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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When discussing the quality of bed sheets, the term "thread count" is almost unavoidable. The quality of cotton sheets, an industry standard for years, is measured in thread count. How nice might it be to get away from the weight of that phrase? Microfiber hotel flat sheets are quickly becoming prominent in the bed-sheet market. In tests at one hotel in Missouri, hotel guests reflected exceedingly high satisfaction ratings when using microfiber instead of cotton. They are a less expensive and equally comfortable alternative to the sheets hotels have been using for years.

The quality of microfiber sheets is consistent. Where cotton is considered "better" the higher the thread count, it also becomes more brittle with the thinner threads and less likely to withstand anything but the most gentle of uses. Microfiber sheets are soft and, given the synthetic fibers with which it is woven, they are stronger than high-count cotton sheets. Cotton sheets can also pill and scratch, especially the lower the thread count, leading to discomfort for the hotel guests. With the high usage they are expected to have in a hotel, microfiber flat sheets will be a better investment as they will not have to be replaced as often.

High quality cotton sheets can invite wrinkles in the wash. The synthetic fibers of microfiber, especially when dried with a dryer sheet, can be all but entirely wrinkle-free. Less work is required to make the sheets look nice and smooth on the bed. The aesthetic quality is cleaner and more visually appealing.

Microfiber sheets are also comfortable to use year-round. They are thin, and offer similar breathability to cotton sheets during the summer. Unlike other synthetic sheets, like satin, the lighter fabric gives the soft feel without the stifling air blockage. Yet they still offer enough weight to be comfortable even during the winter.

When the time comes to replace the sheets in one's hotel, microfiber hotel flat sheets are the best option out there. Businesses save expense while also offering guests a comfortable and pleasing bedding option for their stay.

by: Palmetto Linen