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Sunday, July 21, 2013
Towels are essential in restaurants, taverns, hotels, spas, salons and many other businesses. These types of businesses use a lot of towels. It is always good to have clean, fresh towels for employees and guests. For some it is quite a savings to purchase kitchen towels in wholesale lots. The smaller, hand or kitchen towel size is used the most for cleaning messes and drying dishes and counter tops or bars. Wait staff will constantly have a towel for cleaning up as messes happen. Spas will use large bath sheets. Towels of different sizes are handy for most any size job or mess. Purchasing towels from a wholesale shop will save money. When choosing towels, purchase a lot of the style that is used the most, and always have new, fresh looking towels.

The price per towel will be substantially lower when purchasing kitchen towels wholesale. Purchasing wholesale means you get the price that a store would pay to stock their shelves. When retailers purchase in bulk, they are free to set the price as high as they like for the same quality towels, making the cost much higher. Many bulk product stores or outlets have bulk pricing for towels in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors to choose from. There may even be nice patterns to match any décor. Buying any size towel wholesale will save money in the long run for any business.

The type of kitchen towel you purchase will depend on your preference and what the towels will be used for. Cotton is the best material that a towel can be made from. It is soft and absorbent and easily maintained and cleaned. Cotton may cost more, but if you purchase wholesale, your budget will not even feel it. Cotton also lasts longer than other towel material.

For general clean up there are thinner, absorbent kinds of cotton towels with not much decoration to fancy dinner party style cotton napkins. For the spa or salon, a nice fluffy cotton terry is great and very absorbent. Some do not like to choose a different color or style of towel. Purchasing a bulk supply of a style that matches your business décor, just makes sense.

It is good to shop around for wholesale towels, as the pricing will vary from vendor to vendor, brand and style. The style and color may be available at several wholesale shops. Checking pricing of each will save even more on your kitchen towel purchase. Visit several vendors in person, or find their locations on the Internet, and check to see what is in stock before you decide where to purchase. They may even have special online only pricing. No reason to leave your office, just click, order and sit back and wait for delivery.

by: Palmetto Linen