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Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Using microfiber fitted sheets has many advantages over satin, silk, and the wide range of different cotton varieties. The microfiber material is comfortable, and with its durable nature, it is long-lasting. Matching the softness of other types of materials, microfiber fitted sheets are also easier to maintain and less expensive. This is an eye-opener for businesses looking to take a conservative approach to spending. Overall, this synthetic material will create the most efficient and painless experience, unlike regular sheets.
The microfiber material is comprised of fibers ten times smaller than silk, and much thinner than human hair. The fabric is tightly woven together to create a very strong product that is, in fact, the strongest kind on the market today. The fabric naturally repels dirt and dust, and is also stain resistant, making this material a very easy clean for anyone. Microfiber sheets are lighter and also warmer than other materials like cotton. It is an ideal fitted sheet for everyone, as well as any business in the hospitality industry like motels, resorts, and lodges. Also, short-term stays like those providing corporate hospitality, timeshares and bed and breakfasts should consider having sheets of this caliber because they are easily maintained and convenient for accommodating guests properly.

Many businesses in the hospitality industry are smaller and can't order directly from manufacturers that produce high quality microfiber sheets. Palmetto Linen Distributors is a company that should be highly considered because they market to these kinds of companies. They are a wholesale distributor dedicated to serving the needs of people and businesses far and wide across the country. Your needs will become their responsibility as they put together microfiber sheets in bulk packages for your convenience. They offer a large variety of quality fitted sheets for anyone wanting this strong material in their place of business.  Any housewife can tell you that the bottom, fitted sheet is the one that gets worn out first; sharp toenails and just general wear and tear take their toll on the fitted sheet first.  If all your rooms or facilities use the same type of sheets, it might be a good idea to have extra microfiber fitted sheets on hand, not to mention pillowcases, which anyone in the hospitality business will tell you seem to just  “disappear”.

Microfiber is a material like no other on the market, and can stand the test of time. Known for its unique fabric and strength, this material repels dirt and dust, and is also stain-free, making this the perfect sheet at home or in businesses wanting a quick and easy cleanup from day to day. Compared to other products in the market, microfiber is a less expensive alternative. For small hospitality businesses, acquiring microfiber fitted sheets can easily be done through Palmetto Linen Distributors. This company is the solution to the needs of customers, from people to businesses nationwide.           

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Whenever anyone is away from their home for more than two days, it is the small things within the environment that make the time seem special. When people are at home, how often do they sit down to a meal at a table that is set with a tablecloth or a place mat during the day? Or use matching cloth napkins at home instead of paper napkins? There is just something about eating at a dressed table that makes the meal seem like a priceless experience.

The same emotion holds true for people who cook in a kitchen. When they are preparing a meal, having the right utensils make all the difference in a preparer's attitude. There is the old saying about the hand's that prepared the meal. Someone once said, "I can taste the love in this dish." A happy cook makes a tasty meal. And as simple a thing as potholders may appear to be, there is nothing like having one when it is needed. especially in a "home away from home" situation, like dwellings kept for corporate hospitality or kitchenettes in long-term furnished suites. The purchase of bulk potholders for those who are involved in maintaining these sorts of living arrangements makes even more sense, because an irreparably stained or burnt potholder in those situations can simply be replaced by one from the bulk purchase that matches the remaining ones, instead of taking the time to run out to buy replacements retail. It is true that not all potholders are made the same. Let's take a closer look at what makes this simple textile such a wonderful discovery.

Perhaps they started as such a simple craft for women of all ages who wanted potholders that matched their kitchen decor. So they got out their crochet hooks and made themselves several sets to use while preparing meals. And as society evolved, little girls were taught how to use a loom to make potholders. It was a simpler way of making the potholder without have to learn the complicated stitches and needlework of knitting and crocheting. Did these little girls understand what an important thing these simple hand made projects would grow to be?

The materials used to make potholders has evolved from just being 100% cotton to using materials such as silicone and Kevlar which have a higher temperature tolerance. But for normal kitchen cooking, potholders made from 100% cotton material is more than adequate to keep anyone from being burned by the heat of a hot pot. However, if the potholder gets wet, let it dry before handling any hot items or the heat will directly be transferred to the hands. This is one reason why the purchase of bulk potholders is advisable. There is always a need for more than two potholders in a kitchen.

