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Sunday, November 10, 2013
A bathroom is a key feature of any home or apartment and adding a bit of luxury to it can be enjoyable and inexpensive. Read on for some tips on purchasing spa bathroom rugs that will compliment any bathroom and provide comfort and quality. This is a great alternative to puddles of water all over the bathroom floor and will leave your feet feeling soft, dry and pampered.

Stepping out of the shower can leave wet puddles everywhere, especially if young children frequently use the bathroom. A durable, absorbent bathroom rug is a good solution for any bathroom because it can prevent accidents and messiness, not to mention wet socks! Durability is key because if many people share a bathroom, the rug can become dirty quickly. Be sure to choose a rug that is washable and will stand up to the rigors of machine washing and drying.

Choosing a Color

Choose a rug in a color that suits the rest of the bathroom decor. A neutral color like beige or light grey tends to match any existing color scheme and also hides dirt well so it can be washed less often, if desired. If many people will be using the bathroom rug, avoid very light colors such as white or cream. If you have pets who shed hair, try not to pick black because this will show pet hair more obviously.

Cleaning Spa Bathroom Rugs

The best bathroom rugs are machine washable for ease of care and cleanliness. This item should be laundered alone in a hot water cycle to kill bacteria and germs, since this item will be wet for long periods of time. If it is white, some bleach may be added to the cycle as well. It can also be dried in the dryer on a medium heat setting. Depending on usage, this item shouldbe washed once a week to avoid mold, mildew and odors.

Other Features
Choose a luxury bathroom rug that has a non-skid rubber surface on one side so that it will not slip around on a wet bathroom floor. This is especially important if children or elderly people will be using the bathroom rug to avoid falls and accidents. The non-slip grip ensures that the rug will cling tightly to the floor and not slide around as someone is getting into or out of the tub.

Palmetto Linen Distributors sell spa microfiber bath rugs in different sizes, colors and quantities that are suitable for smaller, non-chain motels, spas, bed and breakfasts, providers of corporate hospitality and other small businesses at affordable prices. This is a good option for small business who may need a smaller quantity than they would be able to acquire directly from the manufacturer, yet would benefit from having a ready supply of matching replacement rugs on hand. These high quality items are 100% soft microfiber and items are available in two sizes: small size (20” Wide x 30 Long) and standard size (21” Wide x 34” Long). A small size is good for a children's bathroom or maybe in front of the bathroom sink or toilet. A larger size is good for the area in front of the shower.     

by: Palmetto Linen