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Friday, June 21, 2013
Luxury sheets and pillowcases suggest smooth fabrics that slide across bare skin like a caress. Hotels, bed and breakfast inns and spas set the bar for the highest quality and most comfortable sheets. In fact, many department stores boast that their linens are equal to the quality of linens used in resorts.

Fabrics that are used for quality bed linens should deliver a soft enough touch upon contact that it would be a pleasure to simply stroke the fabric. Equally important to the feel of the material, is the durability of the fabric. Sheets used in commercial establishments must be able to withstand repeated washings with anti-bacterial detergent. Cost and availability is always an important factor for commercial establishments with high linen needs. This is a very good time to get feedback from a preferred supplier of wholesale luxury sheets about the latest available fabrics that are becoming more common.

The latest micro soft fabrics that have been developed compare well with extremely high thread count cotton sheets. The fiber is much finer and lighter weight than cotton, and there is a smooth and silky feel to the finished fabric. During production, the sheets are brushed and made to be more breathable for user comfort. Micro fiber sheets are preferred for comfort over cotton sheets by 98 percent of people surveyed. Nowadays, suppliers offering wholesale luxury sheets are probably referring to the latest micro fiber sheets.

Micro fiber sheets are easier to care for than traditional cotton bed linens. Less bulk and lighter weight will allow more sheets to be washed per load of laundry. The lighter and more compact quality saves storage space and is easier for staff to install on beds or massage tables. Micro fiber requires less heat and lower dry times, which save time and money. The sheets that have been washed and dried are smoother than traditional fibers and require only minimal ironing. It is estimated that the cost of laundering micro fiber linens is 30 percent less than traditional fabrics. One would expect the purchase price of this new type of bed sheet would be higher. In fact, it is very competitive, if not lower in price.

Trusted suppliers of wholesale luxury sheets offer bulk discounts and free shipping. Venders who specialize in servicing the hospitality industry understand the importance of available supply, customer service and prompt delivery. The importance of cost per unit is taken very seriously. A great relationship with a reliable linen supplier is always behind a successful hotel, bed and breakfast inn or spa.

by: Palmetto Linen