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Saturday, June 29, 2013
Do you have trouble sleeping on those scratchy, cotton sheets that you picked up at the department store because they were super cheap? You wash them over and over again before even putting them on the bed - trying to get them soft enough to subject your sensitive skin to before hitting the sheets. All you want is a good night's sleep. You slip into bed and start scratching. Here is a less expensive and much more comfortable answer for that good night's sleep: microfiber sheets.

Luxury microfiber sheets are made of the highest quality super fine microfiber polyester yarn which is actually one-twentieth the diameter of a fine silk strand, so you know they are going to be super soft. After this microfiber material is made, it is then put through a brushing process to allow the material to breathe and give it that super fine feel that is so accommodating for a comfortable night's sleep. When purchasing, look for at least 125 GSM or "gram weight" as opposed to thread count which manufacturers use when grading regular cotton or polyester/cotton sheets. The higher the GSM, the softer sheet you'll be getting. 

These sheets are wrinkle resistant and easily washed with no special washing instructions; just put them in your washer with your other laundry, add detergent and they will come out looking brand new. They hold up very well after many laundry cycles. They can be dried on a regular dryer setting. With a dryer sheet added during the drying cycle, your sheets will come out virtually static and wrinkle-free and ready for the bed.

Most microfiber bed sheets come in twin, full, queen and king sizes. The twin sheets have twelve inch fitted pockets as the full, queen and king sizes come with fourteen inch fitted pockets. 

Depending on the fiber count, a set of king-sized cotton or cotton-blended sheets can be very expensive, ranging from fifty dollars to three hundred per set, and they won’t even come close to the microfiber sheets in terms of comfort or durability, not to mention ease of laundering, especially at the low end of cost. A single microfiber king-sized fitted sheet, on the other hand, can cost as low as fifteen dollars. By saving so much while purchasing luxury microfiber sheets, you'll be able to buy a couple of sets of sheets instead of having to get by with just a single set due to cost.

Taking all of these factors into consideration: cost, ease of laundering, softness, quality, design and dependability, luxury microfiber sheets are the best answer for a perfect night's sleep!

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Resort spas and day spas are fabulous places to go for relaxing and stress relief, personal beauty treatments or a combination of both. Operators of these popular facilities know that managing expenses appropriately is vital in order to sustain a successful operation. Clients expect to be indulged and coddled. It is not always possible to increase fees to absorb the ongoing expense of offering extravagant treatments. Costs must be constantly monitored. The prices of spa linens must be evaluated frequently. Spas have an insatiable appetite for linens that are absorbent, pleasant to touch and easily laundered. Generous stacks of freshly laundered and folded massage table sheets, bath rugs, and of course, an infinite supply of clean absorbent towels must be constantly within reach.

Luxury fitted spa sheets for massage tables are available in microfiber fabric that is smoother and softer than the highest thread count cotton. Deep pockets and flexible fabric make it quick and easy for staff to change to fresh sheets. Microfiber fabric is lighter in weight, which allows more sheets to be washed and dried per load of laundry. Microfiber sheets also use 30 percent less drying time, which frees sheets for use more quickly and saves money. Luxury flat sheets for massage tables should be large, at least 66 inches by 96 inches to provide ample coverage for the largest clients. Large size luxury flat sheets for massage tables are regularly available from suppliers.

 Body massage, exfoliation, steam baths and saunas are only a few of the treatment stations that must have stacks of fresh clean towels within reach. Bath size, large and small hand towels and smaller sized bath towels for head wrapping are essential. Wholesale suppliers of spa linens have extensive towel selections that can be purchased in bulk with the specialized order needs for spas.

Resort spas and day spas have many locations that need protected areas for wet feet. Spa bath rugs protect clients from slipping and falling as well as to prevent the transfer of bacteria or fungi. Microfiber spa bath rugs are soft and absorbent like cotton and are constructed with non-skid latex backing for secure placement on wet floors. These soft plush rugs can be laundered hundreds of times before replacement is needed.

