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Friday, September 27, 2013
When it's time to find a wholesale distributor, it's important that a business understands what it is they are looking for. If one is a beginner in the eCommerce world and wants to find the right distributor to purchase wholesale sheets from, check out these tips to finding a wholesale sheet distributor for a growing small business.

It's all about understanding the company's industries distribution channel. Which means that one must know that there are many companies who are capable of supplying a business with quality sheets. Not all wholesalers are created equal, so having an idea on who will fit the supply chain will help a company make a educated decision.

Many small companies can't afford to buy through manufacturers making wholesalers much more appealing. Manufacturers are more for companies that are selling branded sheets , rather than non branded sheets. Smaller companies tend to find it more beneficial to go through an established distribution channel

When shopping for the right distributor, it's important to have a top 5 list of potential distributors worth working with. Call and ask about minimum order requirements, as well as their wholesale unit prices. It's all about getting the best response, which means it's imperative that a company is honest about their needs.

Another thing a company can do when looking for a distributor to buy wholesale sheets through is to search the internet. The internet has made shopping for distributors ten times easier, and much more productive. Businesses can get access to emails, numbers and addresses of potential companies giving companies more options and a better contact list.

Auction sites have always been a great place to find companies who sell sheets at wholesale prices. Auction sites caters to the smaller wholesaler but it still allows companies to connect with potential clients who can fill their small orders. Auction sites might be more suitable for small businesses who aren't interested in the high priced wholesale companies who are more interested in catering to the bigger businesses.

It has been said that getting referrals to great wholesale distributors is a great way to find the best wholesalers. But in actuality many retailers aren't going to share their supplier with their competition. So grabbing strong referrals means being patient and building relationships.Companies can build industry relationships that will eventually lead to insider tips on which wholesalers are the best.

Attempt to participate in forums, subscribe to industry newsletters and work to build a professional network. All of these steps will help with finding a wholesaler who has the ability to sell quality sheets to small businesses.

As a small business, it's important to be ready to make mistakes. Mistakes will allow for better business decisions in the future. It allows one to improve their bottom line by working with different wholesale suppliers. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
While a nice linoleum, vinyl or ceramic tile kitchen floor is usually beautiful and easy to clean, it can also be very dangerous. Unseen spills will make an already smooth linoleum floor too slick to safely walk on. Kitchen rugs are a common solution to this problem, but dust and liquids can seep underneath of normal rugs. This can cause a person to skid dangerously across the floor when they are stepped on. The advent of non skid kitchen rugs has solved this problem. They don’t stop there, though. These rugs are improving kitchens and other areas where the combination of slick floors and the possibility of puddles might exist in a number of ways.


The primary and most important function of non skid kitchen rugs is safety. Their skid-proof latex backings prevent people from slipping in what would have been dangerous kitchen falls. The rubber is liquid-proof, so there should be no concern about slipping.


In addition to adding safety to the kitchen, non skid rugs add a little style. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be obtained in any color that accentuates the style of the kitchen that they inhabit. They are also more comfortable than all plastic mats. Like any other rug, they are available in any material. Walking into the kitchen and stepping on a plush non skid kitchen rug will be a welcoming comfort for anyone.


A cheap kitchen mat leaves the rubber that is supposed to prevent skidding exposed. This causes it to quickly wear down. A non skid kitchen rug, on the other hand, is made to be stepped on, so an owner can be certain that their rug will last a very long time.

Easy to clean

Unlike kitchen floors, which require rigorous scrubbing to clean, non skid rugs can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Most non skid rugs are machine washable, so if there are any stains that cannot be hand scrubbed out of a rug, the owner can simply place it in the washing machine to be cleaned.


Despite their name, non skid kitchen rugs are not only useful in the kitchen. Because they are rugs and not mats, they can be used as small area rugs in rooms with wooden or stone floors without compromising interior designs. They offer the same combination of style and safety in these rooms that they do in the kitchen. They also work well in the bathroom where the floors are often made of the same slick material as in the kitchen. Due to the fact that bathroom floors are more likely to get wet, it might be more important to invest in a non skid kitchen rug for the bathroom than for the kitchen. They also do well as welcome mats for enclosed porches; their non skid properties are equally useful there.

Regardless of where someone needs to reduce the slipperiness of a floor surface, a non-skid kitchen rug is the perfect solution to enhance the safety, style and comfort of a room.   

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, September 19, 2013
Every business tries to get the best prices possible when it comes to purchasing supplies. Not every business has the necessary size to go straight to the manufacturer to cut out an extra step of the pricing. For small to medium sized businesses, there are wholesalers out there that can offer the next best level of pricing. Smaller restaurants, bed and breakfasts and hospitality businesses often purchase wholesale cookware in order to save on the cost of their business, for instance. Better to go that route than buy everything straight retail as it saves a considerable amount of money.

