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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Resort spas and day spas are fabulous places to go for relaxing and stress relief, personal beauty treatments or a combination of both. Operators of these popular facilities know that managing expenses appropriately is vital in order to sustain a successful operation. Clients expect to be indulged and coddled. It is not always possible to increase fees to absorb the ongoing expense of offering extravagant treatments. Costs must be constantly monitored. The prices of spa linens must be evaluated frequently. Spas have an insatiable appetite for linens that are absorbent, pleasant to touch and easily laundered. Generous stacks of freshly laundered and folded massage table sheets, bath rugs, and of course, an infinite supply of clean absorbent towels must be constantly within reach.

Luxury fitted spa sheets for massage tables are available in microfiber fabric that is smoother and softer than the highest thread count cotton. Deep pockets and flexible fabric make it quick and easy for staff to change to fresh sheets. Microfiber fabric is lighter in weight, which allows more sheets to be washed and dried per load of laundry. Microfiber sheets also use 30 percent less drying time, which frees sheets for use more quickly and saves money. Luxury flat sheets for massage tables should be large, at least 66 inches by 96 inches to provide ample coverage for the largest clients. Large size luxury flat sheets for massage tables are regularly available from suppliers.

 Body massage, exfoliation, steam baths and saunas are only a few of the treatment stations that must have stacks of fresh clean towels within reach. Bath size, large and small hand towels and smaller sized bath towels for head wrapping are essential. Wholesale suppliers of spa linens have extensive towel selections that can be purchased in bulk with the specialized order needs for spas.

Resort spas and day spas have many locations that need protected areas for wet feet. Spa bath rugs protect clients from slipping and falling as well as to prevent the transfer of bacteria or fungi. Microfiber spa bath rugs are soft and absorbent like cotton and are constructed with non-skid latex backing for secure placement on wet floors. These soft plush rugs can be laundered hundreds of times before replacement is needed.

The availability and price of spa linens is often the lifeblood of a spa establishment. The best wholesale suppliers are standing by for customer service calls, offer competitive prices and deliver at no charge. Wholesale suppliers of linens to resort spas and day spas know that spa establishments are precious customers.

by: Palmetto Linen