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Saturday, April 20, 2013
Hotels go through a number of pillowcases on a weekly, even daily, basis. These pillowcases disappear due to any number of different reasons, ranging from elimination due to wear or stains, to guests taking them for any number of reasons. Because of that problem they require the ability to purchase bulk pillowcases, and to do so in a size that makes sense for their business. Suffice it to say that these packs can get rather large, even if they are not required for most purposes.

Part of the housekeeping department’s job is to go through the room and to determine if anything requires replacement. Although this sounds easy enough when it comes to shampoos and the mini-bar, this also pertains to any item in the room. The furniture may be allowed to become a little scuffed up, but the linens must be pristine, especially in an era when the number of germaphobes is a healthy percentage of the population. This means that every single piece of linen and towels will be removed and replaced; in the laundry room they are inspected and if they show too much wear they are discarded. Although a pillowcase may be kept around in order to serve as a rag, it must be replaced in the hotel’s linen closet.

There are other reasons for the missing pillowcases. For guests looking for an easy way to take things out, the pillowcase is a convenient bag. It can be easily knotted and tossed in with other dirty clothes. For guests, this means that they can grab any small items in the hotel room, throw them inside a pillowcase, tie it off, and then throw it in a suitcase, taking all of the small items in the room such as the shampoo and soaps when they vacate the room. As the pillowcase is now missing, it needs to be replaced as a matter of course, and most hotels do not charge the guest for the pillowcase.

There are a number of other issues that mandate replacing pillowcases, such as stained cases, usually from people eating in bed; they relax, eat dinner or dessert in bed, use a pillow for support, and whatever they are eating subsequently spills on the pillow and stains the case. There are any number of reasons for needing a replacement pillowcase, and hotels have seen all of them, usually within the first three months of business; suffice it to say that we are bringing up some of the more politely discussed reasons for replacement.

Because of all of these reasons and more, hotels tend to purchase bulk pillowcases. It is standard operating procedure to just replace the cases and not worry about it, unless there is a good reason to worry about it, such as too many cases from the same room or organization. Bulk pillowcases are one of the saving graces of the wholesale business for hotels given the large number of them that they go through on even a weekly basis. It may seem trivial, but this is a very important item to most customers, because no one wants to rest their head on a stained, damaged or worn pillowcase.  It is a far better practice to replace them on a regular basis than to have a customer complaint for something so easily avoided.

by: Palmetto Linen