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Thursday, August 8, 2013
Spa rugs can be a perfect accent for your bathroom. They can create a soft subtle atmosphere in the room, or they can even liven up the space with the burst of color. Best of all, they are quite affordable and can help you in varying the appearance of your bathroom within your budget. In fact, you can even decorate your bathroom for holidays, or seasonally transform it depending upon the bath rug you place in there.

From more beautiful and unique bathroom rugs, to the traditional styles that come in as a package to complete your bathroom, there are thousands of choices when it comes to bathroom rugs. Most of the bathrooms have either a tile or linoleum flooring that looks really good and is easily maintained, but can be too cold for the feet. Spa bath rugs can not only let you show off your bathroom flooring, but can also add warmth and décor for your feet. 

Most bathroom floors tend to have lots of water splashed on them, which can make them slippery. Spa bath rugs can give you a comfortable place to stand when you step out of the shower or tub and also provide you a safe spot where you won’t slip. All those who live in apartments or those who care for and maintain smaller motels, short-term overnighters B&B's, Spas, etc. can also use these rugs to decorate or remodel their bathrooms. These rugs are best for adding variety or color to any room. You can buy them in different pattern designs and colors to give a new fresh look to a bathroom. 

In fact, a high quality bath rug can turn your bathroom area into a luxurious spa. Imagine that stylish plush rug in a rich jewel color. The right spa rug can also make your bathroom a fun place for your kids. How about the Spiderman or Muppets on your floor? Add some matching toothbrushes, a shower curtain, and you won’t ever fight with your kids to get cleaned up and brush their teeth.

The number of bath rugs in a bathroom may vary, depending upon the size of bathroom. If you have a large bathroom with abundant floor space, you can use large spa bath rug sets. You might also want to buy towels and other decorative accessories that can coordinate with the bath rug set. On the other hand, if you have a small bathroom, or if its floor plan presents a decorative challenge, the best option is to buy individual bath rugs that can fit your decorating requirements. 

The choice of texture of bath rugs is a personal choice, but you should consider the amount of traffic that the rugs will be exposed to. In a frequently used space, the ease of care and color would be the main factors in choosing the rugs for your bathroom. With a luxuriously soft rug, your bathroom can give a spa like feeling you’ll love. A sunshine yellow, bright orange, or lime green bath rug can be the perfect accent piece to brighten up a boring and dull bathroom. Regal colors or neutral tones such as dark purple or crimson can add to a guest bath or master bath. 

Although bath rugs are decorative, their placement determines their functionality. You would want to place a non-slip rug besides your shower or tub and a soft, warm rug at your sink. The rugs you want to place in your bathroom do not have to be exactly the same nor do they have to be purchased as a set. You can mix patterned rugs with solid colored rugs to enhance décor of your bathroom.

by: Palmetto Linen