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Saturday, June 29, 2013
Do you have trouble sleeping on those scratchy, cotton sheets that you picked up at the department store because they were super cheap? You wash them over and over again before even putting them on the bed - trying to get them soft enough to subject your sensitive skin to before hitting the sheets. All you want is a good night's sleep. You slip into bed and start scratching. Here is a less expensive and much more comfortable answer for that good night's sleep: microfiber sheets.

Luxury microfiber sheets are made of the highest quality super fine microfiber polyester yarn which is actually one-twentieth the diameter of a fine silk strand, so you know they are going to be super soft. After this microfiber material is made, it is then put through a brushing process to allow the material to breathe and give it that super fine feel that is so accommodating for a comfortable night's sleep. When purchasing, look for at least 125 GSM or "gram weight" as opposed to thread count which manufacturers use when grading regular cotton or polyester/cotton sheets. The higher the GSM, the softer sheet you'll be getting. 

These sheets are wrinkle resistant and easily washed with no special washing instructions; just put them in your washer with your other laundry, add detergent and they will come out looking brand new. They hold up very well after many laundry cycles. They can be dried on a regular dryer setting. With a dryer sheet added during the drying cycle, your sheets will come out virtually static and wrinkle-free and ready for the bed.

Most microfiber bed sheets come in twin, full, queen and king sizes. The twin sheets have twelve inch fitted pockets as the full, queen and king sizes come with fourteen inch fitted pockets. 

Depending on the fiber count, a set of king-sized cotton or cotton-blended sheets can be very expensive, ranging from fifty dollars to three hundred per set, and they won’t even come close to the microfiber sheets in terms of comfort or durability, not to mention ease of laundering, especially at the low end of cost. A single microfiber king-sized fitted sheet, on the other hand, can cost as low as fifteen dollars. By saving so much while purchasing luxury microfiber sheets, you'll be able to buy a couple of sets of sheets instead of having to get by with just a single set due to cost.

Taking all of these factors into consideration: cost, ease of laundering, softness, quality, design and dependability, luxury microfiber sheets are the best answer for a perfect night's sleep!

by: Palmetto Linen