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Tuesday, July 9, 2013
One of the products most used by a hotel, inn, salon, caterer, etc, is a hand towel. These businesses purchase white hand towels wholesale and have a range of choices. High-end hotels, for example, would make purchases of towels that are thick and luxurious looking. Salons and other small, to midsized businesses, usually purchase ones that weigh less. These towels are, as a rule, in the ever-popular white color.

There are many different methods of drying hands in use today. This includes paper towels and electric blowers, commonly found in public bathrooms with a lot of use. It would not be practical to use cloth hand towels in these locations.

Commercial enterprises that purchase white hand towels are looking for qualities of skin-friendliness, high absorption and shape retention. Today's quality towels are made with modern, high quality machinery and operated by qualified and highly trained personnel. Effective management strives to produce the best product possible that combines innovation, quality and technology.

Hand towels receive more use than any other type of towel, regardless of where it is used. In a busy salon as many as 100 towels will be used each day. These towels must then be sterilized by going through a special washer and dryer process. Users have found that using a lower-heat setting will assure that the towel will remain fluffy.

White hand towels wholesale can be made of various materials. The majority is made of cotton, but how they look depends on the type of cotton used in their manufacture. There are different types of cotton used for this purpose. The most expensive is Egyptian cotton, commonly used in high-end spas and hotels. American-grown pima cotton also gives a feeling and look of luxury. A towel made of 100 percent American pima cotton bears the trademark Supima. 

Newer fabrics used for towels include Modal, made of beech trees cellulose, and the looser, velvety-soft, textured bamboo. There are also microfiber engineered fiber towels, which are thinner and lighter than the cotton ones. The latter is popular in beauty shops for drying hair.

White hand towels have standard size of 16" x 17". In places such as B&Bs, inns, hotels and motels, they are displayed together with a bath towel and washcloth of the same material. Strategically placed, they make it possible for the occupant to wash their hands a number of times during the day. As a result, many locations purchase high quality products, knowing that they can last as long as 10 years when properly cared for.

Commercial enterprises that purchase white hand towels wholesale have the opportunity to find the exact type to fit their situation. An exclusive hotel, for example, would want only the best on the market to match the rest of their décor. Places such as barbershops, beauty shops, non-chain motels, Ronald McDonald Houses, caterers, or corporate hospitality suppliers, each require a special type of towel to meet their needs. In today's market it is possible to find the exact type of hand towel required.

by: Palmetto Linen