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Thursday, May 30, 2013
An everyday mishap in the kitchen has potentially disastrous consequences. Kitchen tasks include the handling of very hot dishes that contain food that is slippery if spilled and stepped in. People working in front of a sink or a stove will handle sharp, heavy or breakable items. Additionally, those working in the kitchen are also frequently carrying things that are heavy or fragile and do not have free hands to break slips and falls. Kitchen rugs that are non skid and low profile will help create a safer and more ergonomic environment while adding a warmer and more inviting appearance. A kitchen rug that prevents slips and falls will prevent liability for the property owner or employer as well as protecting those working in the area from injury.

The placement of non skid kitchen rugs in front of high-risk areas such as the stove and sink are much safer than kitchens without this type of rug. Kitchen rugs also provide a cushion to help protect the feet from soreness and fatigue resulting from standing in one position for extended periods of time.

The area in front of a stove can also be slick due to spills and frequent traffic. The front of a stove is especially risky because the focus is on cooking and handling hot items as opposed to firm footing. A non skid kitchen rug can help prevent a slip or a fall either onto the stove or while holding a very hot item.

The standing area in front of a kitchen sink may be slippery and wet from a spill that is not noticed. People standing in front of a sink often pivot to another work area creating a likely scenario for a slip and fall which can be prevented with a non skid kitchen rug. A slip or fall is inevitable if the floor is slippery from either grease spatter or spilled liquids. In addition to the risk of broken bones and sprains, the kitchen sink is an area full of sharp items and heavy dishes that are breakable. The importance of stable footing is paramount.

Kitchen rugs are also good decorating items but the important characteristic of a non skid kitchen rug is that it stays in place and the surface of the rug itself is of a non skid material. It is also a good idea for this type of rug to be machine washable because they are exposed to frequent spills. Kitchen rugs equipped with non skid properties must be replaced immediately when the rubberized backing becomes worn and the rug will no longer stay in place, because then they become a serious tripping hazard. Rugs with durable backing that are washable are readily available at very reasonable prices and add a warm and inviting look to any kitchen.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, May 27, 2013
While one could certainly spend more for a basic white towel, in many cases, especially in a hotel, spa, fitness club, salon or pool setting, a more costly towel would probably not be the best choice.  In these settings, white towels are used in such huge quantities that serviceability, durability, quantity and uniformity are the qualities that should be given the most consideration.  Because of the constant and frequent use, the ease of laundering and the time spent doing it are an important factor.  Though 100% cotton has a more luxurious touch than a poly/cotton blend, when an establishment has that much use and turnover with a towel, a blended one would be more durable, launder quicker and be a better choice in the long run.

What is the most often requested item when someone checks into a hotel, besides a wake-up call?  “Could we please have a few more towels brought up to our room?” has to be number one.   And which items tend to disappear most frequently?  Again, white hotel style towels, for whatever reason; spills, frequent bathing especially while traveling, pool or exercise room use, and (dare we mention it?) the desire for towels to travel in suitcases.  And this doesn’t just happen with bath towels – hand size white towels and washcloths are often victims of the same situations.  So, practically speaking in wholesale terms, serviceability, uniformity, laundering and cost effectiveness have got to be the primary considerations.  Therefore, white hotel style towels in all sizes could be the best choice.

These white hotel style towels are available in bath size (24” x 50”) in cases of 60, hand size (16” x 27”) in cases of 120 and in washcloth size (12” x 12”) in cases of 300. They all have a white cam border and are constructed of a cotton/poly blend. There are also bath mats offered in cartons of 60, that measure 20” x 30”, however, these are 100% cotton for better absorbency. If a more luxurious size or type of towel is your choice, these are all available at similar savings.

When ordering towels wholesale, not only the price per towel should be a consideration; does the supplier offer free shipping, can they deliver your shipment on a specific date, are they here in the US and do they offer convenient terms for payment?  Can they supply other bath, bed linen, kitchen and table linen supplies?  Having a reliable, cost effective and customer-oriented supplier can make all the difference.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, May 17, 2013
Whatever your specific needs for wholesale bedding sets, you will want to take a look at these stylish microfiber comforter sets, and impress your customers with your eye for style and quality.

