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Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Shower curtains are a necessary accessory for all bathrooms that do not have permanently installed shower doors. For bathrooms that are regularly used by different people, it is very important that shower curtains are cleaned regularly in order to prevent the transfer and harboring of bacteria. It is also crucial that the curtains provide enough coverage to adequately protect the rest of the bathroom from shower water and resulting water damage. Because Wholesale shower curtains that are used in institutional or commercial settings must be reasonably priced as well as being attractive and durable.
shower curtains must be in good condition to be effective, those that have heavy use must be replaced often.

Most bathtubs that are surrounded by a hard surface with an overhead shower need a 70 to 72 inch square curtain suspended from a shower curtain rod that is normally 60 inches to 70 inches long. Stall showers that do not have doors use a standard size 54 inch wide by 78 inch high curtain. These sizes deliver enough length to keep the curtain inside the shower and enough width to stay flush against the walls. The curtains must touch both sides of the shower walls in order to keep water spray inside the shower. Shower curtains are affixed to the rod with rings installed on the curtain rods that are fed through either reinforced holes or metal grommets on the top of the curtain. Metal grommets are more durable but usually make the curtain a little more expensive. Woven fabric curtains are often used with vinyl liners. Vinyl liners are not really necessary with fabric curtains because wet fabric will provide an effective water barrier. Polyester fabric is the most affordable material, and the polyester fabric can be laundered and bleached for cleaning. Vinyl curtains are easily wiped with antibacterial cleaner.

Vinyl shower curtains are the most affordable, but the vinyl curtains must be replaced more often because they do not last as long as fabric. In an institutional or commercial setting, the labor cost of installing replacement curtains should be considered as well as the cost of laundering versus wiping clean.

Wholesale shower curtains are available in different thicknesses of vinyl or thread counts on the fabric curtains. The weights of the material vary by cost, and the heavier weights of both the vinyl and the fabric will cost a little more but will last much longer. Longer lasting curtains will save the labor cost of installing replacement curtains. There are different hues available in neutral tones and white. The neutral and white colors keep a bathroom appearance simple and clean. Quantity purchases guarantee the lowest possible prices and include shipping, which is a definite advantage. 

by: Palmetto Linen