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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A good meal is one of life's most delightful experiences. In order to make a good meal that will delight your friends and family, using the right equipment is essential. A great set of cookware can help to make sure that any food that you're cooking is prepared to the exact temperature and doneness that you desire. Anyone who cooks should have a variety of pots, pans and other important cooking items in their kitchen at all times. Unfortunately, cooking equipment can be expensive. A single good pot can easily exceed your entire food budget for the week. Fortunately, there are many ways to get the cooking equipment you need without emptying out your bank account.

Buying cooking items wholesale is an ideal way to buy quality items at a discounted price. Wholesalers generally sell items only to retailers. However, some wholesale sellers will also sell to the public. A good wholesaler can put premium quality products in your kitchen, at a discount.

When looking for wholesale items, you might want to consider buying in bulk. A set of pots and pans will not only match, but work well together. A well designed cooking set can make it easier to transfer food from one pot or pan to another. The items will also stack together easily, making for effortless storage in your kitchen. Matching items will also make your kitchen look more coordinated and put together.

When buying wholesale cooking items, stainless steel is an ideal material to purchase. Stainless steel heats quickly and evenly. So if you place chopped meat or vegetables in one spot of the pan, you can move the food around in the pan and know that your food will cook evenly in all parts of the pan.

A wholesale stainless steel 7 piece cookware set will meet all your cooking needs. Look for sets that have handles that stay cool during the cooking process. You should also look for pans that have encapsulated bottoms. These pot bottoms will ensure even heat distribution. Tempered glass lids allow heat to escape as needed and they top off that quality, professional look that you deserve.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bed bugs are a mostly nocturnal blood feeding parasitic insect. They are known to nest in soft materials inside homes, the most common nesting site being a bed. Bed bugs can cause health problems ranging from minor rashes and a sore area at the site of the bite to a possibly severe allergic reaction. These pests can infest your home in a multitude of ways including the introduction of infected furniture, clothing, and your pets. They can be very difficult to exterminate. Preventing and exterminating an infestation is usually accomplished through chemical based means and requires a professional in many cases.

Chemical based pest control has become far more sophisticated in the past few decades making it much safer and somewhat more affordable. However, professional pest control can still be very costly depending on your location, the severity of infestation, and the chemical agent used. Not to mention that the chemical can present a danger to you and your family. It must be  properly applied. Because of the potential high cost and danger of chemical pest control, many people prefer to use alternative methods. Thoroughly cleaning clothing, bedding, cushions and upholstery can help greatly. One alternative for controlling bed bugs is to use a bed bug free mattress cover.

A bed bug free mattress cover is a mattress casing that acts as a protective barrier against not only bed bugs but mites and allergens as well. Most mattress covers in the past were made with only a single layer of plastic that was often low grade and made an aggravating sound with every movement of the individual sleeping on top of it.

Today mattress covers are often made with a fibrous top layer covering a highly flexible but solid plastic layer. The top layer is often a mix of cotton and polyester and provides softness and comfort for the user and helps muffle and diminish any sounds from the bottom layer. The bottom layer acts is the barrier that keeps your mattress clean and infestation free. The average price for bed bug free mattress covers today ranges from approximately twenty-five dollars to approximately one hundred dollars, though some large high grade covers may cost more. Once a somewhat unattractive looking and often noisy item, they have grown from simple crinkling low grade plastic covers to easily cleaned, spill-proof sheet like cases that are affordable and often as stylish as regular bed sheets.

Most people have mattress protectors on their bed anyway. Wouldn't you be better off to have a mattress cover that protects against bed bugs?

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, November 25, 2013

Many businesses around the world that deal with the comfort of guests understand the importance of saving money when it comes to acquiring the amenities that they need. It is important for all companies that “shop in bulk” to go out of their way to ensure that they save the most money possible.

Research is crucial if a company truly desires to acquire a high quality product at the absolute best price. Failure should not be an option. They must focus on the quality of the products that they desire, and then find the price that meets their need.

