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Saturday, August 31, 2013
Small and mid sizes businesses that are too small to order huge lots of bed linens from a mill can still take advantage of wholesale prices by utilizing manufacturer distributors. This option allows businesses to provide the best possible comfort for their customers at a discounted rate to the company. Whether someone is laying their head down to rest at the end of day of relaxed vacationing at a local bed and breakfast or enjoying a day at the spa, a comfortable pillow is sure to make the experience a better one.


Palmetto Linen Distributors offers several different types of bulk pillows so businesses can find the right fit for their customers. The Bioshield EcoSmart Down Alternative Pillow is an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic pillow that is ideal for businesses that want to appeal to customers that are ecologically savvy. The fiber in each pillow is equivalent to 14 plastic bottles. The specially designed, USDA approved Bioshield Antimicrobial Treatment provides permanent protection from multiple allergens including mold, mildew, bacteria, yeast and algae. This technology is essential for businesses that provide services for guests with special medical needs. Not only does the EcoSmart Microfiber Cluster filling save plastic bottles from being dumped in landfills, it actually reinvigorates with every single washing and drying cycles it undergoes! This state of the art pillow retains its shape even after 50 washes. Any customer is sure to feel rested and good about their part in helping the environment after a night on the Bioshield EcoSmart Down Alternative Pillow. It is available in standard, queen and king sizes.

Palmetto also provides luxurious bulk pillow options that are not quite as highly technological as the EcoSmart but are still guaranteed to leave customers rested and satisfied. The Down Alternative Luxury Hotel Pillow is found in luxury hotels across the country. Its T-250 microfiber cover is designed to ensure maximum comfort for guests no matter what type of pillow they prefer. It comes in a standard size. Another even more affordable option is the Gold Choice Hospitality Pillow. This firm pillow is filled with durable, long lasting, virgin spiral silicone fiber. It is designed to endure multiple machine washes while still maintaining firmness. The Gold Choice Hospitality Pillow meets the required 22-ounce fill weight specification expected by hotel franchises. It is available in standard, queen and king sizes.

Pillow Protectors are also available for bulk pillows. Protectors add an extra layer between a pillow and the guest to protect not only the pillow, but also the guest from harmful dust mites and allergens like mold and bacteria. Pillow covers are made of many different fabrics and linen like materials depending on the specific purpose. Bed bug prevention, waterproofing and spill protection, and stain prevention are a few of the reasons to use pillow protectors to prolong your business bedding. They are easy to remove for washing and help to keep pillows stain and moisture free

No matter what bulk pillow needs a small or mid size business may have, Palmetto Linen Distributors has the options and products to ensure every customer leaves the bed rested and refreshed.

by: Palmetto Linen