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Sunday, April 14, 2013

In all bedding ensembles, quilted mattress pads are the most important first layer of bedding. They are necessary for comfort and protection. No amount of luxury, or cost of other bedding can offset the misery of the lack of a mattress pad. Mattress pads also protect and extend the life of all mattresses. Any mattress, regardless of its age or quality must have some covering to act as a barrier and air cushion. Mattress pads are available in a wide range of prices and qualities. There are different styles and purposes that accomplish certain objectives. All mattress pads provide some protection for the mattress and provide comfort for the sleeper.

All pads have some type and volume of filling. There will be a covering of cloth and an attached skirt that is stretchy. The stretchy skirt allows even the largest pads to have a snug fit. It is important that the top of the pad is quilted to ensure that the filling doesn’t shift from body weight or laundering. 

The basic quilted mattress pads have adequate filling to provide a barrier of protection and to allow air flow for comfort.

The basic pad will keep sheets properly positioned and protect the mattress. Quilted mattress pads are easily to install and extremely washable. This style comes in a range of prices usually relative to the volume of filling. This straightforward style is very affordable.

The pillow topper mattress pads have very luxurious amounts of filling and will make a firm mattress feel soft and cushioned. Due to the additional filling, there is even more air flow to regulate body temperature.

The pillow topper mattress pad is great for light sleepers and will even solve insomnia for some. This variety has very deep pockets of stretchy skirts that are also structured with elastic threads allowing the higher volume of filling to still be easy to manage. Pillow topper mattress pads are very washable and durable. An older mattress will feel newer with a pillow top. A budget mattress will be more luxurious with the pillow top.

Waterproof mattress pads are the solution for mattresses that are at risk for spills and fluids. This style of mattress pad can be constructed with basic amounts of filling or may be the more luxurious pillow top style with puffier and denser filling. The waterproof mattress pads will deliver exceptional comfort and discreet protection at the same time. Waterproofing is best when provided by a Teflon coating, unlike vinyl or plastic, which can be noisy and inhibit airflow. The Teflon coated layer is underneath the fill and the poly/cotton cover so airflow and comfort to the sleeper is not compromised. Well-made waterproof mattress pads are extremely washable and will endure repeated washings.

by: Palmetto Linen