These easy-care microfiber comforter sets are available in a variety of color combinations with coordinating decorative pillows to provide the upscale look of luxury that you envision. Comforters are oversized, allowing them to be used on pillow-top mattresses as well as standard sets, and are packaged with matching bedskirts and pillow shams, in all sizes from twin to king.

Sets may be carefully laundered or dry cleaned, and the comforters are manufactured with specially bonded polyfill inside to prevent shifting and pilling. The tack stitch quilting lends an upscale, luxury look. The bedskirts are tailored and designed to perfectly complement the fluffy toppers. Pillow shams are also tailored; and if you choose coordinating throw pillows, your temporary lodgers will appreciate the added comfort and style of the look.

Designed to be compatible with today's soothing room schemes,  wholesale bedding sets are available in a variety of solids, with contrasting neutral details, or in a choice of muted stripe patterns in popular palettes. They are not boring, however, and allow you to accessorize with a variety of styles and color choices. Other items include "a la carte" bedskirts and coverlets, duvet covers and accent pillows, should you wish to design your own packages.

Don’t forget to take a look at the solid color, box quilted coverlets offered.  They come in brown, taupe and grey, and in all the standard sizes.  These quilted coverlets are very easy care microfiber; machine washable and very quick drying.  Coordinating bedskirts and pillow shams are available.

While you’re checking out these comforter sets and coverlets, take a look at the additional products featured, from sheets and blankets, to quilted bed scarves, from kitchen linens to cookware, and from bath accessories to ironing board covers. The sheets featured are made from microfiber, that are truly a nice, cost effective alternative to cotton or cotton/poly blends in terms of luxurious touch and softness, cost, durability and ease of care.  Basic needs, such as mattress covers and alternative down pillows or duvets can also be supplied easily.

So, whether you operate a small B&B or a major destination spa, your shopping experience can be as simple as sitting at your desk. Like every business, you’re looking for the best quality for the best price, so be sure to note if shipping is included in the price of the items you’re purchasing; those additional charges can significantly raise the price per item.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, May 16, 2013
Business operators all over the nation are deciding where to fill their next order for cookware, if only for the fact that the product has to be perfect. Whether you are using your utensils in your kitchen to prepare a meal for your family, or the items you plan on using are intended to put together meals for large families, it is certain that you would prefer to accept nothing but quality products. There may be a few options for cookware, but when you need quality, your options may be less. 

For those employees who have spent some time in the hotel environment, they will probably understand why the purchasing department will always look for the best deals, especially when it comes to wholesale cookware. Pots and pans, especially in an environment that puts them to the test, will need to be changed at an increasingly rapid rate, than when it is used in the confines of our own kitchen, which should not be surprising to anyone.

Most of us enjoy stepping out for a delicious meal, but unless we have spent some time in the kitchen, it would be difficult to imagine why the chefs preparing the meals are so picky as to what utensils they decide to use. Meals are supposed to be prepared with care, but it is difficult to accomplish that task if the pots and pans are substandard. It is for this reason that the purchasing department will go out of their way to find the best for their kitchen. 

So what do you do if you are the owner of a smaller operation and you are working with a controlled budget, like a bed & breakfast, instead of a five star hotel; where do you shop for your wholesale cookware? There is no reason why you should have to settle for substandard pots and pans, unless you don't know where to go. Shopping for valuable cookware for your B&B kitchen should be easy to acquire and at affordable prices.

It may surprise some people to know that catering companies also find themselves in the market for cookware of their own. If you have ever used a catering company to handle one of your events, then you already know that most of them prepare their own food. They may not function in an environment where food is served to customers in a dining room, but the food prep areas are probably just as efficient, if not more so, which is why the equipment used is just as important. 

And finally, it is clear that the demand for wholesale cookware can come from many areas, and while some of these establishments might have their own designs as to where they should be shopping for their cookware, the end result is expected to be the same. As a business owner, you will be happy to know that there are companies that are very concerned with helping you get the supplies that you need to help you succeed in your business venture.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
The right way to outfit and decorate any room is to make sure that even the smallest details are taken in to consideration. This is a big aspect in terms of making sure a room looks and feels completely pulled together. In fact, many people tend to forget about very visible items that tend to slip ones mind when decorating. One of those items, and a key piece in a bedroom, is a wrap around bed skirt. This is because many people tend to focus too much on wall color, art work, comforters, pillows, flooring and accessory items that they actually forget about this one element that truly brings any bedroom together and makes it really look well planned, polished and outfitted.