The availability and price of spa linens is often the lifeblood of a spa establishment. The best wholesale suppliers are standing by for customer service calls, offer competitive prices and deliver at no charge. Wholesale suppliers of linens to resort spas and day spas know that spa establishments are precious customers.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, June 21, 2013
Luxury sheets and pillowcases suggest smooth fabrics that slide across bare skin like a caress. Hotels, bed and breakfast inns and spas set the bar for the highest quality and most comfortable sheets. In fact, many department stores boast that their linens are equal to the quality of linens used in resorts.

Fabrics that are used for quality bed linens should deliver a soft enough touch upon contact that it would be a pleasure to simply stroke the fabric. Equally important to the feel of the material, is the durability of the fabric. Sheets used in commercial establishments must be able to withstand repeated washings with anti-bacterial detergent. Cost and availability is always an important factor for commercial establishments with high linen needs. This is a very good time to get feedback from a preferred supplier of wholesale luxury sheets about the latest available fabrics that are becoming more common.

The latest micro soft fabrics that have been developed compare well with extremely high thread count cotton sheets. The fiber is much finer and lighter weight than cotton, and there is a smooth and silky feel to the finished fabric. During production, the sheets are brushed and made to be more breathable for user comfort. Micro fiber sheets are preferred for comfort over cotton sheets by 98 percent of people surveyed. Nowadays, suppliers offering wholesale luxury sheets are probably referring to the latest micro fiber sheets.

Micro fiber sheets are easier to care for than traditional cotton bed linens. Less bulk and lighter weight will allow more sheets to be washed per load of laundry. The lighter and more compact quality saves storage space and is easier for staff to install on beds or massage tables. Micro fiber requires less heat and lower dry times, which save time and money. The sheets that have been washed and dried are smoother than traditional fibers and require only minimal ironing. It is estimated that the cost of laundering micro fiber linens is 30 percent less than traditional fabrics. One would expect the purchase price of this new type of bed sheet would be higher. In fact, it is very competitive, if not lower in price.

Trusted suppliers of wholesale luxury sheets offer bulk discounts and free shipping. Venders who specialize in servicing the hospitality industry understand the importance of available supply, customer service and prompt delivery. The importance of cost per unit is taken very seriously. A great relationship with a reliable linen supplier is always behind a successful hotel, bed and breakfast inn or spa.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Many business owners hold events on a daily basis. These events most likely will require items such as glassware, dinnerware, linens, food, and beverages. Although these are all common and necessary items, finding affordable pricing can be a challenge. However, many items are easily found that can be beneficial for these events. Finding white linen napkins wholesale can be easily be done online.

Hotels, Bed and Breakfast establishments and caterers find that purchasing linens from wholesale companies ensures they receive the best price when ordering in abundance. White table linens are used on a daily basis inside hotels. Since most hotels have restaurants, room service, and catering halls, white linen napkins and other table linens must be ordered. The hotel managers order these linens on a monthly basis to ensure they have a large supply. Many of these linens are unintentionally thrown away by hotel staff and guests, which is a reason they have to be ordered quite often. For catering, part of the charm of a beautifully served meal is the table setting; if the linens don't all match, it would definitely detract from the overall appearance and presentation.

Spa and salon owners also need wholesale linens, especially if they offer massage services as well. Fresh, sparkling white towels of sizes are a necessity, not to mention comfortable, luxurious feeling sheets for massage tables and fashionable showering supplies such as shower curtains and bath mats.  However, spas and salons do use linens for other purposes. When a guest has received a manicure or spa service, they will need to clean up and wash their hands and the most appealing thing to offer for that purpose would be a clean, fluffy hand towel.  Imagine all the towels that a salon goes through in just one Friday!

There are millions of business owners who appreciate the need to order linens from wholesale distributors. Because they offer a “Buy more, Save more” type of arrangement, business owners can save money. Buying in bulk can help financially, but having a ready supply on hand is also beneficial for customer service purposes. Business owners will want to have large supplies of these items in stock; running out of table linens is a restaurateur or caterers’ nightmare. Purchasing wholesale also has other benefits, too. By setting up an online account with the wholesaler, business owners will periodically receive many offers and be the first to know about upcoming sales and promotions. They are also offer free shipping to most areas, which can be a massive savings when ordering thousands of dollars worth of products at a time.

