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Friday, June 7, 2013
There comes a point for an institution with multiple bathtubs and bathrooms when turning to wholesale bath mats provides lower prices than individual bath mat purchases. Finding the right distributor can be difficult. Many distributors boast top quality wholesale bed, bath and kitchen linens. For the right distributor no order is too large, but on the other hand, huge quantities might also be unsuitable. Most industries prefer a distributor that maintains an active call center and is always there to talk to clients for order specific questions. After considering the options, many clients choose a distributor that provides free shipping for wholesale purchases.

White terry wholesale bath mats are recognizable and comfortable. Guests at hotels, spas, and salons across America expect the soft ring spun bath mats and towels. The bath mat is not intended to be a centerpiece; it is intended to provide customer comfort. Imagine taking a hotel shower without a spotless fresh bath mat. Luminous white cloth has become an image synonymous for clean. No vacation stay or spa getaway would be the same without fresh white linens.

Atmosphere is the key component to relaxation. For any industry or public institution that provides semi-public bathrooms, it is imperative to facilitate an environment where the guest feels at home. The foundation of a calming environment is fresh linens. Studies show that Americans associate white walls and white linens with a sense of cleanliness. Stocking bathrooms with comfortable white ring spun bath mats can easily make the difference for a customer’s visit. 

Most people prefer ring spun fabric to other types of fabric. Before the fabric is woven, the thread is spun. This is a technique that dates back to the Middle Ages when ring spun cotton became incredibly popular with the wealthy class. Today, ring spun fabric can be found in everything from T-shirts to tablecloths. The ring spun process produces a softer, more durable fabric. Ring spun fabrics like the ones featured in this article about wholesale bath mats survive more washes then bath mats that are not ring spun. The alternatives to ring spun often deteriorate quickly, and thus fail or provide the supple texture that is so pleasing to touch.

As institutions grow, they must keep bathrooms fully stocked with comfortable and pleasing bath mats and towels. Many institutions across America choose wholesale solutions for bath mats, towels, bedding, and other linens. B&B’s, Spas, Hotels, Hospitals, Salons, and even Caterers maintain that for long lasting, comfortable bath mats, white ring spun bath mats are the top wholesale choice.

by: Palmetto Linen