Children are trusted to use the microwave instead of the stove because of the fear of starting a fire. However, the items that were placed in the microwave for warming or cooking are often hotter to handle than the pots from the stove. Potholders need to be used by children to handle these objects. Pot holders can be used to stabilize a bowl, plate, or cutting board when a cook is mixing or cutting. And they can be used as a surface protector when placing hot dishes on a counter or table.

Finally, purchasing bulk potholders, dish cloths, and matching dish towels will make the kitchen a happier place to be for anyone who has the responsibility of preparing and cooking meals. 

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Wholesale cotton blend napkins are an integral part of dining, though this often goes unnoticed. While a well laundered, clean and pressed napkin may be taken for granted, soiled or wrinkled napkins leave a bad taste with guests. They are noticed immediately, making the dining experience unpleasant and uncomfortable. Therefore, table linen is one aspect of any restaurant, hotel, salon, spa or catering facility where lot of care and attention is necessary.

Napkins are available in various colors, designs and materials. While it's easy to maintain synthetic napkins, wholesale cotton blend napkins are more elegant and functional, and have a certain substance and feel that in unequaled. In fact, cotton table napkins have always been popular around the world. Similarly, white cotton napkins can make a fine statement anywhere. White cotton napkins provide a perfect ambiance wherever they are placed. That's why white napkins are in more demand than colored ones. Crisp and clean napkins create an elegant ambiance in any eating place, inviting customers to come back again and again.

When buying cotton blend napkins, it's easy to rely on thread count as the best way to judge its quality. But that should not be the only consideration when making a decision to buy them or not. You should also consider the quality of the hem, quality of dyes and the way fabric is woven. In addition, it is important to understand the quality of fibers used for manufacturing the threads that are used for weaving the fabric.

Why is it so important? During spinning, fibers are finely twisted around each other and they become interlocked to form a strand. It's very difficult to spin a thread if the fibers are short. The longer the fiber used, the stronger is the thread. It would take many more of the shorter fibers to form a specific length of thread than long fibers, and fibers won't be able to grip together properly if they are short. Also, fiber ends tend to stick out when they are twisted together. Longer fibers create stronger, smoother threads.

When buying wholesale cotton blend napkins, be aware that the smoother the fabric, the less likely the fabric will stain. It's also easier to iron a smoother fabric if it's required. Dyes will take better on a smoother fabric and may last longer. Best of all, cotton blend napkins will feel better to the touch of the user. 

Depending on how the napkins are going to be used, and how long they're expected to last, it is best to choose your supplies wisely. Putting in extra effort to judge the quality will make economic sense in the long run, and you'll have cotton napkins that feel silky and plush, last longer, launder better and look good.   

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, October 11, 2013
As early as the 1950's synthetic microfiber cloth was used in places where ultra-safe and sanitary conditions were required. These included military facilities, specialized hospitals, laboratories and exclusive high-end hotels. Microfiber cloth has undergone the same evolution in utility as the production of multi-use synthetics themselves.

Most microfiber products like bed sheets, cleaning cloths and pillow cases are made from a pure polyester filament, or a special polyester blend. The blends are usually derived from polyester nylon or Kevlar. Each strand of microfiber is only a fraction of the diameter of a human hair or a thread of silk. Though completely synthetic, microfiber is extremely soft and absolutely conducive to the maintenance of sanitary conditions. Microfiber is also very cheap to produce. Wholesale products using this type of fabric are attractive to many businesses.

In recent years, many hotel chains, exclusive private resorts, and other hospitality lodging business have switched to pillow cases made from microfiber. When compared to natural materials like silk, cotton and bamboo, microfiber excels within each category of consumer and industry standards. Microfiber is softer than Egyptian cotton because the threads are much smaller and possess the potential for ultra-flexibility. Microfiber is easily dyed and patterned to match any decor. Above all, microfiber allows 99% disinfection with common methods of laundering. There is no reason why hotels and hospitality providers should continue using cotton thread pillow cases and sheets, when the properties that microfiber provides is proven to perform better than traditional materials.

In every way, microfiber pillow cases perform better than standard types. There are a host of problems that hotel staff encounters when laundering and switching out pillow cases. These are all remedied with a conversion to microfiber.

