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Sunday, September 8, 2013
A massage table is the one place where a customer requires comfort. The person will be laying there and needs to be as comfortable as possible for that duration, and luxurious massage linens can only add to that person’s comfort. Soft Touch luxury spa fitted sheets can be the solution to that problem. They fit a 74”x32” massage table with 6” deep pockets. Its elastic band is sewn into the sheet, allowing for durability and a snug fit around the table. This makes for a sheet that will stay on the table while adding to a comfortable experience.

Microfiber massage linens also differ from traditional cotton sheets in that they are not graded by thread count but gram weight; the sheets have a rating of 125GSM. This is because the sheets have been manufactured using quality microfiber; this is ultra-fine polyester yarn that is 1/20th the diameter of a silk strand that makes an ideal substitute for cotton when durability, softness and price are of equal import. They are finished with a brushing process which makes it even softer and allows it to breath. This process makes these sheets far softer than an equivalent high-thread all-cotton sheet and will dry 30% faster.

Massage sheets can add immeasurably to the experience. As the massage bed itself can stick to the person with even the slightest perspiration and that they tend to sometimes be a little colder than the surrounding environment, it tends to be a little uncomfortable for the person on the bed after a little while, especially for a long massage. The massage sheet not only allows for a layer of insulation between the person and the bed, but also keeps the person from sticking to the bed during the session.

There is also the matter of hygiene. Although it is easy to wipe down the bed itself with a towel and a bottle of disinfectant, the sheet allows for catching any skin flakes and hair that come off of the person. It also provides an extra level of cleanliness to the appearance of the massage parlor. Using a sheet can add to the look of professionalism of the massage area, or even for individual contractors.

However, this may lead to a necessary compromise: Clients like the look of the massage beds without sheets even as they like the sheets being on when they receive the actual massage. As such the masseuse may wish to keep a stack of sheets nearby to place on the bed for clients while they are undressing. This helps keep up professional appearances and hygiene for the masseuse.

To avoid static cling and minimize wrinkling, it is advised that you dry the sheet with a dryer sheet. Dry cleaning is usually unnecessary, and should not be considered as the sheets require gentle care. With proper maintenance the sheets can last a long time.

by: Palmetto Linen