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Friday, December 6, 2013

An environmentally sound choice

Nothing makes for a good night’s sleep like choosing health enhancing and environmentally friendly bedding. With EcoSmart Down Alternative Pillows, the comfort of shopping green and sleeping well is in arm’s reach. Its Micro Fiber Cluster filling, the latest breakthrough in bedding technology, is made from recycled plastic bottles, helping to keep them from landfills. Not only does this reduce the demand for producing new manufacturing materials, it also helps add to environmental amelioration by up-cycling waste materials into an innovative and luxurious new product.

The filling and woven cotton cover are treated with ClearFresh, a USDA approved antimicrobial agent that keeps the pillows hygienic for years to come. This feature is essential for helping to reduce allergies and other ailments. This permanent protection against mildew, mold, dust and other microbes helps ensure a truly health-enhancing sleep with a reduced need for frequent washing. This decreased demand on water supplies further enhances the environmentally sound nature of these pillows. Made from recycled materials and designed to last, these pillows make for both a sound ecological and economical choice.

Reliable comfort & care
Even without an understanding of the excellent eco-friendly design of ClearFresh EcoSmart Down Alternative Pillows, their premium comfort and softness will make any sleeper rest peacefully. As soft as down, these pillows provide a delicate loft that is not only resilient to, but is actually reinvigorated by machine washing and drying. For at least 50 cycles, the shape of these pillows is actually refreshed after a wash. Anyone accustomed to the softness but poor resilience of down will feel it's a dream come true to sleep on the everlasting comfort of down alternative pillows.

Available in standard, queen and king sizes, there is sure to be just the right EcoSmart pillow for any sleeper. 

by: Palmetto Linen