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Saturday, August 31, 2013
Small and mid sizes businesses that are too small to order huge lots of bed linens from a mill can still take advantage of wholesale prices by utilizing manufacturer distributors. This option allows businesses to provide the best possible comfort for their customers at a discounted rate to the company. Whether someone is laying their head down to rest at the end of day of relaxed vacationing at a local bed and breakfast or enjoying a day at the spa, a comfortable pillow is sure to make the experience a better one.


Palmetto Linen Distributors offers several different types of bulk pillows so businesses can find the right fit for their customers. The Bioshield EcoSmart Down Alternative Pillow is an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic pillow that is ideal for businesses that want to appeal to customers that are ecologically savvy. The fiber in each pillow is equivalent to 14 plastic bottles. The specially designed, USDA approved Bioshield Antimicrobial Treatment provides permanent protection from multiple allergens including mold, mildew, bacteria, yeast and algae. This technology is essential for businesses that provide services for guests with special medical needs. Not only does the EcoSmart Microfiber Cluster filling save plastic bottles from being dumped in landfills, it actually reinvigorates with every single washing and drying cycles it undergoes! This state of the art pillow retains its shape even after 50 washes. Any customer is sure to feel rested and good about their part in helping the environment after a night on the Bioshield EcoSmart Down Alternative Pillow. It is available in standard, queen and king sizes.

Palmetto also provides luxurious bulk pillow options that are not quite as highly technological as the EcoSmart but are still guaranteed to leave customers rested and satisfied. The Down Alternative Luxury Hotel Pillow is found in luxury hotels across the country. Its T-250 microfiber cover is designed to ensure maximum comfort for guests no matter what type of pillow they prefer. It comes in a standard size. Another even more affordable option is the Gold Choice Hospitality Pillow. This firm pillow is filled with durable, long lasting, virgin spiral silicone fiber. It is designed to endure multiple machine washes while still maintaining firmness. The Gold Choice Hospitality Pillow meets the required 22-ounce fill weight specification expected by hotel franchises. It is available in standard, queen and king sizes.

Pillow Protectors are also available for bulk pillows. Protectors add an extra layer between a pillow and the guest to protect not only the pillow, but also the guest from harmful dust mites and allergens like mold and bacteria. Pillow covers are made of many different fabrics and linen like materials depending on the specific purpose. Bed bug prevention, waterproofing and spill protection, and stain prevention are a few of the reasons to use pillow protectors to prolong your business bedding. They are easy to remove for washing and help to keep pillows stain and moisture free

No matter what bulk pillow needs a small or mid size business may have, Palmetto Linen Distributors has the options and products to ensure every customer leaves the bed rested and refreshed.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, August 29, 2013
When one has a small business they need to ensure they are saving as much money as possible when it comes to supplies. They also need to ensure that those supplies have good quality as well so they will last a long time. Most small businesses will not have the opportunity to buy in bulk like larger companies. They still need to buy more than one item, just not hundreds at a time. This is where it can be cost effective and the business would need to find a way to get the items at a reduced cost.

One business type that may have this issue is those that provide individuals with over night hospitality. This is where they will need bedding to ensure that the guests staying in the provided facilities will have a comfortable, restful and inviting place to sleep. These types of businesses are going to be those that provide temporary homes for hospitals, small non-chain motels, short term corporate housing or even spas and salons that have beds. One of the main costs to provide comfortable and inviting sleeping space is comforter sets. Each one could add up very quickly. Palmetto Linen has wholesale comforter sets for businesses like these. They offer great quality bed sets that can be purchased in either 4 piece or 7 piece sets. The business can order the quantity they need and ensure that all their sets will match. Since the businesses are able to get the sets with wholesale prices, they are going to be able to save hundreds of dollars. They are also going to be ensured that they will have the sizes available that they are going to need. This is going to make it easier to ensure they can place one big order to cover all their needs. Wholesale comforter sets are the way to go for these types of businesses; these comforter sets are not only fashionable, but are also made with quality materials to last a long time.

Being able to purchase anything at wholesale is going to help save money. Money that is saved can be used to purchase other items that the business needs to provide for its guests or be able to have it set aside for emergencies. Anytime a business is starting out, they want to be able to cut costs in any way they can, but sacrificing quality or comfort isn’t going to help a business that functions on hospitality. Palmetto Linen is going to be the answer to help these smaller businesses get all the supplies they need in one shopping trip that takes no more time than visiting their site on the Internet. Then, if they ever need more, they will be able to find the matching items through the same company. Having a reliable source for the bulk of the domestic supplies required can be a time and money saving advantage for a small business.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Attractive tablecloths and napkins are a must have for any event or fine dining establishment. Whether it be a wedding reception or kid's birthday party, table linens have the ability to serve more than function. The right color linen can make a centerpiece or table accent pop. While it may be tempting to rent linens when hosting for a crowd, a surprisingly more affordable option is to purchase wholesale tablecloths and napkins. Not only are there more options, but linens can be used for multiple events. For businesses that require large quantities of table linens, wholesale is an affordable option that allows the purchase of quality linens for less.