The benefit of a wrap around bed skirt, also sometimes referred to as a dust ruffle, is that is actually does help prevent dust and dirt from getting trapped under the bed. This is a function of the skirt but it also serves other purposes. The use of a skirt around the base of the bed or the box spring helps keep the underneath portion of the bed concealed and thus that area can be used for storage as the skirt covers everything up nicely and completely. The wrap around element means that one could store ample amounts of items under the bed and make the bedroom less cluttered as the items are out of sight and thus - out of mind!

The great thing about the wrap around aspect of these bed skirts, especially in a commercial setting, where time is money, is the ease of changing them.  A standard type of bed skirt requires one to lift the mattress entirely off the bed in order to change it or wash it. Then, putting the mattress back on top can be a real pain, trying to keep the bed skirt from shifting position on the box spring. This wrap around style has elastic applied all along the top of it that keeps the bed skirt from shifting under the mattress and on top of the box spring when the sheets are being changed, which in a hotel or B&B, is an everyday occurrence.  Another good thing about these items is the fact that they are made out fabric that is an easy-care, poly/cotton, machine washable blend.

Wrap around bed skirt options come in a wide assortment of sizes, styles, colors, patterns and designs. This allows one to truly coordinate the dust ruffle with the rest of the bedroom so the room has a well-designed look and feel. The simple addition of the skirt is a very simple process but also brings a big sense of comfort to the room. A bed that is lacking such a skirt seems almost bare at times and when that skirt is added the room just looks complete. The available options also mean that skirts can be found to match just about any theme or decor, which further makes them an ideal decorating tool that is both functional and stylish at the same time.

In terms of decorating, it are those big and little touches that really come together just right to make a difference. Dust ruffles and bed skirts are one of those items that seem to blend in, but are also highly noticeable when missing from a bedroom set.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
When you own a kitchen supply store, you will want to find top-notch kitchen products at reasonable rates. There are many places that sell wholesale kitchen gadgets, so the options can seem overwhelming. When you first start looking at gadgets to stock, you will want to think about what products people generally need in their kitchen.  Commercial quality kitchenware is usually of a higher quality than what is commonly sold at the larger retail stores, because it must stand up to constant use.  In order to properly stock a specialty kitchen store, a better grade of gadget would be quite important to your clientele; otherwise, they would be shopping at a larger retailer, who stocks the common, not-meant-to-last forever kitchenware.  It will always be true that you get what you pay for.

If you are running a commercial kitchen, where kitchen gadgets are used every day, all day, it only makes sense to buy these commonly used items in quantity, and at wholesale prices.  No one wants activity in their kitchen to cease because the can opener or peeler was misplaced, tossed in the trash by mistake, or is presently in the dishwasher. Not having spares or replacements on hand is just silly.  It only stands to reason that the quality of the gadgets is also an important consideration.  Any artist or craftsman will tell you the same thing; the proper tools get the job done faster, better and easier.

Purchasing wholesale kitchen gadgets are a great option for many purposes. You can stock church kitchens, soup kitchens, thrift stores, and more. Another benefit of purchasing at wholesale prices is you can use the products as fundraisers. Everyone is getting tired of magazines, chocolate bars, and cookie dough. Your organization can offer things that everyone needs in their house, from soup ladles, cheese graters, and can openers. When you find a location to purchase kitchen gadgets at wholesale price, you can create your own fundraiser. This is a great idea for any non-profit organization from 4-H, to music students earning money for a trip.

You can benefit from purchasing things at wholesale rates in many ways. It is why Sam's Club, Costco, and the like are so successful. Everyone wants to buy in bulk and save money. Why stop at food when you can get kitchen items, household items, and toys at lower prices as well. You will benefit from getting the highest quality product and your wallet will thank you for spending less money. All you need is a group who will combine their purchases with you.

by: Palmetto Linen