in a plusher type of microfiber sheet is 125 GSM. If they are then finished with a brushing process, they become even softer and more breathable.  That is why the sheets we are referring to in this article are called microfiber plush sheets.  If the brushing process is not used in the finishing method of the microfiber fabric, they will still have the durability and quick drying benefit of regular microfiber sheets, but will lack the smooth, luxurious touch of the plusher, brushed sheets. The threads used to weave this fabric are a hundred times finer than human hair, and this makes them feel very smooth and velvety. Microfiber sheets are nearly impossible to rip when they are used as intended, and are perfect for those people who tend to get warm during the night, because these lightweight sheets wick moisture away from the skin. Microfiber sheets are very stain resistant, because spills tend to bead up instead of soaking in.

It is clear that microfiber sheets are the better choice when it comes to durability and price; microfiber sheets will save time, energy and will outlast other sheets.

by: Palmetto Linen