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Thursday, May 30, 2013
An everyday mishap in the kitchen has potentially disastrous consequences. Kitchen tasks include the handling of very hot dishes that contain food that is slippery if spilled and stepped in. People working in front of a sink or a stove will handle sharp, heavy or breakable items. Additionally, those working in the kitchen are also frequently carrying things that are heavy or fragile and do not have free hands to break slips and falls. Kitchen rugs that are non skid and low profile will help create a safer and more ergonomic environment while adding a warmer and more inviting appearance. A kitchen rug that prevents slips and falls will prevent liability for the property owner or employer as well as protecting those working in the area from injury.

The placement of non skid kitchen rugs in front of high-risk areas such as the stove and sink are much safer than kitchens without this type of rug. Kitchen rugs also provide a cushion to help protect the feet from soreness and fatigue resulting from standing in one position for extended periods of time.

The area in front of a stove can also be slick due to spills and frequent traffic. The front of a stove is especially risky because the focus is on cooking and handling hot items as opposed to firm footing. A non skid kitchen rug can help prevent a slip or a fall either onto the stove or while holding a very hot item.

The standing area in front of a kitchen sink may be slippery and wet from a spill that is not noticed. People standing in front of a sink often pivot to another work area creating a likely scenario for a slip and fall which can be prevented with a non skid kitchen rug. A slip or fall is inevitable if the floor is slippery from either grease spatter or spilled liquids. In addition to the risk of broken bones and sprains, the kitchen sink is an area full of sharp items and heavy dishes that are breakable. The importance of stable footing is paramount.

Kitchen rugs are also good decorating items but the important characteristic of a non skid kitchen rug is that it stays in place and the surface of the rug itself is of a non skid material. It is also a good idea for this type of rug to be machine washable because they are exposed to frequent spills. Kitchen rugs equipped with non skid properties must be replaced immediately when the rubberized backing becomes worn and the rug will no longer stay in place, because then they become a serious tripping hazard. Rugs with durable backing that are washable are readily available at very reasonable prices and add a warm and inviting look to any kitchen.

by: Palmetto Linen