If a person is operating a bed and breakfast or a hotel that makes use of white linens they will of course want to ensure that the products they acquire are of the highest quality. They will want sheets and pillowcases that are built with strong comfortable fabrics. Otherwise these products will wear down in a short period of time as they are cleaned and used repeatedly. They can be uncomfortable for your guest. These kinds of issues will of course cost even more money when it’s time to replace them.

By conducting effective online research a consumer will be able to compare the quality of multiple providers that offer white pillowcases in bulk and linens in bulk. They will be able to determine the thread count of these products and will be able to read reviews that will provide details about the quality of these products.
Once a person has researched these elements online they will have a better idea as to which companies they should rely on to acquire these products in bulk.
Once a person has focused on determining the quality of those products they then will need to carefully focus on determining which service providers offer the best rates on these products. Again, this can easily be done online. It is very easy for a person to compare the rates of multiple service providers by making use of the internet.

If the above information is carefully put into action it will be quite simple for a person to acquire the highest quality linens available, at a price they can afford. This is good news for companies that want to make a lasting impression on their guests, and want to save money too.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ringless shower curtains offer easy installation and contemporary style for the most visible accessory in your bathroom. These shower curtains require no separate hooks, hole and peg locks, or tricky snap closures. This innovative design joins two dynamic split openings horizontally, enabling instant attachment to any shower curtain rod. You need only raise and push the flexible curtain holders into place, avoiding back, neck, and hand strain. Most curtains are hung in less than ten seconds! The rod holders are an integrated part of the construction of the shower curtain. The split ring system automatically creates beautiful draping and pleating when the curtain is pushed aside. The closures slide easily and quietly back and forth. This revolutionary design eliminates the need to buy shower hooks, clips, or expensive attachments. The built-in flex rings pop right onto any shower curtain rod, traditional, curved, or tension-mounted.

A wide variety of fabrics, colors, and designs are available with these innovative shower curtains. Curtains may be constructed of various fabrics, lightweight plastic, or a combination thereof, fitting a wide variety of needs. Your new shower curtain may support a busy family bathroom or add elegance to a guest sanctuary. The colorful split holders add a design element that accent patterned, plain, or textured curtain fabrics. They enhance the decorator colors of your restroom. The curtain holders are made of durable yet flexible plastic that will not rust, deteriorate, or scratch your shower curtain rod. These hook-less shower curtains are the choice of many interior designers who recognize their functional and fashionable value.

The shower curtains are coated with water-resistant protection on the inside, but options are available for increased protection against water leakage. Snap-on water-proof liners are discreet and do not interfere with the sleek contemporary split and closure design. It is as easy to add the snap-on liners as it is to put up the curtains. Curtains may also come with liners permanently attached, ensuring splash-proof protection for your bathroom. Magnets secure the curtain to edges and sides of the bathtub. Whichever style you choose, the innovative shower curtain fits your home needs and provides protection at the same time.
You won't want to return to the complicated and expensive system of traditional shower curtains with hooks and snap closures after you discover how easy and attractive the ringless shower curtain can be. Gentle push-on installation, stylish draping, and colorful accentuation are only the beginning of the advantages of this ingenious shower curtain. Durable construction and contemporary styling complete the presence of function and fashion in your restroom. Just like you, they’re practical AND stylish!

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Businesses across the country are always looking for ways to save money. The ability to purchase certain items at wholesale prices, not only can save the company money, but ensures that funds are being spent on growing the business. Purchasing wholesale placemats is a great way for many different types of businesses to save money over the course of a year.

