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Friday, June 14, 2013
Natural fabric shower curtains are the optimal choice when deciding on a shower curtain. The switch to natural fabric from a synthetic plastic will immediately improves the air quality with minimal effort or money. Making the switch to natural shower curtains is a cost effective approach to reducing the amount of processed plastic used. It is safer for anyone coming into contact with the curtain, and it is safer for the planet. Plus, the natural fibers of the shower curtain are durable, leak resistant, and quick drying. So, there is no compromise in the curtain’s performance. In all actually, the natural fabric curtain will demonstrate a much more useful curtain than the typical plastic version.

With a natural fabric curtain there will be no more puddles outside the shower because the water will not spray out of the tub. The quick drying and leak resistant features assist with the prevention of mildew and mold, which is two issues commonly linked to plastic curtains. The plastic curtains will trap the water between the curtain and bath tub. This creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew development. The fibers in this shower curtain are breathable and do not retain the water between the curtain and tub like a regular plastic curtain, so the curtain is allowed to dry. 

Reducing the amount of plastic shower curtains that are being used also reduces the amount of plastic that must be disposed of, so think green when buying shower curtains.

Reduce the amount of synthetic plastics in the environment. The switch will not compromise style or fashion. The décor of the bathroom can easily be matched to a fabric when choosing a natural fabric shower curtain. This shower curtain is designed to be very neutral in color and blends well with beige, gold, tan or white.  Because no plastic liner is necessary, washing and rehanging it is a simple task.

Another advantage to these natural curtains is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Simply place the curtains in the washer machine and set the machine to gentle cycle. Since this curtain is 100% polyester, washing and drying it will be a breeze. Putting it in the dryer is really unnecessary, but if time is limited and the dryer is an absolute necessary, it will dry very quickly and emerge relatively

Natural fabric shower curtains are the suitable choice when decorating the bathroom. They keep the air clean. They keep the bathtub mildew and mold free, and reduce the health hazards of coming into contact with such substances. These natural shower curtains are a cost effective, health consciousness, and the only real choice when it comes to shower curtains.

by: Palmetto Linen