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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Decorating a home can be fun and exciting. Choosing furniture, rugs, artwork and other accent pieces can really add character and a personal touch to one's surroundings. Sometimes it's the little things that can actually have the biggest impact. One of these small, but impactful details is the bed skirt.


Anyone wanting to add a bit of flair or punch to a bedroom should really consider purchasing a couple 14 wrap around bed skirts. Changing what is seemingly a small detail can make a big impact on a room. The bed skirt can be switched out based on the seasons or on the homeowner's mood, and this switch can alter the mood of the bedding. Adding a skirt with a fun pattern can add whimsy, while choosing a soft, subdued solid neutral lends an element of calm to the sleeping area.

Inexpensive Investment

Buying multiple bed skirts wholesale to have on-hand is truly an investment in the home. Why not have a spare for each bed. Switching out a bed skirt creates an entirely new look for next to nothing spent. Because they aren't slept on and don't get especially dirty, there's very little wear and tear on bed skirts, so they should last a long time.

Ease of Use

These 14 wrap around bed skirts are incredibly easy to install. The sewn-in elastic band allows the bed skirt to fit beds of all sizes, and the skirts simply wrap around the box spring with no need to remove the mattress or any bed linens. It truly couldn't be a simpler process.


Sure it's fun to add personality to a bed with a simple bed skirt. However, these accessories are also practical because they can be used to hide items stored underneath the bed from clear view. Finally, they're machine washable. Simply remove and place the skirt in the washing machine. As previously mentioned, re-installing the bed skirt is a breeze. A wrap around bed skirt is the best choice for adding character in an easy and affordable way.

by: Palmetto Linen