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Friday, December 13, 2013

Every kitchen needs pot holders. They're more protective than towels, these essential items shield not only hands from hot vessels but also any surface: counter tops, tables, buffets, desks, serving trays, etc.

Wholesale pot holders belong in every food preparation concern: hotels, hospitals, catering establishments, restaurants, cruise ships, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, group homes, and more. Chefs and servers alike will value the versatility of the items in this package. The oval shape is perfect for handling pots, pans, and covers, and they provide a safe resting place for hot vessels. These sturdy pot holders are able to handle heavy use, and will look and perform like new years down the road. They are available in taupe, a color that matches the versatile hand towels and dish cloths and any color scheme. At the attractive price of only $1.60 a piece, the package will fit in with every budget. And shipping is free anywhere in the United States.

However, these wholesale pot holders need not be limited to use in sites where food production is carried out on a large scale. They are also useful for private homes, especially when meals are prepared for many people and special occasions. These holders are perfect for buffet dinners: placed under hot food plates, bowls, decorative pots, and other vessels, they will protect the table surface and diners alike. Everyone involved in food preparation and serving will appreciate the quality and attractiveness of the items in this package. Their taupe color blends in with every decor. What's more, the large quantity and durability of this set means that the family will never run out of pot holders.

The choice is clear. This wholesale pot holder set will prove its worth occasion after occasion and year after year. Do yourself a favor and save your hands and surfaces from the some! (You'll be glad you did!)

by: Palmetto Linen