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Saturday, July 6, 2013

When decorating a bedroom there are many different ways to make it cozy. It does not matter if the bed is in a home, apartment, hotel or a bed and breakfast; people want the bed to look stylish. Quilted bed throws can give the bed a look that is pulled together.

Quilted bed throws come in a variety of different widths and lengths. Longer ones make the throw very useful. Throws that are wider and longer can be used when someone wants to take it off the bed and use it to cover up while watching a show on the television or read a book. Shorter throws are mainly used for decorative purposes and to add color to a room.

Throws can also come in a wide array of different colors. When people are decorating their bedroom with a certain color scheme, it is important to be able to have a variety of tones to choose from. Bedding in different colors can give a room an entirely different look. Browns give a room a masculine feel. Blues give a bedroom a cool feel. Sage and tan give a room a warm feel. Whatever look they are going for, they want bedding that will coordinate.

Bed throws can also give a room some depth. The throw breaks up the uniform color of a solid bedspread. Pair a solid colored throw with a mural above the bed that is a mixture of the colors on the throw and in the bedspread. Match the pillows on the bed with the same color as the throw. Another fun idea is to match a brightly colored throw or one with a design, such as a zebra stripe, with matching striped pillows. There are so many things that can be done to change the look of the bed with just changing the throw.

When a throw is quilted, it gives the room some texture to work with. When people decorate with antiques, they tend to select a quilted throw. Depending on the fabric that is used, it can give the bed and room a vintage look.

Quilted bed throws can be used to add color, depth and warmth to a bedroom. They look beautiful on a freshly made bed. They will invite people to curl up on the bed for a good night’s rest. Whether throws are a solid color, pattern, or quilted they will add charm and dimension to any bedroom.

by: Palmetto Linen