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Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Saving money qualifies as a fantastic reason to consider a company who can provide wholesale linens, but there are additional benefits as well. Some of these benefits may not save dollars on an invoice. Instead these companies save time and effort as well as allowing business owners to focus on taking care of their customers instead of dealing with logistical matters. Three ways a linens wholesaler can also help includes providing market expertise on the linen's market, dealing with shipping and receiving difficulties, and handling quality problems.

Perhaps the benefits that impacts small and mid-sized companies most is the access to market expertise about the linens. The linen company deals with linen products and suppliers daily. The constant interaction in their field means that these companies learn information that can be hugely beneficial. Some of these things might include information on product recalls or quality issues, new products scheduled to hit the market, competitive information on other businesses in the area, and numerous other bits and pieces of information. Large companies who deal with suppliers regularly get this information, but what about the smaller companies? By using a company to purchase wholesale linens through, small and mid-sized companies can get most of this information as well as more localized versions of the same from the linen company. It's like hiring a full-time linen purchaser without all of the overhead.

Another benefit comes from shifting the shipping and receiving difficulties to the linen company's shoulders. A shipment lost in the mail or delayed? For small and mid-sized companies trying to buy directly, this prompts scrambling to find a replacement item. For companies using a linen wholesaler, the problem typically gets handled by the wholesaler who calls to inform their customer either that there will be a delay or that they can provide a similar but different product. Instead of just having a headache which must be solved, the wholesaler becomes a partner identifying problems and offering solutions.

While there are other benefits, the last one mentioned today will be dealing with quality problems. Often a larger problem than a shipping issue, few things can be as frustrating as realizing the new product is not up to quality standards. For the small and mid-sized business, this can create a housekeeping dilemma. For the wholesale company customer, a phone call or email can get people working on the problem to provide new linens quickly and ensure the manufacture defect issue is resolved, all while allowing the small to mid-sized company to focus on daily business.

Partnering with a wholesale linen provider can save money on the cost of the individual items, but can also save additional time and headaches. This additional benefit should not be overlooked. In fact, companies should strongly consider exploring these benefits more. Quite possibly there are additional areas of business which can be handled more cost-effectively, better, faster, or a combination of these three by the wholesaler. That's more than just a cost savings. That's good business.            

by: Palmetto Linen