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Monday, January 27, 2014

When it comes to purchasing wholesale sheets for your hotel or bed and breakfast, hospitality professionals have a lot of choices. While many have opted for cotton sheets in the past, the best choice is truly microfiber hotel flat sheets. Not only are these sheets fantastically comfortable, but they are easy to care for and look lovely on the bed. Here are some of the top benefits of buying microfiber flat sheets for your hotel.

Extraordinarily Comfortable - Scores of people consider microfiber hotel sheets to be among the most comfortable sheets that they have ever slept on. These flat sheets are crisp and smooth and provide guests an incredibly peaceful night's sleep. They are light and airy and not as stifling as traditional cotton sheets.

A Fantastic Bargain - The easiest way for any hotel or guesthouse owner to save money on bedding is by buying wholesale. However, no hospitality professional wants to sacrifice their guests' comfort just to save money. Buying microfiber hotel flat sheets ensures that you will treat your guests' to amazing luxury and comfort while still saving money.

Stunning Look and Easy Care - Cotton sheets tend to wrinkle and oftentimes begin to age and tear after many washes. Contrastingly, microfiber sheets are wrinkle-resistant and can truly stand the test of time. They are easy to clean and look absolutely gorgeous on a made bed. Microfiber sheets are also an incredibly eco-friendly choice, as they dry much quicker than traditional cotton sheets.

Available in Multiple Sizes - No matter what size beds you feature in your hotel, these microfiber sheets are available in a size that will work with your needs. These sheets can be purchased in twin, full, queen or king sizes.

Microfiber sheets are the perfect choice for your hotel, bed and breakfast or guesthouse. It's the perfect way to save money while also providing your guests' with an absolutely amazing night's sleep.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Egyptian cotton blankets have become one of the most famous and sought-after textiles in all the world. But why? The secret to the high quality of Egyptian cotton blankets lies in the Egyptian cotton itself. The cotton plant that thrives on the banks of the Nile River is quite special, producing very long, uninterrupted fibers called "staples." These staples make for a more compact weave when the blanket is on the loom. Due to this tightness in the weave, more threads are present in the cloth, leading to a softer, more durable fabric. It is this quality to true Egyptian cotton blankets that makes them among the best textiles in the world, and prized over those woven from the Pima cotton that is cultivated in North America.

Egyptian Cotton Blankets - Perfect for Any Season

Cotton textiles have been popular for thousands of years in human history because they are truly difficult to improve upon. The natural qualities of cotton that make it such a desirable and widespread fabric, are all exemplified in cozy Egyptian cotton blankets. Cotton breaths and wicks away moisture in the hot summer months, while also trapping heat to keep us warm and snug in the winter.

Egyptian Cotton Blankets - Child-Proof, Pet-Proof, Life-Proof

Aside from their unmatched softness and luster, one of the best features of Egyptian cotton blankets is that they are highly forgiving of stains and spills. A trip through the washing machine and dryer on low cycle settings is enough to return the blankets to their original grandeur, without the risk of pilling or shedding. Egyptian cotton blankets are hypo-allergenic and durable. With proper care, Egyptian cotton blankets will reward you with generations worth of steady, enjoyable use.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gold Choice Hospitality Pillows are an excellent option for hotels, timeshare owners, or resorts looking for an entry-level pillow. The Hospitality pillow, which has an interior made of virgin spiral silicone fiber, is resilient, long-lasting, and durable. Most importantly, Gold Choice’s pillow is washer machine friendly, making cleaning the pillow a quick, easy, and efficient process.

Gold Choice is a reputable supplier of hotel hospitality products. As such, the company’s pillow is 22 ounces in weight, which meets the specified weight requirements for most hotel franchises in the United States.

Depending on your needs, The Gold Choice Hospitality Pillow comes in three different mattress sizes. The standard pillow is 20” x 26”, and has a fill weight of 22 ounces. The standard pillow is made for twin, full, queen mattresses.

For queen-sized sheet sets, the Gold Choice queen pillow measures 20” x 30” and weighs 27 ounces. The largest pillow in Gold Choice’s catalog, though, is its king size pillow. The king pillow is 20” x 36”, and has 33 ounces of comfortable silicone stuffed inside it. This extra-size pillow was constructed for the largest beds found in hotel franchises and resorts.