Restaurants are biggest users of placemats when serving their customers. Some companies spend a fortune each year having the paper placemats on the tables printed with the business name and decorations. These placemats are only able to be used one time, and must be thrown away after each customer is done dining. These are very expensive to have printed. In a busy restaurant you could go through hundreds or thousands of placemats in a single day. Purchasing placemats that can be reused is a much smarter alternative to the paper throwaway mats. They are reusable and only need a gentle cleaning after the customer has left the table so that they can be used for the next patron. You can save huge amounts of money over the course of just a few months. These placemats come in many different shapes and colors and are wrinkle resistant. That means that they will look as great on the first customers table as they do on the tenth person to dine at that spot today.

In addition to restaurants, party planners, caterers, and local bars can benefit from utilizing the wholesale placemats in their business. The colors will match any business decor and are very durable too.

These mats can withstand hot and cold temperatures and look as good tonight as they did when business opened this morning. The mats are strong and will hold their color for years to come. Wholesale placemats are a great bargain for anyone with the need of a quality placemat.

by: Palmetto Linen

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
When it comes to determining the quality of massage table linen most people would argue that the best would be high thread count Egyptian cotton. It is just one of those things that people assume to be the best without giving it much thought or conducting any research. Though it is undoubtedly soft to the touch and fairly durable, there are other factors that one must consider as well. Price is one such factor.

Anyone who has purchased high thread count cotton knows that the sky is the limit in terms of price. When something has a reputation of being the best, people will unhesitatingly pay top dollar for that item. They pay the premium price because they are unaware of alternative options. The savvy consumer who researches before buying understands well that other options exist that are not only less expensive but also better performing.

Microfiber is an extremely fine fiber—which by definition weighs less than one denier per filament—that can be woven into textiles. Instead of being measured by thread count (like cotton) it is measure by grams per square meter (GSM). The higher the GSM the softer the fabric will be. Ultra-fine microfiber is made with a yarn of polyester that is 1/20th the size of a strand of silk and is significantly softer than even regular microfiber. When it comes to massage table linen, ultra-fine microfiber is the best of the best and has many advantages over high thread count cotton.

One of the most significant advantages of using microfiber over cotton is its strength. It is very tightly woven and therefore much stronger, longer lasting, and more durable than cotton. Microfiber is also naturally very soft and wrinkle resistant. This is important because not much looks worse than bed sheets or massage table sheets that are wrinkled. Other significant advantages microfiber has over cotton is that it is very breathable and stain-resistant. These are important factors in terms of longevity and comfort of any fabric, but are most notably important for linen during the warm time of the year. Microfiber is also much more cost effective than cotton. Not only is it significantly less expensive to purchase, but it will also save money in terms of maintenance due to its stain resistance and the fact that it dries 30% faster than cotton.

Upon conducting even limited research, the advantages microfiber has over cotton become obvious. It is less expensive to purchase and maintain, more durable, wrinkle resistant, stain resistant, and more breathable. It is the ideal fabric for massage table linen or bed linen both for consumers and those in the hospitality business. Those in the industry will also be pleased to know that microfiber linen is available from retailers that—unlike top dollar cotton linen retailers—will gladly accept smaller orders at wholesale prices.

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, November 10, 2013
A bathroom is a key feature of any home or apartment and adding a bit of luxury to it can be enjoyable and inexpensive. Read on for some tips on purchasing spa bathroom rugs that will compliment any bathroom and provide comfort and quality. This is a great alternative to puddles of water all over the bathroom floor and will leave your feet feeling soft, dry and pampered.

Stepping out of the shower can leave wet puddles everywhere, especially if young children frequently use the bathroom. A durable, absorbent bathroom rug is a good solution for any bathroom because it can prevent accidents and messiness, not to mention wet socks! Durability is key because if many people share a bathroom, the rug can become dirty quickly. Be sure to choose a rug that is washable and will stand up to the rigors of machine washing and drying.

Choosing a Color

Choose a rug in a color that suits the rest of the bathroom decor. A neutral color like beige or light grey tends to match any existing color scheme and also hides dirt well so it can be washed less often, if desired. If many people will be using the bathroom rug, avoid very light colors such as white or cream. If you have pets who shed hair, try not to pick black because this will show pet hair more obviously.

