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Sunday, October 20, 2013
Whenever anyone is away from their home for more than two days, it is the small things within the environment that make the time seem special. When people are at home, how often do they sit down to a meal at a table that is set with a tablecloth or a place mat during the day? Or use matching cloth napkins at home instead of paper napkins? There is just something about eating at a dressed table that makes the meal seem like a priceless experience.

The same emotion holds true for people who cook in a kitchen. When they are preparing a meal, having the right utensils make all the difference in a preparer's attitude. There is the old saying about the hand's that prepared the meal. Someone once said, "I can taste the love in this dish." A happy cook makes a tasty meal. And as simple a thing as potholders may appear to be, there is nothing like having one when it is needed. especially in a "home away from home" situation, like dwellings kept for corporate hospitality or kitchenettes in long-term furnished suites. The purchase of bulk potholders for those who are involved in maintaining these sorts of living arrangements makes even more sense, because an irreparably stained or burnt potholder in those situations can simply be replaced by one from the bulk purchase that matches the remaining ones, instead of taking the time to run out to buy replacements retail. It is true that not all potholders are made the same. Let's take a closer look at what makes this simple textile such a wonderful discovery.

Perhaps they started as such a simple craft for women of all ages who wanted potholders that matched their kitchen decor. So they got out their crochet hooks and made themselves several sets to use while preparing meals. And as society evolved, little girls were taught how to use a loom to make potholders. It was a simpler way of making the potholder without have to learn the complicated stitches and needlework of knitting and crocheting. Did these little girls understand what an important thing these simple hand made projects would grow to be?

The materials used to make potholders has evolved from just being 100% cotton to using materials such as silicone and Kevlar which have a higher temperature tolerance. But for normal kitchen cooking, potholders made from 100% cotton material is more than adequate to keep anyone from being burned by the heat of a hot pot. However, if the potholder gets wet, let it dry before handling any hot items or the heat will directly be transferred to the hands. This is one reason why the purchase of bulk potholders is advisable. There is always a need for more than two potholders in a kitchen.

Children are trusted to use the microwave instead of the stove because of the fear of starting a fire. However, the items that were placed in the microwave for warming or cooking are often hotter to handle than the pots from the stove. Potholders need to be used by children to handle these objects. Pot holders can be used to stabilize a bowl, plate, or cutting board when a cook is mixing or cutting. And they can be used as a surface protector when placing hot dishes on a counter or table.

Finally, purchasing bulk potholders, dish cloths, and matching dish towels will make the kitchen a happier place to be for anyone who has the responsibility of preparing and cooking meals. 

by: Palmetto Linen