Brushed microfiber bedding is breathable. It stays cool in hot conditions and acts as an insulator when temperatures are cool. This means less biologic material with be left on the material. When staining and biologic material is picked up by microfiber it is stored in atomically-charged channels within each microfiber. With a simple and standard wash, the synthetic surfaces give-up all foreign materials and remain intact. There is virtually no wear with items like microfiber pillow cases. In the laundering process, standard dryer sheets will remove any lint and eliminate wrinkles.

Any quality that homeowners or hotel workers look for in desirable pillow cases is exhibited in varieties made from microfiber or microfiber blends. Microfiber pillow cases minimize the workload for individuals and housekeepers because they come clean on a first wash and dry extremely quickly. Pillow cases made from microfiber hold their shape, are static-free and do not fade. They are extremely light-weight so a greater number of them can be handled at one time.

Above all, microfiber coverings are inexpensive to purchase, launder and replace. Synthetic cloth processes use materials which are readily available and yield extreme volumes of product. A business that needs a large volume of bedding pieces would do well to use microfiber because of health and sanitation reasons, as well as, the advantage of saving money on material over time.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
When it comes to the bathroom, it doesn't really matter where the bathtub is located, the kind of establishment it is in or how many showers there are to take care of - the vast majority of showers require a shower curtain. On top of this, shower curtains need to be replaced on a continual basis, in order to avoid mildew, mold and other developments. Of course, this means it is a necessity item for keeping a bathroom looking its best. This is why having shower curtains on hand, whether you are in the short term hospitality business, run a small motel, bed and breakfast or day spa, is such a valuable option when you have to replace what you have or to update the look of a facility. By purchasing wholesale shower curtains, you are going to have them when you need them, and avoid running to the store when the need to replace one arises, saving time and money while maintaining a consistent product that matches the other bathroom furnishings you already have.

There is always going to be the classic white shower curtain. However, outside of white, there are many different variations of these curtains. For starters, the curtains are either going to allow you to drastically change up the feel of the bathroom, all depending on the material of the curtain, the pattern and the weave, or replace it with one that’s the same or consistent with the one you’re replacing.  From washable white curtains to throw away plastic curtains, there is no shortage of designs available – whether you want to change up the look or not , buying a reasonable quantity at a reduced wholesale price is going to work better for you than having to drop everything and shop retail for replacements.

Of course, where there are dozens of white shower curtains, and there are even more colorful curtains. From stripes and patterns to solid colors, there is a shower curtain out there for everyone. This is why having a nice supply of these curtains is going to help your business. Plus, since the curtains are available wholesale, you don't have to over spend on them. The last thing you want to do is have to spend too much on retail replacements, wasting time and money.

Take a look at the great variety of wholesale shower curtains available.  Most of them are very versatile, and with their pretty but neutral colors, sure to brighten up the properties you are involved in maintaining.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, October 7, 2013
In the hospitality industry, the difference between a repeat customer and a customer complaint can be as small as something like the quality of the pillow that is provided. This holds true for all levels of hospitality, be it a bed and breakfast, a small overnight chain, or even a spa or salon. And while it can be agreed that something this simple can be rather important, pillows can often be a source of great hassle and expense for smaller chains that are not able to order large quantities direct from a manufacture.

In purchasing direct from a manufacture, often times the order is required to be far too large for a smaller operation. Even though the cost of the pillows helps offset the difference in spending some, the sheer bulk of the order is often too much. As such, the best direction for smaller hospitality and service places to focus is to order their pillows wholesale. By ordering in this manner, the size and quantity of the order can be far more budget friendly and better suit the needs of the business.

There are some things to keep in mind when beginning to research for a wholesale pillow company. First, the size of the pillows will need to be determined. With most wholesale places, there are various sizes, which often fall under standard, queen, and king size. Having a pre-set determination of the sizes that are needed will help cut down on any mistaken orders.

Also, the quality of the pillow sought after will need to be determined. The standard for most hospitality locations is to have a pillow with at least a 22 ounce fill specification. However, if a high quality pillow is sought, look for one that uses a microfiber cover for greater level of comfort, and a lower chance of any skin allergy issue for the customer. There are also some options that cater more towards the “green” side of hospitality, which targets recycling efforts. With alternative down fill, such as Eco-Smart, which is a high quality polyester fill product, the pillow can retain maximum comfort even after up to 50 washing cycles. As it is a “green” product, each pillow can save as many as 14 plastic bottles from being discarded into an already overfilled landfill.