When purchasing white linen napkins wholesale, it is wise to order all the other linens that may be needed for the business. Items sold at linen wholesalers can include tablecloths, placemats, bedding, and bath accessories. The more that is purchased, the more savings a business will receive.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Quality, fabric type, and pricing are all important elements when purchasing wholesale sheets for a business. These same factors are important, regardless of the business size. From small to large, all businesses want to buy a product that is high quality but is also cost effective. All businesses want options as well. While they may use one kind of sheets now, they might switch that to something different later. A wide range of product availability from the wholesalers insures that the search for a new company to order from won't have to take place.

Buying wholesale sheets, from the right wholesaler, entails searching for attractive pricing with optional discounts for order size. Large orders should receive considerable discounts, but small business orders should have discount options available as well. A good wholesaler will be able to accommodate the needs of businesses of all sizes. 

A good wholesaler will also being willing to offer special discounts to businesses that request repeat orders of their products. Buying exclusively from one particular wholesale distributor should have its benefits. A good wholesale company will gladly arrange a price drop on subsequent orders if it is requested. This not only insures they get repeat orders from the customer, but also helps lower a business’s supply expenses as well. When a business receives discounts on a routine basis, they are more likely to continue ordering their supplies from one wholesale distributor.

Any business, large or small, wants to maximize their profits while still having options. Buying wholesale sheets from a reputable and affordable wholesale distributor enables those things to be achieved. The ordering business gets a variety of product types to choose from and the cost remains low. 

Once a good wholesale dealer, with high quality products and low prices, is located, a long-term relationship can begin. After several orders have been placed, a personal relationship between the business and the wholesaler usually begins to form. The wholesale company begins to learn the names of the individuals who place the orders and before too long they will know what the exact order will be, before it is even placed. 

This personal relationship has its benefits. While the wholesale dealership might have it's standard discount options for all orders placed, they often extended exclusive sale and discount opportunities to the businesses in which they know on a more personal level. 

Since most wholesale companies will assign one specific salesperson to each client, the ordering business can feel comfortable asking for special offers as well. This personal assignment of one person is done specifically for the reason of establishing a more personal relationship and allows the wholesaler to more easily learn all they can about their client. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Microfiber is a soft, plush material that feels luxurious to the touch. The fact that it is also stain and mildew resistant makes it perfect for damp places like the bathroom. The soft and lightweight microfiber material makes the microfiber bathroom rug feel warm and comfortable under-foot after stepping out of the tub or shower.

While microfiber bathroom rugs are perfect for home use, they are also being used in many hotels, exclusive spas, salons, Bed & Breakfasts, caterers, and other businesses. Microfiber rugs are superior to many other synthetics such as polyester rugs because of their stain and mildew resistance. Many people are beginning to realize this and are replacing their old bathroom rugs with microfiber. Their non-slip latex backing helps to keep them firmly in place even on a damp bathroom floor.

When bare feet make contact with the microfiber bathroom rug, the plushness makes it feel rich and high-end. Despite the luxurious feeling, microfiber bathroom rugs are lightweight and surprisingly affordable. If ordered from a wholesale distributor, these items should be available for reasonably priced bulk orders that will accommodate even the largest hotel, spa, or other chain. They are long-lasting and easy to keep clean. Stains are easy to spot clean, or the whole rug can be steam cleaned or machine-washed. Unlike cotton and polyester blends, microfiber also resists pilling, which helps the fabric to look fresh and new for a longer period of time.

Microfiber has recently become the choice of many items in the home, hotels, and other places. Today it is used to make towels, furniture coverings, rugs and more because of its durability and comfort. The material is tightly woven and moisture resistant in addition to being easy to clean and care for. It can even be used in kitchens where not only moisture, but also grease and spills can be a problem. 
Thanks to the ease of care, microfiber has become one of the most sought after fabrics especially where softness, durability, and stain resistance are important.

