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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
While a nice linoleum, vinyl or ceramic tile kitchen floor is usually beautiful and easy to clean, it can also be very dangerous. Unseen spills will make an already smooth linoleum floor too slick to safely walk on. Kitchen rugs are a common solution to this problem, but dust and liquids can seep underneath of normal rugs. This can cause a person to skid dangerously across the floor when they are stepped on. The advent of non skid kitchen rugs has solved this problem. They don’t stop there, though. These rugs are improving kitchens and other areas where the combination of slick floors and the possibility of puddles might exist in a number of ways.


The primary and most important function of non skid kitchen rugs is safety. Their skid-proof latex backings prevent people from slipping in what would have been dangerous kitchen falls. The rubber is liquid-proof, so there should be no concern about slipping.


In addition to adding safety to the kitchen, non skid rugs add a little style. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be obtained in any color that accentuates the style of the kitchen that they inhabit. They are also more comfortable than all plastic mats. Like any other rug, they are available in any material. Walking into the kitchen and stepping on a plush non skid kitchen rug will be a welcoming comfort for anyone.


A cheap kitchen mat leaves the rubber that is supposed to prevent skidding exposed. This causes it to quickly wear down. A non skid kitchen rug, on the other hand, is made to be stepped on, so an owner can be certain that their rug will last a very long time.

Easy to clean

Unlike kitchen floors, which require rigorous scrubbing to clean, non skid rugs can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Most non skid rugs are machine washable, so if there are any stains that cannot be hand scrubbed out of a rug, the owner can simply place it in the washing machine to be cleaned.


Despite their name, non skid kitchen rugs are not only useful in the kitchen. Because they are rugs and not mats, they can be used as small area rugs in rooms with wooden or stone floors without compromising interior designs. They offer the same combination of style and safety in these rooms that they do in the kitchen. They also work well in the bathroom where the floors are often made of the same slick material as in the kitchen. Due to the fact that bathroom floors are more likely to get wet, it might be more important to invest in a non skid kitchen rug for the bathroom than for the kitchen. They also do well as welcome mats for enclosed porches; their non skid properties are equally useful there.

Regardless of where someone needs to reduce the slipperiness of a floor surface, a non-skid kitchen rug is the perfect solution to enhance the safety, style and comfort of a room.   

by: Palmetto Linen