Purchasing wholesale tablecloths and napkins, allows for a wider variety of choices at a lower cost. This includes color, as well as fabric options. One option for busy event planners is Permalux. The Permalux line includes tablecloths, napkins and placemats. This durable, cotton blend momie weave fabric is not only wrinkle resistant; it holds color through multiple uses. Use after use, these linens allow any dining event to be hosted in style. Colors range from more neutral colors like white and ivory to bright shades of gold and flag red. Tablecloths are available in a variety of sizes and lengths to meet specific individual or business needs. Napkins can be purchased in matching or contrasting colors. Matching Permalux placemats are also available.


Wholesale products are available for both private sector industries and large public institutions. The advantage of purchasing wholesale is that quality does not have to be sacrificed for quantity. Event planners and dining establishment managers have high demands when it comes to table linens because they are the canvas on which they place their product. If the canvas is wrinkled and faded, it distracts from products. By purchasing high quality tablecloths and linens like Permalux at the wholesale price, the best of both worlds can be achieved.

Whether an event has fifty guests or fifteen hundred, purchasing wholesale tablecloths and napkins is an excellent way to save resources while still presenting the very best. High quality table linens that are bright and wrinkle free will make guests feel comfortable and ready to enjoy their meal in style. The wholesale, bulk affordability will leave the host with the confidence to focus on more important aspects of the event such as ensuring that their guests are treated in a way that makes them want to return again and again.

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, August 25, 2013
They are perhaps not the first thing to pop into your head when you consider the decor of your bathroom, but plastic shower curtain hooks can be more than just functional - they can be quite fashionable too. Today shower hooks come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs that you can tailor fit them to any bathroom decorative scheme imaginable. The sheer variation can make these plastic shower curtain hooks an attractive option over their metal counterparts, and the advantages go well beyond that.

1. They are simple to install. 
The plastic material lends itself well to shower hooks and rings. You can easily bend them or spread them apart to make attachment to curtains and curtain rods a breeze.

2. They slide easily. 
Pulling your curtain open and closed with plastic hooks is a dream. The plastic moves so smoothly across curtain rods without effort, and without making those annoyingly loud noises that metal hooks can make. For many this noise is akin to fingernails on a chalkboard.

3. They can be quite durable. 
The plastic will seldom deform, bend out of shape, or shatter under normal circumstances. Metal or ceramic shower curtain hooks tend to be much more prone to damage.

4. They stay in place. 
Most of the plastic curtain hooks have some sort of locking mechanism, whereas their metal counterparts are simply just a hook. It can be quite annoying when you go to close your curtain as you step into the shower only to have the hooks fall from the rod and clang against the tub. Plus, take it from me; stepping on those metal hooks in bare feet is no fun at all.

5. They are corrosion resistant. 
You won't need to worry about these hooks rusting and staining your curtains or shower. Nothing is worse than oxidation and rust stains coming from your shower curtain hooks, of all places.

6. They are affordable. 
Possibly one of the best benefits of choosing plastic for your shower curtain hooks is the financial advantage over hooks of alternate materials. Not only are the plastic hooks cheaper on average, but are also significantly lighter, which lends itself to lower shipping fees if you prefer to do your shopping online. Gone are the days of shower curtain ring salesmen like Dell Griffith (played by John Candy) in the film 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles'. The amount of available choices literally at your fingertips online makes shopping with your computer one of the best ways to find the exact shower curtain ring you need to pull your bathroom decor together.

When you decide that you want to renovate or redecorate your bathroom, don't overlook the lowly shower curtain hook. It is not just a means of functionality, as it can really tie into every other aspect of your bathroom and say a little something about your personality while doing it. So, make sure to put some thought into your shower curtain hooks and chose plastic when you do!

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, August 23, 2013
Few people would dream of heading to bed without a comfortable pillow. Even when traveling away from home, a pillow is an iconic reminder of comfort and relaxation. Pillows have had a long history and span many cultures, but they haven’t always been soft. Hard wooden pillows have even been found in the tombs of mummies. While those may be easy to clean, they can’t be very comfortable!


