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Saturday, July 13, 2013
Small hotel owners and bed and breakfast proprietors work hard to keep their guests comfortable. Attention to every detail must be meticulous. During their stay, guests want to feel like they are living in a home away from home. Whether they value their privacy or want to mingle with other guests, they want to be catered to. This includes having a well-kept room with comfortable bedding. 

Pillows are often the hardest bedding item to buy to accommodate the complete satisfaction of everyone. Pillows are supposed to offer support to the upper body. However, many people tousle all night in an attempt to alleviate discomfort. Many are in search of the pillow that will help them to get a good night’s sleep. Pillows come with various fillings and so the mode of support required by individuals will determine the type of pillow that will satisfy their needs.  

Companies that carry wholesale pillows have experience doing business with customers who cater to the hospitality trade. It is this experience that will dictate the quality the wholesaler will offer for sale to the business consumer. The wholesaler and the business owner both understand that the pillows must withstand handling from many guests and have the durability to undergo numerous cleanings before they are replaced. The hospitality trade will also want to consider the health and safety of guests by purchasing wholesale pillows that contain non-toxic chemicals that are resistant to bacteria and microbes, not to mention being hypoallergenic.

A new type of pillow that should be considered by those furnishing overnight facilities are those made of Eco-Smart polyester fibers, a green, environmentally friendly product made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.   Eco-Smart processes those bottles to create a very high quality fiberfill that can be used to make traditional polyester filled textile products.  One pillow filled with this material keeps about 14 bottles out of our landfills.  But these pillows also have the advantage of being truly washable; washing and drying them seems to reinvigorate the fiberfill, fluffing it up to a state that’s as good as new. Eco-friendly, comfortable AND practical – a winning combination!

Another option to consider would be pillow protectors.  Bio-Shield Pillow Protectors are made of high thread count, 100% cotton that has been permanently treated to protect against mold, mildew, yeast, algae and bacteria, and can add to the life of your pillows by protecting them against odor-causing stains and moisture.  They have zippers that allow for easy installation and removal, and are machine washable.

by: Palmetto Linen