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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bed bugs are a mostly nocturnal blood feeding parasitic insect. They are known to nest in soft materials inside homes, the most common nesting site being a bed. Bed bugs can cause health problems ranging from minor rashes and a sore area at the site of the bite to a possibly severe allergic reaction. These pests can infest your home in a multitude of ways including the introduction of infected furniture, clothing, and your pets. They can be very difficult to exterminate. Preventing and exterminating an infestation is usually accomplished through chemical based means and requires a professional in many cases.

Chemical based pest control has become far more sophisticated in the past few decades making it much safer and somewhat more affordable. However, professional pest control can still be very costly depending on your location, the severity of infestation, and the chemical agent used. Not to mention that the chemical can present a danger to you and your family. It must be  properly applied. Because of the potential high cost and danger of chemical pest control, many people prefer to use alternative methods. Thoroughly cleaning clothing, bedding, cushions and upholstery can help greatly. One alternative for controlling bed bugs is to use a bed bug free mattress cover.

A bed bug free mattress cover is a mattress casing that acts as a protective barrier against not only bed bugs but mites and allergens as well. Most mattress covers in the past were made with only a single layer of plastic that was often low grade and made an aggravating sound with every movement of the individual sleeping on top of it.

Today mattress covers are often made with a fibrous top layer covering a highly flexible but solid plastic layer. The top layer is often a mix of cotton and polyester and provides softness and comfort for the user and helps muffle and diminish any sounds from the bottom layer. The bottom layer acts is the barrier that keeps your mattress clean and infestation free. The average price for bed bug free mattress covers today ranges from approximately twenty-five dollars to approximately one hundred dollars, though some large high grade covers may cost more. Once a somewhat unattractive looking and often noisy item, they have grown from simple crinkling low grade plastic covers to easily cleaned, spill-proof sheet like cases that are affordable and often as stylish as regular bed sheets.

Most people have mattress protectors on their bed anyway. Wouldn't you be better off to have a mattress cover that protects against bed bugs?

by: Palmetto Linen