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Sunday, August 25, 2013
They are perhaps not the first thing to pop into your head when you consider the decor of your bathroom, but plastic shower curtain hooks can be more than just functional - they can be quite fashionable too. Today shower hooks come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs that you can tailor fit them to any bathroom decorative scheme imaginable. The sheer variation can make these plastic shower curtain hooks an attractive option over their metal counterparts, and the advantages go well beyond that.

1. They are simple to install. 
The plastic material lends itself well to shower hooks and rings. You can easily bend them or spread them apart to make attachment to curtains and curtain rods a breeze.

2. They slide easily. 
Pulling your curtain open and closed with plastic hooks is a dream. The plastic moves so smoothly across curtain rods without effort, and without making those annoyingly loud noises that metal hooks can make. For many this noise is akin to fingernails on a chalkboard.

3. They can be quite durable. 
The plastic will seldom deform, bend out of shape, or shatter under normal circumstances. Metal or ceramic shower curtain hooks tend to be much more prone to damage.

4. They stay in place. 
Most of the plastic curtain hooks have some sort of locking mechanism, whereas their metal counterparts are simply just a hook. It can be quite annoying when you go to close your curtain as you step into the shower only to have the hooks fall from the rod and clang against the tub. Plus, take it from me; stepping on those metal hooks in bare feet is no fun at all.

5. They are corrosion resistant. 
You won't need to worry about these hooks rusting and staining your curtains or shower. Nothing is worse than oxidation and rust stains coming from your shower curtain hooks, of all places.

6. They are affordable. 
Possibly one of the best benefits of choosing plastic for your shower curtain hooks is the financial advantage over hooks of alternate materials. Not only are the plastic hooks cheaper on average, but are also significantly lighter, which lends itself to lower shipping fees if you prefer to do your shopping online. Gone are the days of shower curtain ring salesmen like Dell Griffith (played by John Candy) in the film 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles'. The amount of available choices literally at your fingertips online makes shopping with your computer one of the best ways to find the exact shower curtain ring you need to pull your bathroom decor together.

When you decide that you want to renovate or redecorate your bathroom, don't overlook the lowly shower curtain hook. It is not just a means of functionality, as it can really tie into every other aspect of your bathroom and say a little something about your personality while doing it. So, make sure to put some thought into your shower curtain hooks and chose plastic when you do!

by: Palmetto Linen