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Thursday, June 6, 2013
The "fabric of the future" is available now. New fibers more diverse than any found in nature are created every year. Manufactured fiber fabrics now account for over 50% of the nation's fiber use and provide two-thirds of the fiber used by textile mills. Microfiber is an engineered fabric used in linen making that mimics the look and feel of fine Egyptian cotton without the hassles or expensive price. Microfiber pillow cases, sheets and table linens for business needs are for sale in a variety of sizes and colors. The use of microfiber fabrics is proven to save time and money.

Microfiber is a strong but thin blend of polyester and nylon polymers. It has very fine fibers; the strands are less than one denier thick, about 1/100th of the diameter of a human hair. The resulting fabric is stain and wrinkle resistant, impermeable yet breathable. Microfiber pillow cases have a 98% approval rating from hotel guests! Owners of bed and breakfast inns, hotels, spas, salons and restaurants rave about the durability and ease of use of items made from this fabric. Lighter and more comfortable than the standard fabrics used for linens, microfiber is also good for allergy sufferers because it does not hold allergens; it also provides good insulation. Pillow cases made of microfiber are an ideal solution for all seasons.

Easy to wash, microfiber products dry quickly (saving time, money, and energy), and can be manufactured to feel like cotton, suede or silk. The versatility of this fabric is shown by its popularity - modern apparel, curtains, linens, sofas and car seating are just some of the products that are often made of or covered with microfiber fabric. All kinds of linens are available for purchase from a distributor of fine microfiber products. Hotels can get flat and fitted sheets as well as pillowcases and table linens in an array of sizes and colors. Spas, salons and restaurants can choose from standard and custom sizes and colors to fit their needs. These businesses can buy fine microfiber linens wholesale in bulk to make sure they are able to accommodate their guests.

The development of microfiber fabric products has raised the bar for service industries while lowering the cost of providing guests and customers with an optimum experience. Great customer service and guest satisfaction are key to repeat business and referrals. The success of a business often depends on these factors. The versatility, durability and ease of use as well as the variety of microfiber linen options available in wholesale bulk for hotels, salons, spas and restaurants make them "must purchase" items for businesses that want to be successful.

by: Palmetto Linen