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Monday, May 27, 2013
While one could certainly spend more for a basic white towel, in many cases, especially in a hotel, spa, fitness club, salon or pool setting, a more costly towel would probably not be the best choice.  In these settings, white towels are used in such huge quantities that serviceability, durability, quantity and uniformity are the qualities that should be given the most consideration.  Because of the constant and frequent use, the ease of laundering and the time spent doing it are an important factor.  Though 100% cotton has a more luxurious touch than a poly/cotton blend, when an establishment has that much use and turnover with a towel, a blended one would be more durable, launder quicker and be a better choice in the long run.

What is the most often requested item when someone checks into a hotel, besides a wake-up call?  “Could we please have a few more towels brought up to our room?” has to be number one.   And which items tend to disappear most frequently?  Again, white hotel style towels, for whatever reason; spills, frequent bathing especially while traveling, pool or exercise room use, and (dare we mention it?) the desire for towels to travel in suitcases.  And this doesn’t just happen with bath towels – hand size white towels and washcloths are often victims of the same situations.  So, practically speaking in wholesale terms, serviceability, uniformity, laundering and cost effectiveness have got to be the primary considerations.  Therefore, white hotel style towels in all sizes could be the best choice.

These white hotel style towels are available in bath size (24” x 50”) in cases of 60, hand size (16” x 27”) in cases of 120 and in washcloth size (12” x 12”) in cases of 300. They all have a white cam border and are constructed of a cotton/poly blend. There are also bath mats offered in cartons of 60, that measure 20” x 30”, however, these are 100% cotton for better absorbency. If a more luxurious size or type of towel is your choice, these are all available at similar savings.

When ordering towels wholesale, not only the price per towel should be a consideration; does the supplier offer free shipping, can they deliver your shipment on a specific date, are they here in the US and do they offer convenient terms for payment?  Can they supply other bath, bed linen, kitchen and table linen supplies?  Having a reliable, cost effective and customer-oriented supplier can make all the difference.

by: Palmetto Linen