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Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Using microfiber fitted sheets has many advantages over satin, silk, and the wide range of different cotton varieties. The microfiber material is comfortable, and with its durable nature, it is long-lasting. Matching the softness of other types of materials, microfiber fitted sheets are also easier to maintain and less expensive. This is an eye-opener for businesses looking to take a conservative approach to spending. Overall, this synthetic material will create the most efficient and painless experience, unlike regular sheets.
The microfiber material is comprised of fibers ten times smaller than silk, and much thinner than human hair. The fabric is tightly woven together to create a very strong product that is, in fact, the strongest kind on the market today. The fabric naturally repels dirt and dust, and is also stain resistant, making this material a very easy clean for anyone. Microfiber sheets are lighter and also warmer than other materials like cotton. It is an ideal fitted sheet for everyone, as well as any business in the hospitality industry like motels, resorts, and lodges. Also, short-term stays like those providing corporate hospitality, timeshares and bed and breakfasts should consider having sheets of this caliber because they are easily maintained and convenient for accommodating guests properly.

Many businesses in the hospitality industry are smaller and can't order directly from manufacturers that produce high quality microfiber sheets. Palmetto Linen Distributors is a company that should be highly considered because they market to these kinds of companies. They are a wholesale distributor dedicated to serving the needs of people and businesses far and wide across the country. Your needs will become their responsibility as they put together microfiber sheets in bulk packages for your convenience. They offer a large variety of quality fitted sheets for anyone wanting this strong material in their place of business.  Any housewife can tell you that the bottom, fitted sheet is the one that gets worn out first; sharp toenails and just general wear and tear take their toll on the fitted sheet first.  If all your rooms or facilities use the same type of sheets, it might be a good idea to have extra microfiber fitted sheets on hand, not to mention pillowcases, which anyone in the hospitality business will tell you seem to just  “disappear”.

Microfiber is a material like no other on the market, and can stand the test of time. Known for its unique fabric and strength, this material repels dirt and dust, and is also stain-free, making this the perfect sheet at home or in businesses wanting a quick and easy cleanup from day to day. Compared to other products in the market, microfiber is a less expensive alternative. For small hospitality businesses, acquiring microfiber fitted sheets can easily be done through Palmetto Linen Distributors. This company is the solution to the needs of customers, from people to businesses nationwide.           

by: Palmetto Linen