Bathroom rugs made of microfiber are as absorbent as cotton and perhaps even more absorbent than polyester and other synthetic blends. They keep their shape through frequent washing, and will not shed like some other fabrics. The natural mold and mildew resistance makes them hypoallergenic and safe for those who are sensitive or allergy sufferers. This is another reason that microfiber rugs are a better choice than many of the traditional fabrics.

For business owners who really care about the comfort and happiness of their clients, microfiber rugs for the bathroom are a perfect choice. Not only are they soft, plush, hypoallergenic, and easy to care for, but also have the neutral colors and simple designs that will go with any decorating style


by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, June 14, 2013
Natural fabric shower curtains are the optimal choice when deciding on a shower curtain. The switch to natural fabric from a synthetic plastic will immediately improves the air quality with minimal effort or money. Making the switch to natural shower curtains is a cost effective approach to reducing the amount of processed plastic used. It is safer for anyone coming into contact with the curtain, and it is safer for the planet. Plus, the natural fibers of the shower curtain are durable, leak resistant, and quick drying. So, there is no compromise in the curtain’s performance. In all actually, the natural fabric curtain will demonstrate a much more useful curtain than the typical plastic version.

With a natural fabric curtain there will be no more puddles outside the shower because the water will not spray out of the tub. The quick drying and leak resistant features assist with the prevention of mildew and mold, which is two issues commonly linked to plastic curtains. The plastic curtains will trap the water between the curtain and bath tub. This creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew development. The fibers in this shower curtain are breathable and do not retain the water between the curtain and tub like a regular plastic curtain, so the curtain is allowed to dry. 

Reducing the amount of plastic shower curtains that are being used also reduces the amount of plastic that must be disposed of, so think green when buying shower curtains.

Reduce the amount of synthetic plastics in the environment. The switch will not compromise style or fashion. The décor of the bathroom can easily be matched to a fabric when choosing a natural fabric shower curtain. This shower curtain is designed to be very neutral in color and blends well with beige, gold, tan or white.  Because no plastic liner is necessary, washing and rehanging it is a simple task.

Another advantage to these natural curtains is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Simply place the curtains in the washer machine and set the machine to gentle cycle. Since this curtain is 100% polyester, washing and drying it will be a breeze. Putting it in the dryer is really unnecessary, but if time is limited and the dryer is an absolute necessary, it will dry very quickly and emerge relatively

Natural fabric shower curtains are the suitable choice when decorating the bathroom. They keep the air clean. They keep the bathtub mildew and mold free, and reduce the health hazards of coming into contact with such substances. These natural shower curtains are a cost effective, health consciousness, and the only real choice when it comes to shower curtains.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
The hospitality industry is a section of our economy that is consistently producing jobs and profit in spite of the recession. Hotels, B&B’s, spas, salons and caterers that are successful will rely on a dependable supply of quality linens that can be purchased in bulk at low prices. Linen supplies should always be delivered promptly at no cost to the purchaser. A hotel that is not generous with clean towels will be remembered in the negative. Spas and salons must demonstrate the most hygienic practices while pampering and indulging their clientele. A bed and breakfast must have crisp clean napkins and sheets that are smooth and fresh or the inn will not be remembered for character and charm.

Those who provide temporary housing to a guest list that is constantly changing have an obligation to be generously supplied with bath towels, sheets and any other linen items needed for a comfortable overnight stay. Guests expect the linen supply to be generous, sparkling clean and soft to the touch. The supplier of bulk linens to any establishment is vital in order to maintain promised services and return clients. A trustworthy linen distributor will have all the needed pillows, mattress pads and coverlets in the needed colors and fabrics available at all times. The distributor should also be able to deliver anything that is needed quickly and at competitive prices.