The final thing to consider when shopping for pillows wholesale would be pillow protectors. These items protect the pillow from stains, odors, and moisture, which can help lengthen the life span and comfort of the pillow. They can also help reduce the possibility of a customer suffering from any allergic reaction to the materials of the pillow.

On a determination is made of how many pillows are needed, what size and comfort level is sought after, and whether or not to use a protector, then the process becomes much easier. Shopping for pillows by using a wholesale linen supply company can be a more cost effective solution for smaller chains or corporate hospitality suppliers, and will allow for a more manageable and appropriate sized order to be placed, in a range that will fit most budgets.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, October 5, 2013
A warm comfortable bed is a wonderful thing that people love to be able to fall into at night. Just the right mattress, combined with comfy sheets and a couple of soft pillows can make all the difference when the day comes to an end. People use a large number of options to try to make their sleep just that much more comfortable. Specialized pillows are a common means of doing this. High thread count sheets are another. A third and common addition to many beds come in the form of sleep top mattress pads.

A sleep top mattress pad is a fantastic addition to wrap around the primary mattress to add peace of mind and stability. These are used for several reasons. One of the biggest is to add comfort to an older mattress. Instead of buying a new mattress, many people will use the pads to extend the life of their beds for an extra few years.

Even more important than delaying the need to purchase a new bed is to making sure it is as comfortable as possible. An extra layer of padding can go a long way to helping turn a hard mattress into something inviting. Alternatively, the right pad can also add some firmness to a bed to help deal with back pain. Mattress top pads can also protect the bed from unexpected stains and spills. This is helpful in lengthening the life of a mattress as accidents do happen from time to time.

The Quiet Comfort waterproof mattress pad does both of these things at once. Designed to help make a bed that much more comfortable, it doubles as a means of protecting a mattress from outside stains and issues. Everything from spilled drinks to other surprise stains from children or pets can be slowed and prevented by this mattress pad. For a family that has young children or animals that love to play in the mud, it can prove invaluable for saving money and saving time and hassle.

The Quiet Comfort waterproof mattress pad comes in all sizes so it can fit any bed. They are available at most major retailers and can be ordered online. Adding a water proof mattress pad to a bed can go a long way to ensure a long life for the mattress. An added layer of comfort and style helps to make this mattress pad even more appealing. Look into getting your Quiet Comfort waterproof mattress pad today.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Many hotels and businesses in the corporate housing industry are opting for natural fabric shower curtains when it comes to decorating their bathrooms. People are more concerned about air quality today than at any other time in history. Traditional vinyl shower curtains give off an odor when purchased new. Shower curtains that are made from natural fabrics give no odor or affect indoor air quality. Popular shower curtain styles eliminate the need for traditional shower curtain hooks. Natural fabric shower curtains are made from natural fabrics will dry faster resulting in fewer concerns with mold and mildew.

Types of Shower Curtain Fabrics

There are a variety of shower curtain fabrics available for commercial sale. Whether you need a shower curtain made from natural fabrics or other types, you will find everything you need online. Common shower curtain fabrics include cotton, polyester, nylon, ethylene vinyl acetate and polyethylene vinyl acetate. The advantage of natural fabrics is the fact that they can be washed. There are also commercial waterproofing products that will make natural fibers water-resistant.

Save Money by Buying In Bulk

If you need to replace the existing shower curtains in your hotel or corporate housing, you should consider buying them in bulk. You will save a lot of money by purchasing a large order instead of ordering only a few items. Most commercial linen supply companies offer deep discounts for bulk orders. Whether you need bathroom accessories, rugs or linens, you can save money by ordering a lot of items. If you prefer shower curtains with shower rings, then go online to find what you need. You can save money in bulk even if you are a small to medium-sized business. You will find commercial linen suppliers who cater to businesses who are too small to order directly from the manufacturer.

No-Hook Shower Curtains

Many hotels and corporate housing facilities have switched their shower curtains to the convenient no-hook style. This gives a look of elegance to your bathrooms and can save time if the need arises to wash or replace it. Add coordinating rugs and linens, and you have a modern look of high class and style. There is no need to fuss with shower curtain hooks, because the shower curtains fit perfectly on a regular or curved shower rod. Curved shower rods give visitors more space to take a shower. Many hotel and corporate housing guests have stated their appreciation for the new styles. No-hook shower curtains only cost a little more than traditional shower curtains with hooks.

by: Palmetto Linen