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Friday, July 26, 2013
The hotel industry generated annual sales of about $140 billion in 2012, but as revenue has increased, so have prices for things like bedding. Buying supplies, such as wholesale duvet covers, in bulk allows facilities to efficiently maintain their guests’ rooms, without feeling fleeced.

Duvet covers may sound too exotic for some hotels’ budgets, but a duvet cover is simply a comforter cover. The word is of French origin and means ‘down’, as in the thin, washable covers used to protect ‘down comforters’. The duvets inside are thought to have originated in northern Europe, where frigid winters inspired the weighty, feather-filled creations that kept dreamers warm and toasty. Designed to eliminate the need for a separate sheet, blanket and comforter by combining the functionality of all three bedding items into one, they are similar to a sleeping bag or comforter. Also like a comforter, however, they’re bulky to store and a hassle to wash. That’s where duvet covers prove to be invaluable.

Rather than being an added expense, wholesale duvet covers extend the life of higher-priced comforters by acting as a barrier against stains and tears, so the comforters don’t need frequent washing. A duvet cover can be unzipped or unbuttoned, tossed into a laundry chute and processed in batches. Because duvet covers are thin and easy to store, a hotel can stock up on them, instead of purchasing extra comforters. With the wide variety of colors and fabrics available, duvet covers make it effortless to swap out bedding for a seasonal makeover, also. 

Duvet covers can be purchased through retail outlets and through suppliers to the hospitality industry. Wholesale suppliers sell duvet covers in lots. Some lots are priced surprisingly low, but reading the fine print can be revealing. The lot could be irregular or otherwise flawed. Improper sizing, non-uniform color and crooked seams may not meet a facility’s standards. If guests are to sleep well, it's not wise to skimp on bed linens; it isn’t worth it. Sheets with a low thread count have a rough texture and wear out faster than high-thread-count alternatives. Hotel guests will be able to tell if the covers are of poor quality, and people with sensitive skin may develop irritation from the scratchy fabric. 

Larger orders of bed linens of dependable typically include a substantial price reduction, so there's little reason behind purchasing inferior-quality bedding. Buying wholesale duvet covers is an economical way to dress rooms in buttery-soft, crisply clean bedding. The extra money spent will pay off with positive reviews, more business and happy guests.

by: Palmetto Linen