Some people might wonder why they should go through a cookware wholesaler rather than just go to a store. The answer is it can depend on the situation the business. If a new restaurant or hotel is looking to get just enough for a small time operation and will not need a lot of supplies, then a retailer will suit their needs. If they are looking to fill a large order for a variety of items ranging from pots and pans to plates, then a wholesaler would be better. Volume of need is not the only determining factor for where to buy cookware.

Quality and what supplies a restaurant or hospitality business needs, can also lead a business to a wholesaler. Filling out the supplies necessary for a business can be expensive no matter how much one needs. Restaurants tend to be some of the most expensive new businesses to get off the ground, for instance. To be able to save money from the get go can help the business to last longer. A company that specializes in wholesale cookware can offer an excellent opportunity for a new cooking business to be able to increase their odds of working out. After all, proper capitalization is paramount for everyone and especially restaurants.

Any company should take the time to find the best available option for buying supplies. When it comes to larger items, such as ovens and other appliances then a restaurant can buy used with little concern. Something a bit more personal like cookware is a little different. An owner does not know how long oil or a sauce could have been sitting in the pots and pans they just purchased from a failed business. Making sure a food based business comes in with clean and pristine plates can help set the tempo moving forward. Find a wholesale cookware vendor that has what the business needs and cultivate a strong relationship with them. They will take care of your business moving forward.  

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, September 15, 2013
There is nothing that creates an atmosphere of elegance at the dining table more than a crisply ironed and folded linen napkin, whether you are at home or dining out. Of course large, upscale restaurants use linen napkins, but other smaller establishments can benefit by setting their tables with linen napkins also. Places such as bed and breakfasts, retirement home dining rooms, and overnight stay charitable venues such as Ronald McDonald House and others, can improve their client's dining experience by using linen napkins in their table settings. However, many of these small businesses do not require enough volume to warrant ordering directly from suppliers. This is where purchasing linen napkins wholesale makes sense. Other types of business that might benefit by ordering wholesale linen napkins might include small independent motels, spas, salons, and caterers.

One such supplier of linen napkins wholesale is Palmetto Linen Distributors. This company offers a Permalux, cotton blend fabric napkin that is a blend of cotton and polyester fibers. As such, it is wrinkle free and resists stains. The size offered is 20 inches by 20 inches which is perfect to cover the diner's lap. Smaller establishments can purchase carton packs of 72 linen napkins wholesale from this company, with free shipping included if shipped to sites within the Continental United States. These wholesale linen napkins can be purchased as the traditional white napkin, or in several different colors including a deep burgundy red, an off white called "French-Vanilla," a sea-foam green, a dark hunter green, as well as sandalwood and black. The company also offers placemats and tablecloths in the Permalux fabric. Placemats are also available in a faux leather finish. Kitchen linens such as dishcloths, dish towels, and pot holders can also be ordered wholesale in smaller volumes through this company.

Think how pleased your customers will be when they sit down to a place setting that includes these luxurious linen napkins. You can embellish your place setting with fancy folded napkins, accordion pleated and placed in the water or wine glass, or placed on the plate as a silverware pouch, a silverware roll up, or a napkin ring fan, among other basic napkin folding designs.

If you are a small business in the food service industry, and you do not require large volumes of tableware, you should consider purchasing linen napkin wholesale in smaller volumes that will meet the needs of your business.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, September 13, 2013
Purchasing quality round tablecloths wholesale has never been easier. Palmetto Linen is a wholesale distributor for many companies in the hospitality industry and specializes in providing them for small to mid-size businesses who are not large enough to order direct from manufacturers. Palmetto Linens Distributors already supplies many great companies nation-wide and is looking to expand that customer base with the promise of accurate ordering and fast shipping.

Many cultures throughout history have used tablecloths to display prosperity among their people and this is no different in modern America. The hospitality industry caters to every comfort and need of its customers, which includes providing a warm atmosphere that will soothe customers and allow them to relax in their environment. This provides an overall greater experience in the business and helps make customers happy. The way a restaurant or a special event looks means a lot to potential customers, and professionals in this industry should always consider this when purchasing new decor. One should consider using tablecloths in conjunction with other beautiful table decor, such as napkins, and placemats.

Professional caterers and restaurants need high quality tablecloths to keep up with the abuse and wear that customers may put on them with food spillage and the constant need for washing. The round tablecloths at wholesale, available from Palmetto Linen, are made of PermaLux Cotton. This material is a cotton/polyester blend that is soft, durable, wrinkle resistant, colorfast, and beautifully woven to provide everything these businesses need.

These tablecloths are available in many different colors, including White, Black, French Vanilla, Ivory, and Sandalwood. These color options allow for the perfect matching of a general decor, or that of a specific catering event. When purchasing these items, the website displays the exact colors, so a customer always knows exactly what they are purchasing. These tablecloths are available in 4 different sizes, ranging from 72" to 132", which covers most standard table sizes and means they will fit snugly.

