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Thursday, October 17, 2013
Wholesale cotton blend napkins are an integral part of dining, though this often goes unnoticed. While a well laundered, clean and pressed napkin may be taken for granted, soiled or wrinkled napkins leave a bad taste with guests. They are noticed immediately, making the dining experience unpleasant and uncomfortable. Therefore, table linen is one aspect of any restaurant, hotel, salon, spa or catering facility where lot of care and attention is necessary.

Napkins are available in various colors, designs and materials. While it's easy to maintain synthetic napkins, wholesale cotton blend napkins are more elegant and functional, and have a certain substance and feel that in unequaled. In fact, cotton table napkins have always been popular around the world. Similarly, white cotton napkins can make a fine statement anywhere. White cotton napkins provide a perfect ambiance wherever they are placed. That's why white napkins are in more demand than colored ones. Crisp and clean napkins create an elegant ambiance in any eating place, inviting customers to come back again and again.

When buying cotton blend napkins, it's easy to rely on thread count as the best way to judge its quality. But that should not be the only consideration when making a decision to buy them or not. You should also consider the quality of the hem, quality of dyes and the way fabric is woven. In addition, it is important to understand the quality of fibers used for manufacturing the threads that are used for weaving the fabric.

Why is it so important? During spinning, fibers are finely twisted around each other and they become interlocked to form a strand. It's very difficult to spin a thread if the fibers are short. The longer the fiber used, the stronger is the thread. It would take many more of the shorter fibers to form a specific length of thread than long fibers, and fibers won't be able to grip together properly if they are short. Also, fiber ends tend to stick out when they are twisted together. Longer fibers create stronger, smoother threads.

When buying wholesale cotton blend napkins, be aware that the smoother the fabric, the less likely the fabric will stain. It's also easier to iron a smoother fabric if it's required. Dyes will take better on a smoother fabric and may last longer. Best of all, cotton blend napkins will feel better to the touch of the user. 

Depending on how the napkins are going to be used, and how long they're expected to last, it is best to choose your supplies wisely. Putting in extra effort to judge the quality will make economic sense in the long run, and you'll have cotton napkins that feel silky and plush, last longer, launder better and look good.   

by: Palmetto Linen