Buying Wholesale

Gold Choice offers their Hospitality Pillows individually, as well as in wholesale orders. The company usually sells their pillows in packs of 8, 10, and 12, but is willing to accommodate special requests for large orders.

The Importance of a Good Pillow

Obviously, Gold Choice takes great pride in the quality and construction of their products. The company understands how crucial a role the pillow plays in a hotel guest’s positive sleeping experience. In fact, pillows are scientifically shown to reduce snoring, headaches, and minimize the aches and pains that affect millions of Americans.

Similarly, a quality pillow, like those made by Gold Choice, reduce the impact of insomnia. This is because Gold Choice’s pillows cradle the neck and head, conforming to the contours of each individual’s unique head shape and bone structure. For side sleepers, the Gold Choice Hospitality pillows provide a softness that fills the space between the hotel bed and the guest’s head without compromising the individual’s ergonomic sleeping alignment.

And a good night's sleep was had by all!!!

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Measuring 72 inches wide by 96 inches long, the Jumbo Long Premium Weight Shower Curtain Liners are an excellent addition to any homeowner’s bathroom. The shower curtain is made of vinyl and features 9 metal grommets, offering a nice, sturdy level of support when opening and closing the shower curtain. The abundance of metal grommets makes the curtain easy to install as well.

These weighted curtain liners are resistant to mildew and have a texture that is softer than silk. Another great feature of this product is that it is extremely easy to clean. To do so, just take a sponge, some soap, and some cold water, and begin cleaning.

The shower curtain comes in three colors, each of which coordinates nicely with any paint color or decorating choice. These curtain colors are: white, bone, and super clean.

Purpose of Shower Curtains

Shower curtains play an important role in improving a bathroom's aesthetics and maintaining a high level of cleanliness. That is, a beautiful shower curtain tends to amplify the look of any bathroom interior design motif.

In recent years, interior decorators and design companies have created shower curtains with an array of themes, prints, and cartoon characters printed on them to help achieve better design uniformity in the bathroom.

Most importantly, though, shower curtains help to keep the spray of water coming from the shower inside the bathtub. A properly sealed shower curtain minimizes the opportunity, then, for the homeowner to slip on wet bathroom tile, as well as minimize the cleanup needed after the individual completes his or her shower. Save and buy them wholesale for an even better value!

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, January 13, 2014

The bathroom is more than just another room in a person's house. With the right design, a bathroom can turn into a relaxing retreat from the stresses of the world.

In order for a bathroom to have a relaxing atmosphere, it is vital to have the right design and accessories. Homeowners who are interested in updating their bathrooms do not necessarily have to complete a lengthy and expensive remodeling project. Instead, small changes in a bathroom can make a big difference.

Updating accessories in a bathroom is a great way to make a big impact without spending a lot of money. A new shower curtain, rugs and towels can turn a bathroom from boring to stylish. Complete the look by adding new shower curtain hooks and soap and lotion dispensers.
Customers want their bathrooms to be beautiful, but they also want them to be comfortable and functional. 

Spa microfiber bath rugs are an excellent choice for bathrooms because they are luxurious, affordable and extremely comfortable. Microfiber bath rugs have many advantages over traditional bath rugs. They are just as soft as cotton rugs, and they are machine washable for easy cleaning and care. Wet bathroom floors can be hazardous, so the rugs are backed with non skid latex to keep them from slipping. 

Consumers appreciate the fact that spa microfiber bath rugs are soft, yet durable. Since the rugs are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes, it is easy to find the perfect fit for any bathroom. Buyers who want to change the style of their bathroom on a regular basis can purchase neutral colors that fit well with any decor.
The rugs are available at reasonable prices, but buyers can save even more by buying in bulk. Microfiber bath rugs are an excellent choice for homes, hotels, temporary housing communities, dorms and anywhere else that customers want quality comfort and style for an affordable price.

by: Palmetto Linen

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Decorating a home can be fun and exciting. Choosing furniture, rugs, artwork and other accent pieces can really add character and a personal touch to one's surroundings. Sometimes it's the little things that can actually have the biggest impact. One of these small, but impactful details is the bed skirt.