Over the ages, pillows have been filled with many materials such as straw and buckwheat. These materials could be easily be replaced and refilled but are not nearly as high quality as modern stuffing such as cotton, feathers or polyester filling. These more modern materials are not as easily replaced, and frequent washing can wear down pillows especially in situations that require frequent laundering such as a hotel, hospital, or school. A pillowcase is the best solution for pillow hygiene in multi-user situations. Special hypoallergenic pillow protectors often have a zippered closure to fully encase and protect the pillow.

When ordering pillowcases in bulk, they are standardized in accordance to bed sizes and often come in three common sizes. A standard pillowcase is 20 inches by 26 inches (51 cm × 66 cm). Queen sized pillowcases are 20 inches by 30 inches (51 cm × 76 cm). King sized pillows require a pillowcase measuring 20 inches by 36 inches (51 cm × 91 cm). 

Pillowcases also have a couple different styles of opening. The most common is the bag style which is sewn on three sides and open on a short side to allow the pillow to be put in and out. This is a good feature in situations where pillowcases are frequently changed and many pillowcases are on hand. Some pillows are sewn along all four sides and instead have a slit down the back to remove the pillow. These are often decorative pillowcases and are not meant for sleeping. Decorative pillowcases and shams can be an easy way to change decor and dress up a space, but the classic white pillowcase is more versatile. White pillowcases are easily bleached and reassuring clean. When there is a need for bulk pillowcases, white is easy to mix and match and can put visitors and guests at ease, as it is visually hygienic.

Some people find cotton pillowcases to be the most comfortable as they absorb sweat; however, cotton can wrinkle considerably in the wash. Satin pillowcases are useful for keeping hair in place and not waking up with bed head. Other fabrics frequently used for pillowcases include cotton-poly and microfiber fabrics. If bulk pillowcases are needed a fabric such as microfiber is easily washed, less apt to wrinkle and still soft to the touch. No matter what style, size or fabric a pillowcase is made off, it still spans time and culture as a creature comfort and requirement for restful sleep.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, August 16, 2013
Running a hospitality or service business covers a whole host of tiny details. There’s the food, customer service, lodgings, and of course the issue of bedding. When putting together your system of bedding, it is important to consider mattress pads, which provide both protection and comfort. And when shopping for mattress pads, of course you will want the very best.

Quilted mattress pads are the perfect solution, as they are thick enough to have an impact, but still sleek enough to blend in with the other bedding. Consider this simple option when planning your bedding system, as well as some of the many benefits of ordering from a trusted vendor.

Cleanliness is a major concern for many in the hospitality industry, and for good reason. There is plenty of evidence to support the fact that customers are more likely to give return business to establishments where they feel they are given a clean, crisp space, and return business is an excellent way to keep seeing a return on your dollar. As such, mattress covers are an ideal way to ensure your business is offering guests exactly what they are looking for. Not only do the covers protect the mattresses from spills or dirt, keeping them in pristine condition, but they also provide that extra layer of removal from the actual mattress.

Beyond cleanliness, comfort is key when it comes to mattresses, is it not? Mattress covers are a perfect way to create that extra bit of comfort. Particularly when choosing a quilted mattress pad, your beds with have all the more cushion and plumpness to them, making for an excellent night’s sleep. It is a difference that can certainly be felt, and going without a mattress pad can mean added discomfort and stiffness. Not exactly the sort of stuff a good night’s rest is built on.

Of course, cleanliness and comfort are all well and good, but can be useless if you are not getting a good value. With Palmetto Linen, this isn’t a concern. You can rest assured these products are high value, where quality quilted mattress pads are offered at reasonable prices, giving you the most bang for your buck. This is true no matter the order size you need, so you can customize your order based on your own personal business needs. Orders are handled professionally and efficiently, so all you have to worry about is picking the mattress pad product that suits your needs.

Sorting out supplies in the hospitality and service industries should not have to be a hassle, especially when people’s comfort is at stake. Investing in a quilted mattress pad to include in your bedding gives your clients the ultimate in cleanliness, comfort and quality, and buying from a reputable vendor means your ordering process is completely stress free. Best of all, the order comes directly to your doorstep, making the process a total breeze. Browse selections today, and be one step closer to setting your clients up in style and comfort.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, August 8, 2013
Spa rugs can be a perfect accent for your bathroom. They can create a soft subtle atmosphere in the room, or they can even liven up the space with the burst of color. Best of all, they are quite affordable and can help you in varying the appearance of your bathroom within your budget. In fact, you can even decorate your bathroom for holidays, or seasonally transform it depending upon the bath rug you place in there.

From more beautiful and unique bathroom rugs, to the traditional styles that come in as a package to complete your bathroom, there are thousands of choices when it comes to bathroom rugs. Most of the bathrooms have either a tile or linoleum flooring that looks really good and is easily maintained, but can be too cold for the feet. Spa bath rugs can not only let you show off your bathroom flooring, but can also add warmth and décor for your feet. 

