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Saturday, July 27, 2013
Small business owners sometimes have a difficult time locating a resource or supplies that may be available only from a manufacturer. Locating the right supplier can save money and time. People that own spas, hotels, bed and breakfast, hospitality houses and catering companies need business-specific supplies to fit within the structure of the services they offer.

Spas and therapeutic massage companies may have several rooms in a single location. Each massage table requires at least two sets of sheets. One sheet would be used to cover the massage table and another sheet to help the customer maintain modesty and privacy. A third sheet may be used when a customer is asked to turn over during treatment. Buying massage table sheets wholesale will save money and frequently free shipping is included on bulk orders.

Customers expect crisp, clean sheets and a comfortable massage table. Business owners can meet this expectation by purchasing massage table sheets wholesale from reputable suppliers. Ensuring that you have enough massage table sheets for each client throughout the day is just one of many concerns for a business. Knowing that you have enough quantity on hand and trusting that it is excellent quality will be part of what brings repeat business.

A spa-like experience includes the use of high-thread count sheets and pillowcases. Microfiber sheets are soft, durable and less expensive than cotton sheets. They also tend to wrinkle less and last longer than cotton. Microfiber sheets are made from ultra-fine polyester yarn and are brushed to soften the fabric. Microfiber sheets are graded by gram weight instead of by thread count. The high end of microfiber sheets have 125-gram weight and are super soft. Microfiber sheets are high quality, fast drying and practically wrinkle free. They are available as fitted or flat depending on your business needs. 

Spa beds are typically twin-sized so a masseuse can be close to the customer from all four sides. Twin sheets are typically half the price of queen sheets and provide enough coverage for client comfort. You can purchase massage table sheets from wholesale suppliers in cases of 24. This provides eight rooms with one set of three sheets or twelve rooms with one set of two sheets. 

Knowing where to purchase inventory for your business is important, but knowing a dependable supplier that can meet the needs of your customers and provide them comfort is even more important. Happy customers will return because they appreciate your services, but the thing they will tell their friends is about their comfort and security level. Knowing that your business may increase from word of mouth advertising may include buying more massage table sheets from a trusted wholesale company.

by: Palmetto Linen