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Friday, September 13, 2013
Purchasing quality round tablecloths wholesale has never been easier. Palmetto Linen is a wholesale distributor for many companies in the hospitality industry and specializes in providing them for small to mid-size businesses who are not large enough to order direct from manufacturers. Palmetto Linens Distributors already supplies many great companies nation-wide and is looking to expand that customer base with the promise of accurate ordering and fast shipping.

Many cultures throughout history have used tablecloths to display prosperity among their people and this is no different in modern America. The hospitality industry caters to every comfort and need of its customers, which includes providing a warm atmosphere that will soothe customers and allow them to relax in their environment. This provides an overall greater experience in the business and helps make customers happy. The way a restaurant or a special event looks means a lot to potential customers, and professionals in this industry should always consider this when purchasing new decor. One should consider using tablecloths in conjunction with other beautiful table decor, such as napkins, and placemats.

Professional caterers and restaurants need high quality tablecloths to keep up with the abuse and wear that customers may put on them with food spillage and the constant need for washing. The round tablecloths at wholesale, available from Palmetto Linen, are made of PermaLux Cotton. This material is a cotton/polyester blend that is soft, durable, wrinkle resistant, colorfast, and beautifully woven to provide everything these businesses need.

These tablecloths are available in many different colors, including White, Black, French Vanilla, Ivory, and Sandalwood. These color options allow for the perfect matching of a general decor, or that of a specific catering event. When purchasing these items, the website displays the exact colors, so a customer always knows exactly what they are purchasing. These tablecloths are available in 4 different sizes, ranging from 72" to 132", which covers most standard table sizes and means they will fit snugly.

The tablecloths come in high quality and high quantity at great prices, so that there is no need for a decision when it comes to the matter. Sold in bulk and shipped by the case, which allows for wholesale pricing and fast shipping, the tablecloths are an amazing bang for the buck. To offer an even better deal, Palmetto Linen Distributors have free shipping on all orders within the contiguous United States.

by: Palmetto Linen