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Sunday, June 2, 2013
Accentuating the positive with desirable home decor products is the fastest and easiest way to create an intriguing visual attraction to a space. In the world of interior fashion decor there is always demand for the right product for the right space. 

Posh bathrooms in particular are ever growing, main attractions for beautiful home decor solutions. Using light weight waffle weave shower curtains in even the sleekest bathrooms has become a popular accent. What makes this distinctive style so affirmatively recognizable? Waffle weaves! 

The soft pattern of those "little squares"adds texture and is a tactile peace-offering of decorative reassurance, product sophistication, cleanliness and style. These light weight curtains speak loud and clear to the good decorating tastes of those desiring crisp, clean decorating solutions.

Walking into a room with one of these shower curtains is an automatic attraction to the senses. There is an unspoken understanding of higher expectation and tactile comfort promised within the threads of this appealing fabric. Using them in a guest bathroom offers the same comfy feeling as fresh flowers by the bedside. 

These light weight curtains are sparking "oooohs and ahhhhs" for homeowners and innkeepers all over the world. They help add a posh, upscale look to a bathroom while at the same time being durable and very easy to wash, dry and maintain, being 100% polyester. Top linen companies work diligently with posh hotels, B&B's, caterers, spas and salons to meet the high demand for their bathroom, shower, kitchen and linen product needs. These chic, upscale shower curtains are available in a nice array of relaxing, easy-to-match colors. Mix, match and accent with white, tan, ivory, brown, black, sage or blue waffle weave curtains.

Offering a variety of colors in waffle weaved curtains also opens the door for an array of imaginative decorating ideas. Additionally, showers needn’t be the final stop for this easy-care fabric. Getting creative with waffle weave shower curtains can actually raise the aesthetic decorating bar in any room. 

Order them in bulk and turn extra curtains into matching window treatments, personalized hand towels, plush robes or soft head pillows for those relaxing bubble baths. Complement guest bathrooms with waffle weave bedroom accents. Create plush comforters, throws, lumbar pillow covers and more with the waffle weave theme.

Some wholesale linen companies conveniently sell products in bulk to residential users. Design fun childrens bedrooms making darling stuffed animals from the durable, washable waffle weave fabric. Tie-dye waffle weave shower curtains for an updated (and groovy) look for teen's rooms. Use colorful tiebacks, curtain rod rings or ribbons as perfect accent pieces with waffle weave curtains. Design bed coverlets with quilting seams using these shower curtains for a traditional, but crisper and cleaner look. The uses for these waffle weave shower curtains are as abundant as the day is long.

by: Palmetto Linen