Anyone wanting to add a bit of flair or punch to a bedroom should really consider purchasing a couple 14 wrap around bed skirts. Changing what is seemingly a small detail can make a big impact on a room. The bed skirt can be switched out based on the seasons or on the homeowner's mood, and this switch can alter the mood of the bedding. Adding a skirt with a fun pattern can add whimsy, while choosing a soft, subdued solid neutral lends an element of calm to the sleeping area.

Inexpensive Investment

Buying multiple bed skirts wholesale to have on-hand is truly an investment in the home. Why not have a spare for each bed. Switching out a bed skirt creates an entirely new look for next to nothing spent. Because they aren't slept on and don't get especially dirty, there's very little wear and tear on bed skirts, so they should last a long time.

Ease of Use

These 14 wrap around bed skirts are incredibly easy to install. The sewn-in elastic band allows the bed skirt to fit beds of all sizes, and the skirts simply wrap around the box spring with no need to remove the mattress or any bed linens. It truly couldn't be a simpler process.


Sure it's fun to add personality to a bed with a simple bed skirt. However, these accessories are also practical because they can be used to hide items stored underneath the bed from clear view. Finally, they're machine washable. Simply remove and place the skirt in the washing machine. As previously mentioned, re-installing the bed skirt is a breeze. A wrap around bed skirt is the best choice for adding character in an easy and affordable way.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mattress pads are becoming more and more common in households to not only help people be more comfortable when they lay down to rest at night, but also to help protect and prolong the life of mattresses. With a mattress being an important part to the quality of sleep, which has a great effect on a person's quality of life, people tend to invest in good quality mattresses. Since quality mattresses can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, protecting a new mattress is a top concern and priority of consumers.

Wholesale pillow topper quilted mattress pads are a simple and less expensive way to prolong and improve the quality of any mattress. Coming in twin, twin xl, queen, and king, as well as fitting a mattress that is up to 16 inches, pillow topper quilted mattress pads can fit nearly any mattress. Machine washable for easy cleaning, simply remove the pad and wash it as directed on the tag.

Wholesale pillow topper quilted mattress pads have a 100% cotton top with a polyester bottom. With a 200 thread count, this pad is made of the finest quality to make it last. This mattress pad also has a built-in elastic skirt to help keep it in place. With stretch to fit sides there is no extra hanging over or worry about the mattress pad slipping around while you are getting a good night's rest.

Mattress pads provide extra inches of comfort, with 24 ounces of bonded polyester fill per square yard. This can help turn any broke in mattress into a more comfortable sleep, offering more support and a more comfortable place to lay for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new, high quality mattress.

Buy at stores, or order online with free shipping, or even order into a local store, these mattress pads are readily available. Perfect to spruce up an old mattress or to help prolong the life and level of comfort in a brand new mattress, this quilted mattress pad sports durability and comfort blended together into the perfect mattress pad. Consequently, it helps to provide the perfect nights sleep!

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Finding just the right accessories means a more comfortable night's rest and often requires an investment in finer quality bedding ranging from higher thread count sheets to a luxury choice in pillows. Zippered pillow protectors have many benefits, beginning with rugged poly/cotton construction that remains soft while providing greater resistance to spotting as well as enhanced stain release in the washing machine. Rustproof zippered closures are designed for heavy wear, and they feature double stitching that stands up to frequent laundering with less fraying at seams. Pillows of any type, ranging from down feathers and faux down filler to memory or standard foam and synthetic polyfill, along with their original casing are easy to insert, and with the proper size selection, there is typically less slippage.

For home use, these are excellent choices for children's and adult bedding as well as for guest spaces. They are also excellent choices for daybeds. Those who suffer from allergies or breathing problems due to dander and dust mite buildup may find some relief with an extra level of fabric protection while short-term illnesses such as colds and flu often require more frequent bedding changes, which protective covers can help simplify. Additionally, most designer pillow cases will slide easily on top to coordinate with sheets, comforters and other decorative pillows. In commercial applications, zippered pillow protectors may also aid in pest resistance, and they will help reduce wear and tear. Breathable, non-abrasive and with a 160 thread count, protectors are light enough to use through the summer months as well.

Making the smart choice in washable covers means fewer worries over preserving the shape and fresh looks of expensive pillows as well as less time spent in the laundry attempting to remove stains. Purchasing in quantity provides backups for middle-of-the-night emergencies and general maintenance both in residential and hospitality environments.

by: Palmetto Linen