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Tuesday, June 11, 2013
The hospitality industry is a section of our economy that is consistently producing jobs and profit in spite of the recession. Hotels, B&B’s, spas, salons and caterers that are successful will rely on a dependable supply of quality linens that can be purchased in bulk at low prices. Linen supplies should always be delivered promptly at no cost to the purchaser. A hotel that is not generous with clean towels will be remembered in the negative. Spas and salons must demonstrate the most hygienic practices while pampering and indulging their clientele. A bed and breakfast must have crisp clean napkins and sheets that are smooth and fresh or the inn will not be remembered for character and charm.

Those who provide temporary housing to a guest list that is constantly changing have an obligation to be generously supplied with bath towels, sheets and any other linen items needed for a comfortable overnight stay. Guests expect the linen supply to be generous, sparkling clean and soft to the touch. The supplier of bulk linens to any establishment is vital in order to maintain promised services and return clients. A trustworthy linen distributor will have all the needed pillows, mattress pads and coverlets in the needed colors and fabrics available at all times. The distributor should also be able to deliver anything that is needed quickly and at competitive prices.

Spa and salon clients pay large sums of money to be coddled and beautified. Customers must be confident that the equipment, supplies and treatment areas are meticulously clean. Tall stacks of clean folded towels must be re-stocked regularly. Fresh towels are constantly grabbed, briefly used and deposited in laundry receptacles. Clients are reassured by the never-ending supply of bright white towels that smell clean and fresh. Towels in spas and salons wear out quickly with frequent bleaching. A dependable supplier of bulk linens is critical to the success of any spa or salon.

Boutique establishments such as bed and breakfast inns need choices that vary in color and texture due to the uniqueness of the establishments and the frequent use of linens as both part of the décor and the service. Smooth crisp tablecloths and napkins in different colors are constantly needed as well as bed and bath linens. Often, the owner of a bed and breakfast inn is also the operator and needs fast delivery as well as reasonable prices. A good distributor of bulk linens will go a long way as far as helping the bed and breakfast operator.

The right supplier of all linen products will help the hospitality managers keep expenses under control while providing the linen products that quality establishments deserve.

by: Palmetto Linen