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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ringless shower curtains offer easy installation and contemporary style for the most visible accessory in your bathroom. These shower curtains require no separate hooks, hole and peg locks, or tricky snap closures. This innovative design joins two dynamic split openings horizontally, enabling instant attachment to any shower curtain rod. You need only raise and push the flexible curtain holders into place, avoiding back, neck, and hand strain. Most curtains are hung in less than ten seconds! The rod holders are an integrated part of the construction of the shower curtain. The split ring system automatically creates beautiful draping and pleating when the curtain is pushed aside. The closures slide easily and quietly back and forth. This revolutionary design eliminates the need to buy shower hooks, clips, or expensive attachments. The built-in flex rings pop right onto any shower curtain rod, traditional, curved, or tension-mounted.

A wide variety of fabrics, colors, and designs are available with these innovative shower curtains. Curtains may be constructed of various fabrics, lightweight plastic, or a combination thereof, fitting a wide variety of needs. Your new shower curtain may support a busy family bathroom or add elegance to a guest sanctuary. The colorful split holders add a design element that accent patterned, plain, or textured curtain fabrics. They enhance the decorator colors of your restroom. The curtain holders are made of durable yet flexible plastic that will not rust, deteriorate, or scratch your shower curtain rod. These hook-less shower curtains are the choice of many interior designers who recognize their functional and fashionable value.

The shower curtains are coated with water-resistant protection on the inside, but options are available for increased protection against water leakage. Snap-on water-proof liners are discreet and do not interfere with the sleek contemporary split and closure design. It is as easy to add the snap-on liners as it is to put up the curtains. Curtains may also come with liners permanently attached, ensuring splash-proof protection for your bathroom. Magnets secure the curtain to edges and sides of the bathtub. Whichever style you choose, the innovative shower curtain fits your home needs and provides protection at the same time.
You won't want to return to the complicated and expensive system of traditional shower curtains with hooks and snap closures after you discover how easy and attractive the ringless shower curtain can be. Gentle push-on installation, stylish draping, and colorful accentuation are only the beginning of the advantages of this ingenious shower curtain. Durable construction and contemporary styling complete the presence of function and fashion in your restroom. Just like you, they’re practical AND stylish!

by: Palmetto Linen