The tablecloths come in high quality and high quantity at great prices, so that there is no need for a decision when it comes to the matter. Sold in bulk and shipped by the case, which allows for wholesale pricing and fast shipping, the tablecloths are an amazing bang for the buck. To offer an even better deal, Palmetto Linen Distributors have free shipping on all orders within the contiguous United States.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Saving money qualifies as a fantastic reason to consider a company who can provide wholesale linens, but there are additional benefits as well. Some of these benefits may not save dollars on an invoice. Instead these companies save time and effort as well as allowing business owners to focus on taking care of their customers instead of dealing with logistical matters. Three ways a linens wholesaler can also help includes providing market expertise on the linen's market, dealing with shipping and receiving difficulties, and handling quality problems.

Perhaps the benefits that impacts small and mid-sized companies most is the access to market expertise about the linens. The linen company deals with linen products and suppliers daily. The constant interaction in their field means that these companies learn information that can be hugely beneficial. Some of these things might include information on product recalls or quality issues, new products scheduled to hit the market, competitive information on other businesses in the area, and numerous other bits and pieces of information. Large companies who deal with suppliers regularly get this information, but what about the smaller companies? By using a company to purchase wholesale linens through, small and mid-sized companies can get most of this information as well as more localized versions of the same from the linen company. It's like hiring a full-time linen purchaser without all of the overhead.

Another benefit comes from shifting the shipping and receiving difficulties to the linen company's shoulders. A shipment lost in the mail or delayed? For small and mid-sized companies trying to buy directly, this prompts scrambling to find a replacement item. For companies using a linen wholesaler, the problem typically gets handled by the wholesaler who calls to inform their customer either that there will be a delay or that they can provide a similar but different product. Instead of just having a headache which must be solved, the wholesaler becomes a partner identifying problems and offering solutions.

While there are other benefits, the last one mentioned today will be dealing with quality problems. Often a larger problem than a shipping issue, few things can be as frustrating as realizing the new product is not up to quality standards. For the small and mid-sized business, this can create a housekeeping dilemma. For the wholesale company customer, a phone call or email can get people working on the problem to provide new linens quickly and ensure the manufacture defect issue is resolved, all while allowing the small to mid-sized company to focus on daily business.

Partnering with a wholesale linen provider can save money on the cost of the individual items, but can also save additional time and headaches. This additional benefit should not be overlooked. In fact, companies should strongly consider exploring these benefits more. Quite possibly there are additional areas of business which can be handled more cost-effectively, better, faster, or a combination of these three by the wholesaler. That's more than just a cost savings. That's good business.            

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, September 8, 2013
A massage table is the one place where a customer requires comfort. The person will be laying there and needs to be as comfortable as possible for that duration, and luxurious massage linens can only add to that person’s comfort. Soft Touch luxury spa fitted sheets can be the solution to that problem. They fit a 74”x32” massage table with 6” deep pockets. Its elastic band is sewn into the sheet, allowing for durability and a snug fit around the table. This makes for a sheet that will stay on the table while adding to a comfortable experience.

Microfiber massage linens also differ from traditional cotton sheets in that they are not graded by thread count but gram weight; the sheets have a rating of 125GSM. This is because the sheets have been manufactured using quality microfiber; this is ultra-fine polyester yarn that is 1/20th the diameter of a silk strand that makes an ideal substitute for cotton when durability, softness and price are of equal import. They are finished with a brushing process which makes it even softer and allows it to breath. This process makes these sheets far softer than an equivalent high-thread all-cotton sheet and will dry 30% faster.

Massage sheets can add immeasurably to the experience. As the massage bed itself can stick to the person with even the slightest perspiration and that they tend to sometimes be a little colder than the surrounding environment, it tends to be a little uncomfortable for the person on the bed after a little while, especially for a long massage. The massage sheet not only allows for a layer of insulation between the person and the bed, but also keeps the person from sticking to the bed during the session.

There is also the matter of hygiene. Although it is easy to wipe down the bed itself with a towel and a bottle of disinfectant, the sheet allows for catching any skin flakes and hair that come off of the person. It also provides an extra level of cleanliness to the appearance of the massage parlor. Using a sheet can add to the look of professionalism of the massage area, or even for individual contractors.

However, this may lead to a necessary compromise: Clients like the look of the massage beds without sheets even as they like the sheets being on when they receive the actual massage. As such the masseuse may wish to keep a stack of sheets nearby to place on the bed for clients while they are undressing. This helps keep up professional appearances and hygiene for the masseuse.

To avoid static cling and minimize wrinkling, it is advised that you dry the sheet with a dryer sheet. Dry cleaning is usually unnecessary, and should not be considered as the sheets require gentle care. With proper maintenance the sheets can last a long time.

by: Palmetto Linen