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Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Purchasing bedding can be expensive when an establishment has many beds, which need to be made up and changed on a regular basis. Purchasing bedding items made of quality materials can be an economical and practical choice. Linens made with high quality materials will often cost more to purchase than those made with cheaper fabrics, but they are designed to last longer, which eliminates the need to frequently replace worn bedding. One way to save money on the cost of bedding is to purchase high quality wholesale bed linen.


The higher quality wholesale sheets are made with microfiber, which makes them long lasting as well as extremely comfortable. The luxury microfiber sheets can last longer than the more expensive sheets made with cotton. The threads are designed to withstand breakage and can be made thinner than ordinary cotton thread to give the sheets a soft luxurious feel. These sheets use a measurement system that rates their quality the same way cotton sheets are rated by thread count. The 125 GSM rating is for the softest sheets available. The process used to create these soft, comfortable sheets also includes brushing the threads on the finished product to give them the luxurious feel people like to sleep on.


When looking to purchase wholesale bed linen, selection can be an important point. Some establishments such as resorts and hotels need to have their linens meet certain specifications. The products available through wholesale merchants can be purchased as both flat and fitted sheet sets. The various sizes available can also be used to fit specially designed pillow top bed mattresses with larger dimensions than standard mattresses. The white percale sheets are commonly used in hospitals and other health care facilities where many of the beds use the larger size mattresses. The technology used to make the percale sheets prevents them from wrinkling and also allows them to stand up to frequent laundering without shrinking or shredding.


For those individuals who are concerned about the impact processing plants have on the environment, there are environmentally friendly linens available at wholesale prices. These products are made by using recyclable plastic bottles. The plastic can be turned into durable fibers to create linens that are both durable and economical. One Eco-friendly pillow can significantly reduce the number of plastic bottles thrown into a landfill. Ten plastic bottles can equal one pound of synthetically produced fiber. Recycled plastic bottles are used to make comfortable pillows as well as the casing placed over them.

In addition to the various sheets, pillows and pillowcases available at wholesale prices, there are other bedding products sold as wholesale items as well. These products can include comforters, duvet covers, mattress pads and blankets. Products purchased through wholesale dealers cost less because they are sold in large quantities. The lower price does not mean the quality is inferior. The luxury microfiber sheets can be sold at a price of less than ten dollars for a twin when purchased in bulk lots containing 24 pieces.

by: Palmetto Linen