Spa and salon clients pay large sums of money to be coddled and beautified. Customers must be confident that the equipment, supplies and treatment areas are meticulously clean. Tall stacks of clean folded towels must be re-stocked regularly. Fresh towels are constantly grabbed, briefly used and deposited in laundry receptacles. Clients are reassured by the never-ending supply of bright white towels that smell clean and fresh. Towels in spas and salons wear out quickly with frequent bleaching. A dependable supplier of bulk linens is critical to the success of any spa or salon.

Boutique establishments such as bed and breakfast inns need choices that vary in color and texture due to the uniqueness of the establishments and the frequent use of linens as both part of the décor and the service. Smooth crisp tablecloths and napkins in different colors are constantly needed as well as bed and bath linens. Often, the owner of a bed and breakfast inn is also the operator and needs fast delivery as well as reasonable prices. A good distributor of bulk linens will go a long way as far as helping the bed and breakfast operator.

The right supplier of all linen products will help the hospitality managers keep expenses under control while providing the linen products that quality establishments deserve.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, June 7, 2013
There comes a point for an institution with multiple bathtubs and bathrooms when turning to wholesale bath mats provides lower prices than individual bath mat purchases. Finding the right distributor can be difficult. Many distributors boast top quality wholesale bed, bath and kitchen linens. For the right distributor no order is too large, but on the other hand, huge quantities might also be unsuitable. Most industries prefer a distributor that maintains an active call center and is always there to talk to clients for order specific questions. After considering the options, many clients choose a distributor that provides free shipping for wholesale purchases.

White terry wholesale bath mats are recognizable and comfortable. Guests at hotels, spas, and salons across America expect the soft ring spun bath mats and towels. The bath mat is not intended to be a centerpiece; it is intended to provide customer comfort. Imagine taking a hotel shower without a spotless fresh bath mat. Luminous white cloth has become an image synonymous for clean. No vacation stay or spa getaway would be the same without fresh white linens.

Atmosphere is the key component to relaxation. For any industry or public institution that provides semi-public bathrooms, it is imperative to facilitate an environment where the guest feels at home. The foundation of a calming environment is fresh linens. Studies show that Americans associate white walls and white linens with a sense of cleanliness. Stocking bathrooms with comfortable white ring spun bath mats can easily make the difference for a customer’s visit. 

Most people prefer ring spun fabric to other types of fabric. Before the fabric is woven, the thread is spun. This is a technique that dates back to the Middle Ages when ring spun cotton became incredibly popular with the wealthy class. Today, ring spun fabric can be found in everything from T-shirts to tablecloths. The ring spun process produces a softer, more durable fabric. Ring spun fabrics like the ones featured in this article about wholesale bath mats survive more washes then bath mats that are not ring spun. The alternatives to ring spun often deteriorate quickly, and thus fail or provide the supple texture that is so pleasing to touch.

As institutions grow, they must keep bathrooms fully stocked with comfortable and pleasing bath mats and towels. Many institutions across America choose wholesale solutions for bath mats, towels, bedding, and other linens. B&B’s, Spas, Hotels, Hospitals, Salons, and even Caterers maintain that for long lasting, comfortable bath mats, white ring spun bath mats are the top wholesale choice.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, June 6, 2013
The "fabric of the future" is available now. New fibers more diverse than any found in nature are created every year. Manufactured fiber fabrics now account for over 50% of the nation's fiber use and provide two-thirds of the fiber used by textile mills. Microfiber is an engineered fabric used in linen making that mimics the look and feel of fine Egyptian cotton without the hassles or expensive price. Microfiber pillow cases, sheets and table linens for business needs are for sale in a variety of sizes and colors. The use of microfiber fabrics is proven to save time and money.

Microfiber is a strong but thin blend of polyester and nylon polymers. It has very fine fibers; the strands are less than one denier thick, about 1/100th of the diameter of a human hair. The resulting fabric is stain and wrinkle resistant, impermeable yet breathable. Microfiber pillow cases have a 98% approval rating from hotel guests! Owners of bed and breakfast inns, hotels, spas, salons and restaurants rave about the durability and ease of use of items made from this fabric. Lighter and more comfortable than the standard fabrics used for linens, microfiber is also good for allergy sufferers because it does not hold allergens; it also provides good insulation. Pillow cases made of microfiber are an ideal solution for all seasons.