Cleaning Spa Bathroom Rugs

The best bathroom rugs are machine washable for ease of care and cleanliness. This item should be laundered alone in a hot water cycle to kill bacteria and germs, since this item will be wet for long periods of time. If it is white, some bleach may be added to the cycle as well. It can also be dried in the dryer on a medium heat setting. Depending on usage, this item shouldbe washed once a week to avoid mold, mildew and odors.

Other Features
Choose a luxury bathroom rug that has a non-skid rubber surface on one side so that it will not slip around on a wet bathroom floor. This is especially important if children or elderly people will be using the bathroom rug to avoid falls and accidents. The non-slip grip ensures that the rug will cling tightly to the floor and not slide around as someone is getting into or out of the tub.

Palmetto Linen Distributors sell spa microfiber bath rugs in different sizes, colors and quantities that are suitable for smaller, non-chain motels, spas, bed and breakfasts, providers of corporate hospitality and other small businesses at affordable prices. This is a good option for small business who may need a smaller quantity than they would be able to acquire directly from the manufacturer, yet would benefit from having a ready supply of matching replacement rugs on hand. These high quality items are 100% soft microfiber and items are available in two sizes: small size (20” Wide x 30 Long) and standard size (21” Wide x 34” Long). A small size is good for a children's bathroom or maybe in front of the bathroom sink or toilet. A larger size is good for the area in front of the shower.     

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, November 8, 2013
Kitchen towels have become a staple accessory in kitchens of many small and mid size corporate hospitality businesses. These towels are rather versatile and they have a unique utility function. Globally, these kitchen accessories are used as utensil dryers. In addition, these are also used to cover warm foods and beverages. Many people make use of these kitchen accessories to wipe stains and dirt off the kitchen tables, counters, and dishes.

Buying Bulk Orders from Wholesale Distributors

The nature of the utilization of the kitchen towels can wear them out within 5 to 6 months of use. Instead of trying to make worn out or stained  kitchen towels last forever, it is more ideal for small to mid size hospitality suppliers to consider buying affordable kitchen towels in bulk from a wholesale distributor. There are now wholesale distributors online that offer good quality and affordable kitchen towels in larger but not the enormous quantities required by manufacturers that would overwhelm storage space. Buying these kitchen accessories in bulk is considered a more affordable option in regards to time and money spent compared to running out to purchase them retail, even at the ubiquitous "dollar" stores to replace worn out or stained kitchen towels. Businesses like smaller non-chain motels, those who maintain timeshare condos and corporate hospitality suppliers who maintain kitchenettes in their lodgings can definitely benefit from purchasing wholesale kitchen towels in large but manageable amounts.

Choosing Good Quality Kitchen Towels

When purchasing a kitchen towel from a wholesale distributor, it is ideal to buy those that are 100% cotton. This fabric has widespread usage for bath towels, bed sheets, kitchen towels and tablecloths.  Kitchen towels made from cotton are durable and serviceable, and can be used to dry dishes, countertops and to cover eatables. In addition, these can also be fashioned into oven mitts, aprons, and bags.

Check Out Wholesale Distributors Online

A good place to check out bulk orders on kitchen towels would be from a wholesale distributor. There are a lot of wholesale distributors and suppliers that have made their presence online visible. With this, shopping for wholesale kitchen towels has been made more convenient for small to mid size businesses. When one opts to shop online, it is ideal to seek out 2 to 3 online suppliers and compare what they have to offer in terms of quality, quantity and the rate. By doing so, one will be able to find the right suppliers who will be able to supply bulk orders on affordable and good quality kitchen towels.

These are some of the considerations that one should make before purchasing a quantity of kitchen towels. Purchasing kitchen accessories from a wholesale distributor and having them on hand when replacement is necessary will definitely help corporate hospitality suppliers, non-chain motels, and short-term overnighters save time and money in the long run.

by: Palmetto Linen