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Saturday, December 21, 2013

In the winter, it can be very nice to have a warm and luxuriously soft blanket to provide extra insulation to a bed or provide a warm shawl to take around the home. Polar Fleece Blankets are known for being very cozy and warm, even when the temperature begins to dip drastically in the winter. Made of 100% spun polyester, these blankets are super soft & cozy and are very durable. Due to the polyester material used, this blanket can likely be used by anyone, regardless if they are sensitive to some materials such as animal-based textiles like wool or synthetics like nylon.

With the affordable price tag of Wholesale Polar Fleece Blankets, it’s easy to purchase several blankets to use throughout a home. Whether the blankets are used in a bedroom, living room, or taken in a vehicle or on camping trips, they are sure to provide the comfort and warmth anyone in need of a new blanket is looking for.

While these blankets can provide plenty of warmth, it’s nice to know that they are lightweight enough to be enjoyed year-round. Due to how durable the 100% polyester material is, and the great craftsmanship, these blankets aren't going to become torn or show wear even if used throughout the year regularly.

Available in twin, queen, and king sizes, they fit any need and these blankets make fantastic gifts. The variety of colors allows the buyer to choose a blanket or several to fit the decorating scheme of any room. With colors such as tan, ivory, sage, and blue, the blankets are all quite neutral and can be a sophisticated touch to a room when draped over a sofa or bed. Purchasing several blankets in different colors makes it easy to switch them out throughout the year so that they can be enjoyed as the temperatures change and also provide a nice addition to a room that changes with the seasons.

by: Palmetto Linen