Easy to wash, microfiber products dry quickly (saving time, money, and energy), and can be manufactured to feel like cotton, suede or silk. The versatility of this fabric is shown by its popularity - modern apparel, curtains, linens, sofas and car seating are just some of the products that are often made of or covered with microfiber fabric. All kinds of linens are available for purchase from a distributor of fine microfiber products. Hotels can get flat and fitted sheets as well as pillowcases and table linens in an array of sizes and colors. Spas, salons and restaurants can choose from standard and custom sizes and colors to fit their needs. These businesses can buy fine microfiber linens wholesale in bulk to make sure they are able to accommodate their guests.

The development of microfiber fabric products has raised the bar for service industries while lowering the cost of providing guests and customers with an optimum experience. Great customer service and guest satisfaction are key to repeat business and referrals. The success of a business often depends on these factors. The versatility, durability and ease of use as well as the variety of microfiber linen options available in wholesale bulk for hotels, salons, spas and restaurants make them "must purchase" items for businesses that want to be successful.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Shower curtains are a necessary accessory for all bathrooms that do not have permanently installed shower doors. For bathrooms that are regularly used by different people, it is very important that shower curtains are cleaned regularly in order to prevent the transfer and harboring of bacteria. It is also crucial that the curtains provide enough coverage to adequately protect the rest of the bathroom from shower water and resulting water damage. Because Wholesale shower curtains that are used in institutional or commercial settings must be reasonably priced as well as being attractive and durable.
shower curtains must be in good condition to be effective, those that have heavy use must be replaced often.

Most bathtubs that are surrounded by a hard surface with an overhead shower need a 70 to 72 inch square curtain suspended from a shower curtain rod that is normally 60 inches to 70 inches long. Stall showers that do not have doors use a standard size 54 inch wide by 78 inch high curtain. These sizes deliver enough length to keep the curtain inside the shower and enough width to stay flush against the walls. The curtains must touch both sides of the shower walls in order to keep water spray inside the shower. Shower curtains are affixed to the rod with rings installed on the curtain rods that are fed through either reinforced holes or metal grommets on the top of the curtain. Metal grommets are more durable but usually make the curtain a little more expensive. Woven fabric curtains are often used with vinyl liners. Vinyl liners are not really necessary with fabric curtains because wet fabric will provide an effective water barrier. Polyester fabric is the most affordable material, and the polyester fabric can be laundered and bleached for cleaning. Vinyl curtains are easily wiped with antibacterial cleaner.

Vinyl shower curtains are the most affordable, but the vinyl curtains must be replaced more often because they do not last as long as fabric. In an institutional or commercial setting, the labor cost of installing replacement curtains should be considered as well as the cost of laundering versus wiping clean.

Wholesale shower curtains are available in different thicknesses of vinyl or thread counts on the fabric curtains. The weights of the material vary by cost, and the heavier weights of both the vinyl and the fabric will cost a little more but will last much longer. Longer lasting curtains will save the labor cost of installing replacement curtains. There are different hues available in neutral tones and white. The neutral and white colors keep a bathroom appearance simple and clean. Quantity purchases guarantee the lowest possible prices and include shipping, which is a definite advantage. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, June 2, 2013
Accentuating the positive with desirable home decor products is the fastest and easiest way to create an intriguing visual attraction to a space. In the world of interior fashion decor there is always demand for the right product for the right space. 

Posh bathrooms in particular are ever growing, main attractions for beautiful home decor solutions. Using light weight waffle weave shower curtains in even the sleekest bathrooms has become a popular accent. What makes this distinctive style so affirmatively recognizable? Waffle weaves! 

The soft pattern of those "little squares"adds texture and is a tactile peace-offering of decorative reassurance, product sophistication, cleanliness and style. These light weight curtains speak loud and clear to the good decorating tastes of those desiring crisp, clean decorating solutions.

