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Monday, October 7, 2013
In the hospitality industry, the difference between a repeat customer and a customer complaint can be as small as something like the quality of the pillow that is provided. This holds true for all levels of hospitality, be it a bed and breakfast, a small overnight chain, or even a spa or salon. And while it can be agreed that something this simple can be rather important, pillows can often be a source of great hassle and expense for smaller chains that are not able to order large quantities direct from a manufacture.

In purchasing direct from a manufacture, often times the order is required to be far too large for a smaller operation. Even though the cost of the pillows helps offset the difference in spending some, the sheer bulk of the order is often too much. As such, the best direction for smaller hospitality and service places to focus is to order their pillows wholesale. By ordering in this manner, the size and quantity of the order can be far more budget friendly and better suit the needs of the business.

There are some things to keep in mind when beginning to research for a wholesale pillow company. First, the size of the pillows will need to be determined. With most wholesale places, there are various sizes, which often fall under standard, queen, and king size. Having a pre-set determination of the sizes that are needed will help cut down on any mistaken orders.

Also, the quality of the pillow sought after will need to be determined. The standard for most hospitality locations is to have a pillow with at least a 22 ounce fill specification. However, if a high quality pillow is sought, look for one that uses a microfiber cover for greater level of comfort, and a lower chance of any skin allergy issue for the customer. There are also some options that cater more towards the “green” side of hospitality, which targets recycling efforts. With alternative down fill, such as Eco-Smart, which is a high quality polyester fill product, the pillow can retain maximum comfort even after up to 50 washing cycles. As it is a “green” product, each pillow can save as many as 14 plastic bottles from being discarded into an already overfilled landfill.

The final thing to consider when shopping for pillows wholesale would be pillow protectors. These items protect the pillow from stains, odors, and moisture, which can help lengthen the life span and comfort of the pillow. They can also help reduce the possibility of a customer suffering from any allergic reaction to the materials of the pillow.

On a determination is made of how many pillows are needed, what size and comfort level is sought after, and whether or not to use a protector, then the process becomes much easier. Shopping for pillows by using a wholesale linen supply company can be a more cost effective solution for smaller chains or corporate hospitality suppliers, and will allow for a more manageable and appropriate sized order to be placed, in a range that will fit most budgets.

by: Palmetto Linen