Most bathroom floors tend to have lots of water splashed on them, which can make them slippery. Spa bath rugs can give you a comfortable place to stand when you step out of the shower or tub and also provide you a safe spot where you won’t slip. All those who live in apartments or those who care for and maintain smaller motels, short-term overnighters B&B's, Spas, etc. can also use these rugs to decorate or remodel their bathrooms. These rugs are best for adding variety or color to any room. You can buy them in different pattern designs and colors to give a new fresh look to a bathroom. 

In fact, a high quality bath rug can turn your bathroom area into a luxurious spa. Imagine that stylish plush rug in a rich jewel color. The right spa rug can also make your bathroom a fun place for your kids. How about the Spiderman or Muppets on your floor? Add some matching toothbrushes, a shower curtain, and you won’t ever fight with your kids to get cleaned up and brush their teeth.

The number of bath rugs in a bathroom may vary, depending upon the size of bathroom. If you have a large bathroom with abundant floor space, you can use large spa bath rug sets. You might also want to buy towels and other decorative accessories that can coordinate with the bath rug set. On the other hand, if you have a small bathroom, or if its floor plan presents a decorative challenge, the best option is to buy individual bath rugs that can fit your decorating requirements. 

The choice of texture of bath rugs is a personal choice, but you should consider the amount of traffic that the rugs will be exposed to. In a frequently used space, the ease of care and color would be the main factors in choosing the rugs for your bathroom. With a luxuriously soft rug, your bathroom can give a spa like feeling you’ll love. A sunshine yellow, bright orange, or lime green bath rug can be the perfect accent piece to brighten up a boring and dull bathroom. Regal colors or neutral tones such as dark purple or crimson can add to a guest bath or master bath. 

Although bath rugs are decorative, their placement determines their functionality. You would want to place a non-slip rug besides your shower or tub and a soft, warm rug at your sink. The rugs you want to place in your bathroom do not have to be exactly the same nor do they have to be purchased as a set. You can mix patterned rugs with solid colored rugs to enhance décor of your bathroom.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Stall fabric shower curtains are basically used to stop water from splashing all over in a bathroom with  a stall shower. A chemically treated fabric is used in this type of curtains to make them more functional and durable, as well as resistant to the mold and mildew. Aside from their utility, fabric shower curtains are great for adding an elegant touch and appeal to your bathroom without spending too many dollars.

If you prefer shower curtains in silk, cotton, wool, or linen, the best option is to opt for designer shower curtains that can be purchased in wide range of styles, colors, and designs. They can be hung to add a new, fresh look to a bathroom, or to make a change for some special occasion. Choosing this designer item also allows you to perfectly match it with other bathroom items, such as window curtains, towels, floor mats, bathrobes, or even your wastebaskets. Even though the fabric of most shower curtains is treated with a water repellent solution, if the curtain is made of a specialty fabric, you should probably hang it with a curtain liner to protect it from the direct sprays. This also prolongs the life of these shower curtains. 

A stall shower fabric curtain can have a big impact on the looks of your stall shower, in fact, on the appearance of your entire bathroom. Therefore, you should consider including fabric shower curtains when planning your bathroom design. The pattern and color possibilities are endless and your designs are only limited by your imagination. The final look will depend upon your ability to mix and match colors, but if you don’t have expertise in this aspect, you can ev
en consult with an interior designer.

If you feel that your bathroom design theme requires a unique and specifically designed curtain, you can choose from among hundreds of ultramodern designs of shower curtains. There are numerous designs that can help you in adding a personal touch on your shower area. In fact, many sellers offer limited edition versions that can make your purchase truly unique. Many manufactures offer a wide range of packages that also include several accessories along with the curtain. This will make matching more convenient. By adding few accessories, such as lotion pump or a towel rack, you can easily enhance the looks of your bathroom. 

Shower curtains made using vinyl are much cheaper than fabric shower curtains. But, vinyl is polyvinyl chloride plastic or PVC. One of their ingredients is a chemical compound known as DEHP, which is a phthalate that can cause cancer. It also causes hormonal disruptions to all those who are exposed to it for a very long time. Many studies have also indicated that vinyl curtains also raise the toxicity level in the air of your bathroom for about 30 days. Therefore, it is best to pay more for better health. 

Fabric shower curtains vary in color, size, and pattern. Usually, these curtains are available in 72" x 72" dimensions for a bath/shower combination, but stall fabric shower curtains usually measure 54” x 78”.  If your have a bigger shower area, then extra wide or long curtains are also available on the market.

by: Palmetto Linen