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Monday, April 15, 2013
Showers, spills, drips, accidents, etc? Towels are used for a variety of things around the home or business. They are used in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage and other areas. Towels come in all shapes and sizes, and are part of ones daily routine. Towels are not only made of cotton, but of cotton-polyester blends and other fabrics as well, the latest trend being microfiber. Towels also are made in different prints, shapes and styles. Depending on the size of the towel that you need, especially if your preferred color of towel is white, you may find it less expensive to buy wholesale towels.

Who uses wholesale towels? Businesses such as restaurants, hotels, hair dressers and cruises use plenty of towels on a given day.  An individual may buy just one or two towels, but as a business it is more economic for them to purchase in large quantities to gain a cost savings. There are more than just bath towels; the normal set per person being a bath towel, a hand towel and a washcloth. Some people also use towels for household cleaning, and polishing automobiles. There are also dishtowels and paper towels.

What are towels made of? Towels are made of terry cloth, usually cotton or cotton-polyester blends and sometimes with other decorative materials. One easy way to judge the quality of towels made of cotton is their weight.  The heavier the towel, the better the quality. That might not be the case with the newer microfiber towels, because that is a very lightweight material. Towels are also dyed specific colors to a persons liking, but in a commercial setting white towels are standard, and for good reason. When laundered correctly, good quality cotton or cotton blend towels will continue to look bright, sanitary and appealing for many washings. 

Where can a person purchase towels? Towels can be purchased almost anywhere. Department stores, grocery stores, dollar stores, online websites, magazines and several other places all sell towels. As with any item, you get what you pay for. So for example, if you buy a towel from a dollar store, expect to get dollar store value. However, if you purchase from a high-end department store, you will pay more and may or may not get the value that you want. These stores purchase towels in a bulk amount so they may provide them to their customer at a less expensive price than if they bought them one by one.

Why should a person buy wholesale towels? They are generally sold to the customer at a less expensive price than buying individually. Even if purchasing online, many companies offer free shipping and a bigger discount for quantity. If you were buying towels for a commercial entity, such as a hospital, hotel, spa or health club, you would definitely buy your towels wholesale.  Like any other commodity, the quality of the towels would tend be commensurate with their price, but when dealing with an unfamiliar vendor, this may not always be the case. It also pays to find out if the cost of shipping and handling is included in the price of the towel, and what their minimum order consists of.  So, as with any purchase, it would probably be best to deal with a vendor you are familiar with, and whose reputation as a supplier is a trusted one.

by: Palmetto Linen