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Sunday, June 16, 2013
Microfiber is a soft, plush material that feels luxurious to the touch. The fact that it is also stain and mildew resistant makes it perfect for damp places like the bathroom. The soft and lightweight microfiber material makes the microfiber bathroom rug feel warm and comfortable under-foot after stepping out of the tub or shower.

While microfiber bathroom rugs are perfect for home use, they are also being used in many hotels, exclusive spas, salons, Bed & Breakfasts, caterers, and other businesses. Microfiber rugs are superior to many other synthetics such as polyester rugs because of their stain and mildew resistance. Many people are beginning to realize this and are replacing their old bathroom rugs with microfiber. Their non-slip latex backing helps to keep them firmly in place even on a damp bathroom floor.

When bare feet make contact with the microfiber bathroom rug, the plushness makes it feel rich and high-end. Despite the luxurious feeling, microfiber bathroom rugs are lightweight and surprisingly affordable. If ordered from a wholesale distributor, these items should be available for reasonably priced bulk orders that will accommodate even the largest hotel, spa, or other chain. They are long-lasting and easy to keep clean. Stains are easy to spot clean, or the whole rug can be steam cleaned or machine-washed. Unlike cotton and polyester blends, microfiber also resists pilling, which helps the fabric to look fresh and new for a longer period of time.

Microfiber has recently become the choice of many items in the home, hotels, and other places. Today it is used to make towels, furniture coverings, rugs and more because of its durability and comfort. The material is tightly woven and moisture resistant in addition to being easy to clean and care for. It can even be used in kitchens where not only moisture, but also grease and spills can be a problem. 
Thanks to the ease of care, microfiber has become one of the most sought after fabrics especially where softness, durability, and stain resistance are important.

Bathroom rugs made of microfiber are as absorbent as cotton and perhaps even more absorbent than polyester and other synthetic blends. They keep their shape through frequent washing, and will not shed like some other fabrics. The natural mold and mildew resistance makes them hypoallergenic and safe for those who are sensitive or allergy sufferers. This is another reason that microfiber rugs are a better choice than many of the traditional fabrics.

For business owners who really care about the comfort and happiness of their clients, microfiber rugs for the bathroom are a perfect choice. Not only are they soft, plush, hypoallergenic, and easy to care for, but also have the neutral colors and simple designs that will go with any decorating style


by: Palmetto Linen