Walking into a room with one of these shower curtains is an automatic attraction to the senses. There is an unspoken understanding of higher expectation and tactile comfort promised within the threads of this appealing fabric. Using them in a guest bathroom offers the same comfy feeling as fresh flowers by the bedside. 

These light weight curtains are sparking "oooohs and ahhhhs" for homeowners and innkeepers all over the world. They help add a posh, upscale look to a bathroom while at the same time being durable and very easy to wash, dry and maintain, being 100% polyester. Top linen companies work diligently with posh hotels, B&B's, caterers, spas and salons to meet the high demand for their bathroom, shower, kitchen and linen product needs. These chic, upscale shower curtains are available in a nice array of relaxing, easy-to-match colors. Mix, match and accent with white, tan, ivory, brown, black, sage or blue waffle weave curtains.

Offering a variety of colors in waffle weaved curtains also opens the door for an array of imaginative decorating ideas. Additionally, showers needn’t be the final stop for this easy-care fabric. Getting creative with waffle weave shower curtains can actually raise the aesthetic decorating bar in any room. 

Order them in bulk and turn extra curtains into matching window treatments, personalized hand towels, plush robes or soft head pillows for those relaxing bubble baths. Complement guest bathrooms with waffle weave bedroom accents. Create plush comforters, throws, lumbar pillow covers and more with the waffle weave theme.

Some wholesale linen companies conveniently sell products in bulk to residential users. Design fun childrens bedrooms making darling stuffed animals from the durable, washable waffle weave fabric. Tie-dye waffle weave shower curtains for an updated (and groovy) look for teen's rooms. Use colorful tiebacks, curtain rod rings or ribbons as perfect accent pieces with waffle weave curtains. Design bed coverlets with quilting seams using these shower curtains for a traditional, but crisper and cleaner look. The uses for these waffle weave shower curtains are as abundant as the day is long.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, June 1, 2013
Wholesale polar fleece blankets can be very useful, especially in the winter when the temperature begins the drop. If made properly, they can be very soft and comfortable. Certain wholesale polar fleece is extremely comfortable and soft and your guests will love them greatly. Better yet, they are extremely durable and will last for long time, even after several washings. This means that they are a great investment for a small business.

Running a business can be very expensive, especially during a sluggish economy. Most quality business owners always look for ways to cut certain costs, to make their company run more efficiently and effectively. This means that the business owner will take in more profit in the long run, helping the business, employees and owner. A great way to cut costs as a hotel, salon or spa is to invest in wholesale polar fleece blankets. If you purchase polar fleece blankets wholesale, then you will save a great deal of money than purchasing them individually. Buying in bulk will allow you to save money on blankets and instead spend it on something else for your particular business.

You will want to find a company that can offer you blankets in a variety of different styles, colors and patterns. This company should also be able to provide you with a blanket that is very durable, made from 100% spun polyester. You may also want to find a blanket that is machine washable and still regains its original feel after washing the item. These blankets should fit a variety of bed sizes. For example, you should be able to find blankets that fit a twin, full, queen or king size bed. This ensures that the blanket will match any room decorum. If you run a spa, you may also want to purchase this product so that your customers feel comfortable and warm at your establishment after certain treatments. 

You can find an online company that provides you with the lowest cost blankets. Because online companies tend to not have the overhead costs that many brick and mortar stores may have, many can offer you a very low price for your wholesale fleece blankets. Many of these companies may even be able to provide you with free shipping, depending on the amount you purchase. You do not have to spend a great deal of time going to a store and purchasing high priced blankets. Instead, these blankets will arrive at your doorstep, saving you a great deal of time. If you have any questions about your order, make sure to ask plenty of questions to your representative to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase.

If you are looking for polar fleece blankets for your hotel, bed and breakfast, spa or salon, then you should consider finding a company that specialize in these blankets. You will love the high quality blankets, which will keep your guests extremely warm and comfortable. This is a great investment that will pay off greatly in the long run.

by: Palmetto Linen